Avi Garcia – Trade, Extend or Nothing….


In the 15 months or so that we have been writing in this space, I think we have probably written about Avi Garcia too much.  Whether it be to talk about WHY the White Sox continue to give him chances, or to make fun of him for sneaking under 260 lbs as a playing weight.  The 108ers are intrigued by Avisail Garcia.  The other night, I ran a Twitter poll of our followers and there isn’t a general consensus on what the White Sox should do with Avi Garcia

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 10.09.44 AM

So, I figured, as any blogger with a mediocre offering might do, I would breakdown the potential actions….




The whole thought that Avi could be traded was kicked off via a rumor, of course, it was a Cafardo, so it is likely to have no basis in reality.  I remember when Sam Smith used to write for the Bulls and he would make up trade scenarios, at least he wrote them in a way in which, you knew he was just making something up and it was fun.  Nowadays these fucking guys make up shit and then blasted it out there like it is reality.  It’s a bunch of BS.  Anywho, so, Cafardo noted that the Cardinals were looking at Garcia and a few other power hitting RF’s.  I looked up and down the rest of the playoff contenders and pretenders and truthfully didn’t see much in the way of a team that really needs a RF.  The only other team that looked appetizing to me, were the Mets, but not for this year, they’ll start clearing off the Granderson and Bruce contracts at the end of the year, they could probably use a young controllable (at least for 2 years) RF to help out in their competitive window.  Besides those two teams, you got me.

Truthfully though, I don’t need to find a suitor, if Avi is to be traded, someone will emerge. I am just in need of finding a prospective value back in trade.  Avi is tough to compare given that he’s had 3 pretty blech seasons and now 3 pretty excellent months.  He’s still not walking a lot, but the “walking a lot” folks need to go fuck off, you can be a plenty valuable player with power and high contact rate.  The two most comparable trades from last deadline are the Mets trading for Bruce and the Rangers trading for Beltran.  The Bruce deal netted the Reds Dilson Herrera who was a top 10 prospect in the Mets system, but graduated from his prospect status and a lottery ticket.  The Beltran deal, which required the Yanks to toss some cash in the nap sack that went along with Carlos to Texas included a top 5 prospect in the Rangers system (Dillon Tate) and top 100 overall and two lesser prospects that were top 10 round picks in the 2014 amateur draft.

In other words, it isn’t likely that an Avisail Garcia trade ends up with much star power included in it.  It is possible that his control with 2 arb years remaining would boost the haul, but it is likely you would just be adding more assets and setting the clock back on those assets.  It is doubtful you line up something with as much promise as say, I dunno, 2013 Avisail Garcia.  If trade is the answer, it may be a signal that the competitive window is a little further away (say, starting in 2020) and that the White Sox need more assets that start arriving then.



This is a tough one, as Garcia has 2 arb years left.  For the 2017 season he netted a 1 yr $3M deal before going to arbitration.  Truthfully, he was pretty terrible heading into his 1st arbitration year and still got $3M.  Arbitration is pretty kind to giving raises if someone could, oh, I dunno, put up a .900 OPS season.  You might expect Avi to pick up a $3M to $4M raise in 2018 and a similar one in 2019.  Which would put Avi’s salaries at say $7M in 2018 and $11M in 2019, the White Sox would need to buy those out and then buy out some portion of free agency.

I think the closest thing to Avi in estimated value might be someone like Mark Trumbo who got 3 yrs 37.5M.  Truthfully, if you think Avi is actually this Avi, he’s much better than Mark Trumbo, so maybe Ian Desmond‘s 5yrs $70M is closer to accurate.  Let’s assume if you extend Avi (and the extension would have to occur around now or at least before he puts in an entire season of being a 3 to 4 win player) that the extension would be for 5 yrs and $75M (buying out arb years 2018 & 2019) and then signing him through  2022 (his age 31 season).  Avi might feel some loyalty towards the White Sox and get something like this done.  Or, he might realize that he goes to free agency at 28 and could make more money than this when he does.



This is the best action in my opinion.  I don’t think the market yet believes in the new Avi, making trades tougher and I think it is pretty cost prohibitive to the future competing White Sox teams to possibly fuck up this extension.  I think you let Avi play this out and then in 2018 you re-evaluate.  Maybe he finds his level as a 2 WAR RF and then you decide that he’ll be cheap enough to extend or a valuable enough commodity to trade for a real chip.  With the current expiring assets on the roster, I think Rick Hahn has his hands full trying to unload everything that isn’t nailed down for something of future value.


– BeefLoaf

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly #MB56

Friends, it’s your buddy BeefLoaf……I’m here to round up the weekend with a new column called, “the Good, the Bad, the Ugly”……..a little snippet of what the 108ers see when attending games for a Sox homestand…………..

The Good

White Sox Operations – By some fucking miracle of God the White Sox Operations got their shit together and did a fabulous job getting people into the ballpark quickly on both Saturday and Sunday.  You didn’t see mile long lines close to the start of the event like you seem to see every year on Opening Day, nope, the crew had their shit together and got people into the ballpark on Saturday timely for the Mark Buehrle event and as well on Sunday for SouthPaw’s bday.  Gotta give credit where credit is due.


Mark Buehrle – It was great to see an all-time White Sox get to have his day in the sun.  Wonderful job by the White Sox staff and it was very cool to see some of the old players there to support Mark on his big day.  Truthfully though, his family stole the show, his son with an excellent rendition of the National Anthem, his daughter throwing out the first pitch and of course, the lovely Mrs. Buehrle who is aging like a fine wine.


Ricky Renteria – This is a bad team and not likely to get better anytime soon, but at least we have a decent manager this year.  Ricky “gets it” including supporting his players, getting thrown out on Friday night and Saturday in support of Tim Anderson and Todd Frazier.  I could go long form on how important that sort of thing is for any sort of organization, but for now, let’s just say that I think this ball club is in good hands for the future.

The Bad

White Sox Offense – I could pick on lots of guys here, but the bottom line is that the offense stunk this weekend.  5 runs in 3 games ain’t gonna get it done.  It was a team effort in being a big steaming pile, so I won’t jump on anyone in particular.  Bad, Bad, bad….


People Dressed in Cubs gear at Sox Games – This shit HAS to stop.    I understand if you don’t have a lot of dough and your Cubs stuff is your only stuff for going to the ballgame, but most of the Cubs vs. Sox shit talk is about how us Sox fans are all poors and how our stadium is in the ghetto and what not.  People doing this, please stop, you look like morans.


Pabst Blue Ribbon – This was an epic fail, I saw almost nobody drinking this beer.  A couple of the 108ers bought one, but weren’t really feeling it.  I get the PBR thing, I’m not personally a fan, but when PBR started coming back into vogue it was the cheapest beer at your local saloon and you were getting a deal to drink some nostalgia.  This beer is not meant to retail for $8.75.  LOL!


The Ugly

Jerry Reinsdorf – Such a great day on Saturday and Jerry has to take two side swipes at the fans during his talk.  I guess even when you are in your 80’s you still don’t get over yourself.  It was bad form any way you slice it.  The 108ers are in no way shape or form Jerry haters, he just acted like an ass to the fans and it shouldn’t be ignored.


The Umpiring – I’m not really one to give much of a shit about the Umps, sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad, oh well.  But if players and coaches are getting thrown out every game and we are watching countless close (read blown) calls on replay that they don’t get right, we gotta call it out.  Get your shit together Umps!


Big Game James – Picking up where he left off last year, James was VERY HITTABLE in his debut back from the DL on Saturday.  The bullpen is shot, they are soooo tired already and we aren’t even to the all star break, so our starters really need to start shouldering some of the load.  Saturday Shields gets crushed, pitching to only 2 batters in the 4th inning and logging 85 pitches.  We’ll give him a mulligan here since he was just coming off of the DL, but this was ugly.



– BeefLoaf

The One Hitter…..Bunting

This is the One Hitter, just a quick thought or two about a topic from your friends at the 108…..remember, don’t forget to exhale.
I was going to write in this space about the ills of Bunting and how Bunting is generally a negative expectancy play overall.  I was going to write how Ricky Renteria seems to embrace data, manage his bullpen effectively and make a lot of clever moves overall except for all the Bunting that we are seeing.  Then I realized something.  What if the decrease in Bunting in MLB at large over the last several decades has allowed the White Sox to find a market inefficiency in how teams defend AGAINST the Bunt.  That’s right.  What if because there aren’t a lot of teams Bunting anymore that the data shows that teams don’t defend the Bunt well anymore.  Think about it.  Everyone stopped sacrifice Bunting and when was the last time you can think of someone getting Brett Butler level bunt singles in a season?  It would make sense that because teams get a lot less reps defending against the Bunt that they would theoretically make more mistakes.  It is possible that certain teams with certain weak defenders at certain positions would be more apt to make mistakes versus a bunt.  Now, it still appears that most White Sox players asked to Bunt still don’t really have a good handle on actually executing it, but that is a discussion for another time.  Before I start leaning that Ricky Renteria is doing something antiquated, maybe he’s doing something that is newly expected to be very effective.
 MLB: Texas Rangers at Tampa Bay Rays
In any of these situations where we read about inefficiencies in the game or strategy changes, the teams are always WAY ahead of the stat heads scribes.  Look at the “pitch framing” discussion.  The inefficiency was pretty much completely dead by the time the fans (us) were even reading about it.  As much as I love the stat heads and their ability to put together after the fact narratives, the teams are studying just about every goddamn thing under the sun to try to find an advantage.  Maybe this is one them.  Who knows?
– BeefLoaf

The 5 – 5 Best Rookie Seasons with the White Sox

With Matt Davidson‘s awesome (hair) Rookie Season ongoing and him only being cockblocked from the AL ROY by one Aaron Judge (he’s actually part Ogre and shouldn’t be eligible), your pal BeefLoaf got to thinking about his 5 favorite rookie seasons of recent White Sox vintage.  I bring you, the 5!
5a. 2004 Ozzie Guillen (Manager) – I know Ozzie Guillen was the 1985 AL Rookie of the Year, I know that Ozzie Guillen is 31st ALL TIME in Defensive WAR by Baseball Reference.  I loved Ozzie Guillen as a player, but more important in our lifetime was his tenure as White Sox skipper which started in 2004.  I remember at the time, Polish w/Extra Onions telling me that he “LOVED THIS HIRE!!!”.  When Ozzie arrived the White Sox had the core of a championship team (evidenced by the 2000 playoff appearance) that hadn’t done much with it.  Much like Mike Ditka being hired by the Bears in 1981, he/they cleared out the people on the rosters that didn’t belong and brought on a winning culture.


5b. 2014 Jose Abreu – Coming off a horrible season in 2013, the White Sox made a big splash in signing the Cuban star and he didn’t disappoint (even if the team sucked).  He came into the league bashing the ball everywhere, having a season he has yet to replicate.  He’s lower on this list only because.  1) This team was pretty awful 2) He really wasn’t a rookie, he was a grown ass man who was making his debut in MLB because politics are stupid and get in the way of important shit like baseball.  To this day, Abreu is a 108 fave.


4. 2009 Gordon Beckham – This was early into the 108 thing and I can vividly remember myself and Slumpbuster celebrating madly each time Gordon Beckham got a big hit to help that team.  Remember our White Sox were coming off of a division crown in 2008 and we thought with Gordon Beckham this team was destined to get back to the playoffs.  He showed up in the majors, the great hair, the touted bat, he even moved over to 3B to take over for #3 on this list (RIP in Peace).  Paul Konerko even basically adopted him as his son on the team, we thought he was destined for greatness, but alas, it was all for naught.  A few years later, before the 108 blog, I remember putting up a post on Facebook (RIP in Peace) that all I wanted for Christmas was for the Sox to rid themselves of Gordon Beckham.  His terribleness and the fan bases continued love for him throughout his terribleness was too much for the ‘Loaf.
3. 2007 Josh Fields – This was a bad year for our White Sox, most of the Championship core was still in place and the squad was coming off of narrowly missing the playoffs in 2006 with 90 wins.  Alas, Jose Contreras had a HORRIBLE year, after having his wife serve him with divorce papers on Opening Day.  In the midst of the worst team of that era popped up Josh Fields.  The rookie upstart smashed 23 HR’s in only 100 games.  It looked like the White Sox had found their future replacement for the oft injured Joe Crede, but alas, Fields turned into a Pumpkin in 2008 and 2009 and washed out of MLB.  He probably sells Dip and Dots at a Minor League park near you right now.
2. 2005 Bobby Jenks – Amongst all of the crazy shit that went right for a good White Sox team in 2005, enter Bobby Jenks.  Jenks was basically poached from the LA Angels of Anaheim (or whatever the fuck they called theyselfs) for $20K, and it turned out to be a wise investment…..after Dustin Hermanson crapped out (OW MY BACK!!) and Shingo Takatsu failed to rekindle his previous magic (LOLOLOLOL!!!) the White Sox turned to Jenks and he locked down 6 saves to close out the regular season and then got himself 4 saves in the playoffs, including the World Series clincher. Probably the most important rookie on this list.  Jenks went on to have a several more good season with our White Sox before his personal demons got the best of him.  Nobody will ever forget how Ozzie Guillen would signal for him from the bullpen.
1. 1983 Ron Kittle – I’m too young to remember this season, I turned 5 about the time the 1983 White Sox were turning it around and going on  a run that would take them from 7 games out to winning the division by 20.  At the middle of this was the 1983 AL ROY and the White Sox lone all star on that squad, Ron Kittle.  The bespectacled LF for our Pale Hose was coming off of one of the greatest minor league season in history.  Kittle’s 1982 season at Edmonton whips it out and gloriously pisses all over Kris Bryant‘s 2014 season split at Tennessee and Iowa.  This was video game shit, before the video game era (okay fine, Pitfall was pretty sweet back then, but it is nothing compared to the shit that would follow).  Unfortunately for us, Kittle battled nagging injuries the rest of his career and was never the same as that first season.  We’ll still all remember his mammoth roof shots (Hey Biguns, I wonder what the Exit Velocity was on those babies) and sub-Melky Cabrera defense in LF.  To this day, Kitty remains a 108 fave.
– BeefLoaf
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The 5 – Mark Buehrle’s Best Moments

On Saturday, June 24th, the Chicago White Sox will retire #56. Rightly so.  The guy was balls out awesome with the Sox, and always got you out of there early with his no nonsense approach to tossing the hardball.  The catcher called the pitch, he threw the pitch.  Simple.  Didn’t overthink it, just threw the ball.  He didn’t get you on speed, he got you because he was a master at placing the ball where he wanted it.  He was our Maddux on the southside, another guy who pitched forever because his style gave him the chance.  Will he make the HOF?  Up for debate, but his win total might keep him out.

Here are my, MSS, best Buehrle moments.

5 – April 5th, 2010 – The Buehrle Backhand.

Goddamn son.

4 – May 5th, 2010 – Balk City Buehrle

A move so good, even big fat dummy Joe West doesn’t get it. Apparently he and Hawk are friends now, they weren’t in this clip.  Mild mannered Mark even got heated.

3 – Big Truck Mark.



2- 4/18/2007 – A No-No.

This was awesome, then this happened…..

1- 7/23/2009 – Perfection.

Just complete insanity.  I was living in Cali at the time, and rushed home to watch the end of the game on my gigantic tube television.  This thing was insane.   I left it behind when I moved cause I didn’t want to ever lift it again.  But anyways, I watched the end of that game on my blue leather couch in Huntington Beach, CA.  That will always be a favorite game and memory of mine.  Maybe not so much my neighbor who must have been tired of hearing me yell at the Sox and Illini, inside the house, outside the house whilst having a heater, upstairs, downstairs, you get the idea.  I called my dad and we talked about how Wise was gonna get a nice gift (which he did, a watch) and how great it was to see a guy like Mark toss that game.

But then we saw Phillip Humber toss one in 2012, and realized it is just as much luck as it is skill.  Ozzie always said he’d rather be lucky than good, hard to disagree with that.

So there are my top 5 moments.  Will be great to see him home again on Saturday.  Speaking of which, will you be there?  Oh, dang, the game is sold out.  But guess what?  The enterprising folks from the 108 have 2 (TWO) extra tickets to giveaway to our fans for free, kinda.  As you know, we opened a store.  You can see what we sell here – http://fromthe108.bigcartel.com/ . Check it out, buy something.  And if you buy 2 items from us from 6/19 till 6/22 at 11pm, you will be entered into the drawing to win the two tickets.  The best part, they are in the 108, our section!  Now, because we aren’t dicks, people that have bought 2 items from us already are entered into the contest too. You count too! But if you wanna buy 2 more items, we’ll even give you an extra entry.  Cheaper than scalping tix, and you get a sweet merch from our blog! Only negative, it is 2 tickets that are not right next to each other, but you will get your pin, watch the number be retired, and in about the 5th you can move down to us and get HAMMERED.

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Mrs. My Sox Summer (aka Wife #2)

Most of you know “My Sox Summer” well. You know he is a die hard Sox fan. You may also know he has, an obsession for — I mean a “collection of” — bobbleheads, an affinity for White Sox giveaways, and all the glory a thrift store can provide. He’s also a stay at home Dad to his spunky one year old daughter (“Little Miss Shortstop”).  He has a heart of gold and an unwavering authenticity that often gains him new friends from all avenues of life. What you may or may not know is…there’s a Mrs. My Sox Summer, ME!  Although I haven’t made many plate appearances as of late, I am on the 40-man roster of the 108. They usually bring me up for big games like Opening Day and Elvis Night. But on my off days, I’m just along for the ride that is being the wife of a 108er.

To begin, I thought it might be helpful to know a little bit about how we came to be Mr. & Mrs. My Sox Summer. We owe our relationship to three things:
1) Northern IL University where we first met in 1999;
2) Facebook where we reconnected in 2010 after 10 years of radio silence, and
3) The White Sox.
I invited Jacob to come to the Hensleys’ (formerly annual) Patio party in 2011 for our first date. Now, I’m no rookie here. I knew what I was doing when I made that invitation. White Sox? Unlimited beer?  Fried chicken? No-brainer!  And I was right. That game truly was the first day of the rest of our lives. We certainly didn’t know it during our completely inappropriate make out sesh in Bacardi at the Park, but soon we would be having 50-game summers and family walks to the park from our home in Bridgeport.

Given this foundation that I helped lay with that first date, it’s no surprise that we both thought we were marrying a die hard White Sox fan. It didn’t take too long for My Sox Summer to realize he was actually marrying someone who liked to drink beer and talk to friends at White Sox games more so than a die hard fan. And slowly, but surely, I started to realize the White Sox would be a huge part of our marriage. Just how big you ask?

During the summer of 2012, MSS decided he wanted to go to as many Sox games as possible on a limited budget, and he made it to 54 for under $500.  He had a lot of supporters for the feat and met a lot of great people along the way. It’s also when he started to get to know the other 108ers. For the next three seasons, MSS spent 40 – 50 home games per season at Sox park. Did I say 40-50 games? Yes, 40-50 GAMES!

Depending on your position, that could seem like a lot of games or not a lot of games, but let me put it in perspective. It’s nearly every other Friday, Saturday, Sunday ALL SUMMER. It definitely put me into the #2 spot in the wife line-up. White Sox becomes Wife #1 starting in April, and I become Wife #2 until October. Not to worry though, we have a good run in the off-season and our win expectancy is high.

In fact, on this special day — Father’s Day — I thought it important to share what I like most about being Mrs. My Sox Summer.

His passion – I have never had the level of commitment to anything like My Sox Summer does for the White Sox. Good, bad, ugly. hot, cold, snow, or rain – he’s loyal to them.

His time with good friends. MSS grew up in Illinois, but he isn’t from Chicago. After college, he spent 10 years living out west. He wasn’t exactly set up for a strong social network when he moved here. But luckily, he’s fit right in with Beefloaf, Chorizy-E, Slumpbuster, and Biguns.  I’m happy he gets to spend every other Friday, Saturday and Sunday with them. 😉  Honestly, especially after a few [dozen] Modelos and a couple of vodka lemonades, MSS is a lovey guy, and he loves these guys.

His ability to make new friends simply by sharing a love of the White Sox. I mentioned it earlier, and many of you know, but My Sox Summer can (and usually does) make friends with just about anyone.

There’s Evelyn, the very sweet lady who works at the Italian Beef stand near 108. She is one of the first people who got to meet our daughter because MSS saw her on 31st working her second job as a crossing guard and insisted we stop so she could meet the baby.

There are the ticket reps and salespeople inside the White Sox organization who know me and Little Miss Shortstop before we ever even meet them. When I do meet them they act like they’ve known me forever.

There are the guys from Grandstand who always have a handshake for MSS and a “let’s take home a win” as we walk by.

There are new friends who share his love of the White Sox and bobbleheads, and who’ve become great friends.

Sharing the love of the game. When he takes our daughter to the games and shares his love of the White Sox with her. She can’t say much yet, but some form of “Go, Go White Sox” is in the repertoire. She claps anytime baseball is on tv, and she happily lulls herself to sleep to the sound of the fireworks during home games.

All in all, being Mrs. My Sox Summer is not so bad, and I’ll take the sacrifice bunt for the good of our family’s MVP. 😉

Happy Father’s Day, MSS! We love you! See you in the 108!

-Mrs. MSS

2018 Free Agent Class? BeefLoaf is worried…..

Good day friends, it’s your pal BeefLoaf.  I was initially thrilled reading Jon Heyman’s take on the teams best positioned for the 2018 Free Agent Class, with the White Sox being among the top 5 teams well positioned for that class.  Then I started pawing through the class and reality set in……..like a giant anvil crushing Wily E Coyote whilst he tries to catch the Road Runner, REALITY. SET. IN.
My thought is that although Rick Hahn has done a great job so far with the rebuild (save for the whole Q situation), this could be a part of the rebuild that might not go so great.  He’s not alone, almost all good GM’s fuck up the free agent process.
Third Base
The Target – Manny Machado
MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles
He’ll probably ask for extra money because he can levitate
Machado will only be 26 years old when he hits free agency and he’s gonna fetch many hundreds of millions of dollars.  From my subjective view of the twitters, MOST, White Sox fans want Machado as the big free agent signing of the 2018/19 market.  Guess what, so do dozens of other fan bases.  Third base has a handful of elite players and a bunch of “meh” and even a pocket of “blech” manning the position these days, so Machado marks a large upgrade for whoever lands him.  Truthfully, he could even play shortstop……if the team needed him to, so that’s why the White Sox won’t get him..
The Signing – Josh Donaldson
Donaldson will also cost a pretty penny, except he’ll be 33 years old and he already has the nagging injuries piling up.  I don’t doubt that he’ll hit when he’s healthy.  He might even have a great year with the White Sox, but then the money will sit there on the books precluding them from signing more needed players as the competitive window opens.  The contract will sit there bubbling, like the Maxwell Street Depot that you threw down after crushing a 12 pack with the 108ers.  You’ll eventually be rid of it, but it won’t be enjoyable.
Right Field
The Target – Bryce Harper
The Signing – Yasmany Tomas
He’s Cuban and he hits for power, that’s about all there is to like.  The rest is pretty abysmal, he has contact issues, he’s a poor defender and a poor base runner.  Regardless, due to our recent infusion of Cuban talent, I expect the White Sox to make a play for him, he’ll be cheaper than the rest of the big ticket outfielders…..for a reason.
First Base/Designated Hitter
The Target – Nobody, they all suck
The Signing – Justin Smoak
Three times is a charm, I can just see Rick Hahn trying to make up for the Adam Dunn and Adam LaRoche signings, by adding that left handed power/on-base threat that the White Sox always need, but always fail to sign (at least one that works out).  Smoak will quickly turn back into the pre-2016 Smoak, the one that doesn’t hit at all, barely walks and doesn’t belong in MLB. He’s a better glove man than Abreu, but that isn’t saying much.
Maybe we’ll get lucky, maybe Hahn will stand pat in this market and be patient, because beyond Kershaw, Harper and Machado, there are a lot of potentially dangerous deals for the White Sox.
– BeefLoaf

What’s in your bag? A Plea to Giants- Bring Back Spicy Garlic Seeds. ##UPDATED##

New for 2017, MySoxSummer will open the drawstrings on his “ballpark backpack” and show you what he carries into the games. 



Man, a lot of shit going down today.  The Cavs are a game away from getting swept, which I am sure the NBA will NOT let happen.  Game 7 = More $.  Some political bullshit is streaming live across the country. And the rebuild is going swimmingly on the southside!  But let’s talk about the important stuff.

Back in 2015, I think, Giants stopped producing their most excellent seed Spicy Garlic.  Which, really bummed me the fuck out.  I was in love from first taste.  The wife and I stopped at the World’s Largest Truckstop (which if you haven’t been, you should go if you are close by) and I was looking for a new seed for the 2014 season.  Most stores have a few bags to choose from, usually BBQ, Ranch, Dill and Salted.  But at this truckstop they had a HUGE selection.  This bag jumped out to me as 1) I love garlic and 2) I love spice.  I bought on a whim, but goddamn they were delish. I am sure I annoyed my wife as we were driving me telling her how delish they were. I also was kinda pissed she wasn’t as excited as me with this new discovery.  I ordered a whole case later in the season.  Life was good.

But then, in 2016, which I went to place an order for the season, Spicy Garlic had been removed as an option.  Wut? I was advised that there might be some left at a local Mendards, but my lazy ass didn’t want to go out there.  So, last season, I was without the seeds that I love.

Now, in 2017, I was on a mission to find some new seeds.  A Google search turned up a place called Gerbs which featured a few flavors that enticed me.  Chipotle, Habanero and Toasted Onion & Garlic.  Goddamn.  I made my order, which was shipped quick as fuck, and was ready for flavor country.  The Onion Garlic seeds were not as flavorful as I had hoped, but were ok.  The Chipotle has a great flavor, but is lacking in lasting power.  The Habanero is no fucking joke.  My eyes watered up like a mofo the first dip I took.  Holy hell.  Delish.  So, I would recommend the Chipotle seeds, but man my Spicy Garlic seeds would win MVP over those bad boys any day.

So, writing a blog isn’t always the fastest, things happen, you jump to different topics quickly (like when Todd Frazier get’s a Jersey Demolition shirt (available here)) or you wanna talk about something that is topical.  So, oddly, we had bigger things to say than a plea to bring back my favorite sunflower seeds.  I had started this blog a week before opening day, and let it sit in our queue since then.  I went back to it recently and doing some research found out that GIANTS BROUGHT BACK SPICY GARLIC FOR A LIMITED TIME! Many people would scrap their article, but here in the 108 we don’t scrap ANYTHING. So I ordered my case and then decided to finish out this blog with this letter to Giants.


Dear Giants Seed Company –

Bless you.  Seriously, bless you.  In 2015, I tweeted and FB’d you about missing Spicy Garlic seeds and how I wished you would bring them back. I was told to check out Menards cause they might have some left, but alas, I didn’t make the trip. 2016, I was so upset with not having them, I boycotted seeds the whole year. In 2017, I went outside of your seed family (after checking your site in the hopes of a return of the Spicy Garlic seeds) to find a new seed for 2017.  I cheated on you.  I bought tons of seeds from another company, and for that I am sorry.  I just wish I had known what you had planned earlier.

Whole doing research for this blog, I like to link sites to our readers, I went back to your site and saw the most beautiful thing I have seen today (besides my lovely wife and daughter) SPICY GARLIC SEEDS HAVE RETURNED! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I clicked on the link, cause I thought maybe it was a carry over from the olden days and was just a place holder that would tell me you no longer produce the best seed of all time.  BUT IT WASN’T.  BACK FOR A LIMITED TIME.  HECK YEAH.  I couldn’t order my 12pk fast enough. Thank you so much for giving me back my seeds.  If even only for a limited time, it makes me so happy.


I will continue to support your brand and let others know that the Spicy Garlic seeds have returned.  You rock Giants, you rock.


Your pal –




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Rebuild 102 – Alen Hanson

BeefLoaf ain’t sure which one of these muthafuckas is Alen, so he left them all in
Sometime on Friday rumors swirled (the actual transaction occurred after the game), our White Sox claimed one Alen Hanson (2b/ss) who was placed on waivers by the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Hanson is out of minor league options (ie, the Pirates couldn’t just send him to the minors without passing him through waivers) and any team that claimed him would have to put him directly on to their major league roster.  The White Sox corresponding move was to send Adam Engel back to AAA Charlotte.  Before we get on to Hanson, quickly on Engel………I was impressed with Engel in a quick snap shot of his work.  He’s MUCH MORE major league ready than Jacob May appears to be and his speed is a definite asset on the 25 man roster of a team that is trying to win (which ain’t us, but will be us SOME DAY).  It wouldn’t surprise me if we see more of Engel as the season wears on.  On to Hanson….
Hanson was once a pretty big deal. 
Rated inside of the top 100 prospects in major league baseball as recently as 2015, he was part of a robust Pirates system that seems to keep producing high end prospects.  He was a victim of numbers….and Josh Harrison playing well……….oh and Hanson himself not hitting at the major league level.  Hanson does however happen to have a career .340 OBP in the minors, so he has some on base skill.  None of this shit is important to me, you and all of the other White Sox fans reading this.  This type of move does do some potential signaling and signaling is an important TING.
Tyler Saladino‘s back is probably more fucked up than anyone is letting on………
This shit makes me sad as the #southsidestacheman himself, the People’s Mustache Champ, the reigning crown for best White Sox mustache 2016-2017 (sorry Derek Holland) and friend of the 108 was supposed to be a big part of this 2017 rebuilding squad and @mysoxsummer was ready, with these delicious fucking inflatable mustaches.  C_6wvPgUwAAUsHCThe signing of Hanson might mean that Saladino is going to be on the shelf for a while and that ain’t good for Saladino, it ain’t good for the White Sox, it sure af ain’t good for the 108….really it is only a boon for ‘Los Sanchez and Hanson.  Hanson fills the spot of playing a bunch of infield positions so that the White Sox aren’t forced to play Sanchez every single day until Moncada is ready.  It also allows Leury Garcia to concentrate on centerfield, a position that is new to him and that he NEEDS WORK on.
 Hahn and the crew see something in Hanson that they think is worth taking an extended look at…………
Rebuilds are funny in that you have the opportunity to try out lots of different players from your system (and in this case others) and give them playing time.  As one of my favorite writers Joe Sheehan often states, in a rebuild “plate appearances are a commodity”.  These plate appearances should be used wisely.  This is why you saw Cody Asche jettisoned so quickly.  He can go to AAA and smash while we give some worthwhile semi-prospects a look with the big club (looking at you Leury!).  Undoubtedly, someone in the White Sox pro scouting group saw something with this kid that they wanted to take a look at…….I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you start seeing him in the lineup several times a week spelling the guys up the middle.  He can also play the OF and 3B (or at least he did in AAA) so if he can re-create the on-base skills that he displayed in the minors, he’d be a boon to this club, picking up innings that patch us until the Moncada era begins and then becoming more of a super utility player on a team that is very likely to start dealing people soon.
 ‘Los Sanchez is drawing interest from other clubs and the Front Office had to add some depth to the middle infield………
I have written before that I think ‘Los (don’t call me Carlos, but I won’t call you Yolmer) Sanchez is a better trade asset than a long-term piece of the White Sox……….since I wrote that he’s done nothing but hit this season and further increase his trade value.  Look, the future of the middle infield is already set for the White Sox, we expect to see at least 5 more years of Anderson at SS and Moncada at 2B.  I don’t see a real future of Sanchez here, so why not trade him to a team that could really use him and add things (preferably younger things) that the White Sox can use.
Back, Back, Back to Hanson……..
Chris Berman is such a fucking pudd whack…..sorry, I’ll stay on topic.  Hanson is one of these chances you take during a rebuild.  He’ll be here, we’ll see him hit, we’ll see him play the field, we’ll probably see him make a base running mistake or two and likely he’ll move on about as quickly as Orlando Hudson did, but Hahn and crew will be trying these things every so often during this rebuild.  It is sort of like watching the previews when you go to the theater, most of them won’t be worth a shit, but it’s worth checking out 2 mins of it to see what you think.
– BeefLoaf

The Power Of A Shirt.

On May 30th, besides the amazing (on paper) matchup of Q and Sale, our good buddy #WallyMoney (you can follow him on Twitter here) was tossing the first pitch.  Doing us an extreme solid, his clothing for the night was our Jersey Demolition shirt.  Yes, he rocks.  Yes, he even paid for it.  See his pic below –


Was #WallyMoney the ultimate Sale troll?  I say yes.  Did it rattle Sale’s cage?  I doubt it, but it was really awesome to see a shirt you designed on the field, on the board. Here is another pic –


Pretty cool right? Well, after the first pitch, #WallyMoney came and joined us.  During the discussion on who threw a worst first pitch, #WM told us that Frazier, Todd Frazier, told him that he had on an “great” shirt. So, being the enterprising kids we are, we decide that we need to make sure that Todd get’s a shirt.  Just one slight problem……@fromthe108 is blocked by The Toddfather a.ka. The Blockfather.

We aren’t exactly sure when we were blocked, but the first time I tweeted at him with the 108 account, it was before he even played an inning for the CWS.  He was at SoxFest, meeting someone at Kitty O’Sheas, and I tweeted at him that we’d buy him a drink.  Later BeefLoaf tweeted “something” at him and we were for sure blocked after that.  So our good friend Bobble Jim tweeted at him and with my MSS account I responded with this –

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 10.38.07 PM

As I was walking down to the park, I got the message and a few texts too, so we were set to make the hand off.  I know where to go to get limited access to these guys, you look for the kids and go there.  So me, with a bunch of kids, waiting, for Todd.  After he did his warm ups, he came over and signed about 75 autographs.  That is pretty damn amazing.  The Sox were shooting video (and thank God my fat ass didn’t end up on that video creeping on Frazer with my bad ass shirt), but I know he does it every game, the guy is the real deal.  So, I wait for my chance, and let him know I have his shirt.  He laughs and says “Thanks!”, tucks it under his arm, signs a few more caps, and walks off the field with his new shirt.



Pretty awesome.  But then something magical happened….

It didn’t start right away, but after getting his Jersey Demolition shirt, Todd Frazier has been on fire.  Legit fire.  Up until last night, which he singled, he is slashing .333/.379/.741, which according to most is ridiculous.  So why is the sudden turn around?  MONEY! IT’S GOTTA BE THE SHIRT. 


So if you need to improve your stats, your sales, your side chick game, ability to shotgun beers, shoot Jagermeister, talk to girls, talk to guys, eat hot dogs, jump higher, run faster, make more money, swim faster, fly further, wake up early, pick up a new hobby, quit a bad habit, meditate, start a journal, start a weekly exercise routine, read a book weekly, reduce social media use (take a break for a week or a month), start a blog, begin a new healthy habit, ask for feedback, get out of your comfort zone, learn something new, avoid negative people, call a loved one that you have not spoken to in while, sign up for a class, try a DIY project, start a savings account, take a trip by yourself, schedule a spa day, overcome your fears, take a break, learn a new language, reach out to a potential mentor or volunteer in your community THE SHIRT CAN HELP.  As Todd Frazier has shown, our shirt has magical powers that surpass the almighty Jobu!


Plus, you can drink the rum! Shirts don’t need rum! We’ll even help drink the rum!

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So thanks for your support and we’ll be out there next week crushing Modelos like Addison Russell did his hot ass wife, allegedly.  I knew the Cubs were gonna have to fill big shoes with Chapman being gone, didn’t expect they would cover this aspect too. Jeesh.

Peeeeeeeeace, I’m out.