The 5 – MLB Ginger Hall Of Fame

During a recent White Sox game, we as fans all had to suffer through watching the national broadcast on ESPN. At one point during the broadcast, Tim Kurkjian talked all about Clint Frazier and his beautiful red hair. While the ginger haired recognition is appreciated and definitely encouraged, Kurkjian butchered this opportunity. Quite frankly, it was embarrassing. This also led to some very strong discussions on a recent 108 podcast episode. On behalf of all gingers, I have resolved this dilemma to give you the top five red heads to play in the major leagues.

King Nom if he had red hair.

5. Rusty Staub

We start out with Rusty Staub, who played 23 years in the major leagues for five different teams. That stat alone immediately puts him into the all time greats. I don’t know many gingers that have done 23 years of anything at all in their entire life! However, he also has other stats to back up his case. Staub ended his career with a WAR of 45.8, he was also a 6 time all star. Additionally, he got MVP votes in 7 years of his career and finished with the 5th most votes in 1978. Rusty Staub certainly was an MVG during this era

4. Freddie Freeman

I know what you’re thinking. “Freddie Freeman is a ginger?” As a matter of fact, yes he is! He’s even gone on record as classifying himself as one of my kind. Freddie Freeman has a chance to end his career higher up on this list, but for now I only have him at 4 due to his career still on going. Also, this may stir up some banter as to whether or not he is in fact a ginger. His career numbers and accomplishments also may end up getting him a phone call from Cooperstown one day.

The numbers don’t lie, that’s some pretty good company to be in. Freeman’s resume already includes all of the following accomplishments:

  • 3 time Silver Slugger winner
  • 2021 World Series champion
  • 2020 MVP, already
  • 6 time All Star
  • Gold Glove award (There rumors that Freddie Freeman requested his gold glove award to be custom made with a ginger tint.)

3. Red Schoendienst

I have no idea what his real name is, but it doesn’t matter, he goes by Red! My man has three World Series rings, including one as a manager, which may be a ginger record. Red played 19 seasons in the big leagues, 10 of those years he was named an All Star. Red finished his career with a 44.8 career WAR and received MVP votes in 6 different seasons. Having made his debut in 1945, many experts say that Red paved the way for future gingers in MLB as well.

2. Roy Halladay

Roy Halladay is the best ginger haired pitcher to ever play the game of baseball and it’s not even close.  That alone puts him right near the top of the all time list.  Inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2019, Halladay boasts a 64.2 career WAR, 8 All Star appearances, as well as 2 Cy Young awards.  Diving into the Cy Young accolades even further, Roy Halladay is one of only 6 pitchers to win the award in both the American League as well as the National League.  Additionally, he finished top 5 in Cy Young votes in 7 seasons.  Roy Halladay was such a dominant ginger that he even received top 10 votes for the MVP in two seasons.  There could be some debate that he should be number one in the all time ginger rankings. Oh did I mention he threw a no hitter….IN THE POSTSEASON??!!  

GOAT Ginger: Mark McGwire

Naturally, some will disagree with Mark McGwire being at the top of this list due to PED’s. Was he juiced up? Sure. Was he awesome to watch? Hell yes. During Big Mac’s career, he was a 12 time all star, winning a World Series in 1989 with the A’s. Furthermore, McGwire helped save baseball and draw back fan interest in 1998 during the legendary race to the single season home run record. McGwire mashed 70 dongs that season and drew the fans to their feet with every single at bat. Steroids be damned, the man dominated opposing pitching for 16 years. Mark McGwire may never be inducted into Cooperstown, but he sure as hell is in the ginger haired hall of fame and is at the top of the list for MLB players all time.

See somebody missing from the list? Have questions about the top 5 gingers to ever play the game and their rankings? Drop some comments and replies!

-Brew Hand Luke

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