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Dats right frents, I’m BACK!!! Betting EVERY SEASON WIN TOTAL at (PROMO CODE: 108ing) then go and check out the NL CENTRALAL WEST,  NL WEST , AL EAST and NL EAST. Now let’s move on to today’s division, the AL Central!!

Cuyahoga River Fire Nov. 3, 1952. Courtesy of Cleveland Press Collection at Cleveland State University Library.

AL Central

Minnesota Twins UNDER 89.5

I’ve been fairly vocal about being jelly of the Twins team depth in the off-season. It is true, they do have depth, but they need it. When you employ the likes of Josh Donaldson, Byron Buxton and Kenta Maeda, back-up plans must be in your purview. That being said, who is the player on this roster that you really think has remaining upside potential? Maybe a healthy Miguel Sano??? This team feels a lot like 1990’s Cleveland Cavaliers, a bunch of good players, but no difference makers. I’d be shocked if the Twins finished below .500 and equally shocked if they won 93.

Robert Higgins,

Cleveland UNDER 81.5

Cleveland does have significant chops at developing pitchers. I find it hard to think of another team, program, development unit that has turned more guys, into GUYS, than this group. However, the base of talent is just too thin on the position player side to make good on this deal. They’ve spent the better part of a half decade trying to pluck 1.5 to 2.5 WAR outfielders off the waiver wire and just haven’t been able to do it. Jose Ramirez is still great and I think Franmil Reyes will surprise and become the slugger that he has the potential to be, but they are just way too thin. Gonna be a damn shame to waste Shane Bieber like this, but hopefully they trade him to a team and ownership group that gives more of a shit soon.


Kansas City Royals OVER 73.5

Detroit Tigers under 67.5

I get painted on the 108 podcast as the resident Tigers stan. I do think they have some good pitching talent in the pipeline, but I’m not bullish on their short-term returns. They did add to an offense that was horrible last year, but I don’t expect them to be more than horrible plus. I like Robbie Grossman, but c’mon. It would be kind of funny if Miguel Cabrera had one dead cat bounce season just to remind us how good he used to be, but I suspect we won’t see a good Tigers team till about the middle of the decade.

The #SundaySoak

Chicago White Sox UNDER 90.5

Look, you can ask Chorizy to verify this, I was getting ready to smash the OVER on the White Sox a couple weeks before the season, even though I thought the over / under number was about right. I just thought it would be fun to have all of these season win bets be $100 and then my White Sox bet be $1,000. Then Eloy Jimenez tried to Cirque de Soleil a flyball and well, this team just doesn’t have the same expectation without him. However, the Pointsbet line didn’t move, they did juice the under, but as an example, before closing this number, Pinnacle sports sat 89, with heavy juice on the under. This was an easy under bet for me. Could the White Sox win 95, sure, definitely within the realm of possibility. But I think their median win total is about 87 or 88.

All of that being said, I still think the White Sox win this division in a got-damned slug fest with the other mediocre teams in this division. I don’t see a team stronger than them, despite all their warts and their lack of depth. Once it gets warm in the summer months this team is going to score a bunch of runs and they’ll score a bunch more if they get Eloy back early.

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