Finally, A Move!!! Welcome Peter Bourjos

It has been a boring last month plus for us White Sox fans after being ambushed by the initial excitement of a rebuild that many of us have been thirsting for for some time.
Finally, some movement occurred Friday, the Chicago Tribune’s Colleen Kane reported that the White Sox signed Peter Bourjos to a minor league deal with an invitiation to spring training.
Nice sombrero, although I think this might be photoshopped, it is hard to tell.
Bourjos is a 29 year old defense first centerfielder with 7 years of major league experience.  I’m personally thrilled by this move as I predicted it in my “season plan” for SouthSideSox.  The rationale for a move like this is NOT to quick flip at the deadline (although the extreme tails of the future probability expectations do include that), no, Bourjos is the glove first centerfielder that covers a lot of ground and catches balls you want caught when you have a young pitching staff.  He’s insurance for your cornucopia of young outfield options in the minors.  Now, the smart money is on Charlie Tilson starting in CF on April 3rd, but if not, I’d expect it to be Bourjos.  Regardless of whether Bourjos makes the team and is your starting centerfielder, or Charlie Tilson wins the job and is manning centerfield, this should be the best defensive centerfield the White Sox have had since the Aaron Rowand/Brian Anderson era.
In case you don’t remember some of the CF options over the last decade, I’ll remind you.  In 2007, the White Sox used the combo of Jerry Owens & Darin Erstad.  By 2008, the White Sox front office had enough of that and decided Nick Swisher should play CF, despite the fact that he was basically a bat first RF for his entire career, you remember how that worked out, so KW traded for Ken Griffey Jr. at the deadline.  I know, I know, I was at the BlackOut Game 163 and I remember Griffey throwing out Michael Cuddyer at the plate, but Griffey was fat and slow and awful in CF for his entire Sox tenure.
The next couple of seasons, the Sox used Alex Rios in CF, remember when KW claimed him on waivers to supposedly block a division rival and the Blue Jays just let the White Sox keep him.  Goddamn the KW GM years were weird.  He wasn’t awful, when he was paying attention.  Then were the Alejandro De Aza years, nuff said.  We did get a little reprieve when the White Sox traded for Adam Eaton and he wasn’t awful in CF, but they quickly realized he was better in RF, freeing up quite a few innings for the JB Shuck Experience.   Yuck.
The White Sox rebuild looks like it is determined to restore competence in many areas in which it lacked the last decade.

– BeefLoaf

The 5 – Running on the Field

The White Sox have a checkered past with fans running on the field.  Whether it be Disco Demolition or the Ligues or just the three jackasses that ran on the field in the span of two innings last year, it’s not been a good run.  Now let me be clear, I am not saying YOU SHOULD RUN ON THE FIELD nor am I saying RUNNING ON THE FIELD IS COOL.  Rather, I am here to determine the 5 that could run on the field and face no repercussions whatsoever.


Paul Konerko

You may ask yourself, why of all the former players you can choose would Konerko be your choice?  It’s not because of 2005.  It’s because of 2000.  When the Sox won the Central that year, there were some young guys on that team and a lot of guys enjoying their first bit of success.  Konerko was one of those guys and he celebrated as any of us would have, by running around the bases with a Coors Light and sliding into home.  Recreating this on the 20th anniversary, coincidentally the next time the Sox will be good, would be perfect.


Joe Biden

Now that Barry is retired, I have to imagine he’ll be hitting some Sox games.  So why not bring along Diamond Joe.  I have no inside info here, but I look at Biden and think, this guy probably has a few pops when he goes out.  Then I think a little more and can imagine him raging at the game and running across the field right after beer sales end.  The guy has the Presidential Medal of Freedom, are you really gonna kick him out?


Wendy Fiore

The world needs a new Morganna and why not Wendy.  A well-known Chicagoan and Sox fan who can pull off the Morganna bit with ease, I think we’re all rooting for this one.


Frank Kaminsky

The 108s favorite to be the true White Sox Ambassador, Kaminsky can definitely run on the field.  But to do it right, he’s gonna need to channel his inner George Costanza.  No streaking, just a flesh colored body suit.


Binti Jua

One of the most famous residents of Brookfield Zoo, Binti Jua gained national acclaim in the 90s when a child fell in her cage and was injured.  Binti went and cared for the child until workers were able to get there to assist.  Not to mention, Binti is the niece of Koko.  Now obviously, I would not suggest Binti run on the field at the Great American Ballpark, but our security knows how to handle heroes, so I think we’ll be fine.


Tyler Saladino’s Challenge to White Sox Fans!!!

Yesterday , in the Twitterverse, something amazing happened.  An actual player in the White Sox organization responded to one of our tweets.  Here is that tweet –


To which we got this –


Pretty effin cool, just like our man Ty Fu and his wonderful ‘stache. You have about 75 days to grow something that we’ll all be pround off.  Get to work! To be in the contest, tweet us @fromthe108 and Tyler @SaladinoTyler and hashtag it #southsidestachemen. And of course you NEED to include a pic of your facial hair entry!

If free tix from Tyler isn’t sweet enough, you will also win a brand spanking new @fromthe108 T-shirt! It’s 100% Cotton and 100% awesome.  We went all out and made it 3 color with a back! If you have any questions send us a message on our FB account or DM us on Twitter.

In the aftermath of this exchange, almost immediately our thoughts go right to Chorizy-E who changes his facial hair like he’s evading the law (which he might be).   Let’s take a look at the highlights of Chorizy’s facial hair game so you contest entrants know how high (or low) you’ll have to go to get the free tickets from Tyler and a shirt from us!


MSS’s Take – A great shot of the both Chorizy and Beef.  Look at that fu manchu on Chorizy.  Without the crazy eyes, he almost looks normal.  I’d rather see some longer side burns, maybe some ram horns almost connecting, which will really put this up to a solid 7.5 on the “Yeah, I made out with my 3rd cousin” scale of 10.

‘Loaf Take – This is deserving of a participation trophy and nothing else.  I look good in that pic tho’


MSS’s Take – This was just really spot on.

‘Loaf Take – Derek Smalls has aged quite a bit.  At least he is still stuffing his pants with produce. Too bad it’s lettuce.


MSS’s Take – Oh for pete’s sake.  Everything about this is just awful.  Short hair and just a ‘stache. I’d call the cops on this guy if he showed his face in my neighborhood.  I’ve seen this guy before, mostly at public pools trying to be incognito. Maybe wearing a “Mustache Rides 5¢” t-shirt maybe not, but you know he’s saying it to any girl over the age of 15.

Loaf Take – This is a fairly vanilla ‘stache (with a hint of bourbon, obviously) and it probably wouldn’t win this contest, but it’s still enjoyable


MSS’s Take – I see hardly anything wrong in this pic. Aside from all the grey hair.

‘Loaf Take – This is about a ‘stache contest, not a, let’s see how unemployed I can look contest.


MSS’s Take – Wow.  I had never seen this pic before.  He does look like Great Tiger getting a punch in the gut.  He looks young too. Like really young.

‘Loaf Take – 8th grade graduation picture…..I think…’s possible that Walt Frazier and Keith Hernandez intervened, we’ll never know


MSS’s Take – Here we have Quernzy with the guy who played Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite Why do we have that in amongst…..DEAR GOD THAT IS CHORIZY.

Loaf Take – A little inside baseball, but Chorizy was forced to have that hair style and clothing while he was on parole a few years back (court mandated)


MSS’s Take – Is that a duckface? Really?  On the positive side, really smooth cheeks. The facial hair is intriguing, makes ya wonder. What you wonder about is up to you.

Loaf Take – This is a strong entrant. It is similar to the opening picture, except he really gives a fk in this shot.  This could be in the running.


MSS’s Take – I like this style, the crazy goatee, kinda System Of A Down-ish, long hair.  But seriously, is that a duckface too?  And is that Boones Farm? SMH.

Loaf Take – Always in great cardiovascular shape, Chorizy and his facial hair are sweating through their t-shirt after playing some billiards.


MSS’s Take – Buddy Chorizy! A time tested look that is classic. Now, he can’t tun water into High Life (really it’s not that far off to begin with) but he can turn $20 into a liquid party.  A liquid party that he will more than likely pass out at, wake up later and ask why we didn’t get him tacos.  Cause we thought you were dead brah.

Loaf Take – Chorizy always wanted to be in the clergy, this was his last and failed attempt, for obvious reasons

MSS disclaimer – I have always been jealous of the ability of Chorizy and BeefLoaf to grow elaborate facial hair in a matter of days.  They also can skip a haircut or 2 and it will be on their shoulders. These guys are hairy and they never have to wait too long to have a new style.  I haven’t cut my hair in 2 years just so I could fit in.

Other, Other Jose Quintana landing spots

Welcome in fam, it’s your buddy BeefLoaf.  I woke up extra early this morning, excited for more White Sox trades only to realize nothing has happened in awhile.  I re-read Brian Bilek’s (@BrianBilek_) article on the possible Q landing spots and in the article, he’s got 7 spots for Q to “potentially” land Rangers, Dodgers, Rockies, Yankees, Astros, Braves and Pirates.  Some of these landing spots have flaws, but these are the ones that have been in the news so those were the ones covered.  I enjoyed the article, but those solutions are too obvious, so I decide to write about the 5 teams that aren’t getting mentioned as landing spots, but I think would be fun ones.

Baltimore Orioles
Of all the teams in MLB, there isn’t a team (even the Astros) who are more in need of Jose Quintana than the Baltimore Orioles.  The main problem is, they don’t have the farm system to truly acquire Q, so you have to think outside the box and accept lots of “depth” in the deal………….doesn’t mean it can’t happen, but this deal looks starts something like this…..C Chance Sisco (that’s fun to say), P Dylan Bundy, SS Ryan Mountcastle, 2 to 3 lottery tickets………..and 3,000 Isiah Whitlock Jr. bobbleheads (I’m not like MSS, I have no use for bobbleheads, this is the only one I own and its glorious).
I know, I know, Dylan Bundy was in the majors last year, but he’s under control until 2022 and the O’s have done nothing but get the kid hurt, the White Sox on the other hand are the absolute best at keep pitchers healthy (from the tutelage of two of the healthiest looking guys on earth, Don Cooper and Herm Schneider).  Bundy is a top end talent and his pedigree and upside are that of a #1 starter.  He’s still only 24, so this could work.  Chance Sisco is somewhat like Zack Collins, bat first catcher that you hope stays behind the plate………but he’s much more likely to actually do so.  The rest is depth/lottery tix, but so what, we are dreaming on lower probability deals and here is one.
Oakland Athletics
When we put this question out on twitter a few weeks ago, this was one of the more interesting teams we got, so I thought on it and I can’t think of a reason why Billy Beane and crew wouldn’t throw their hat in the ring at this juncture.  The 2017 A’s look like they are signing players to try and win 82 games this year…….adding Q would get them to 86, so not shabby, still in the mix somewhat.  This deal starts with SS Franklin Barreto and effectively clears out the A’s farm with the rest.  The A’s haven’t gone with the conventional tank rebuild, but if they wanted to start and stretch their next window out beyond the current M’s/Rangers/Astros best chances, this could start it.  Not to mention, Beane realizes that they can use Q to go for the playoffs now and then trade him in 2 years for another haul of prospects.  These super wonky teams will be looking at moving their next competing window and the exit value of a guy like Q is very handy.  Lastly, I hope Frankie Montas comes back in this trade, I heard he got a rib removed like Marilyn Manson so he can………….pitch better 🙂
Tampa Rays
Similar to the A’s, the Rays could stop shopping Chris Archer, and trade for Q and become the monster run prevention team that were supposed to be last year.  They should still have room for a 1 year deal for Jose Bautista or some other bat that gives them enough offense.  Q is perfect for them.  Again, you’d take 1 big headliner here SS Willy Adames and a bunch of solid prospects (the Rays system is better than the A’s).  Jason Benetti will have to buy season tix and sit next to Dick Vitale as part of the deal (because lets be honest, nobody else wants to sit next to Dicky V and I doubt anyone else even has Rays season tix).  Personally, we would love to see a Q lead Rays team, edge out the Sale lead Red Sox for the AL East.  Some of my favorite non-White Sox baseball memories of the last decade are those 2008 Rays getting into fights almost daily with the Red Sox and then beating their ass for the AL pennant!
Chicago Cubs
Sprots radio would asplode if the Cubs and Sox made a deal that helped both teams.  This deal would.  Q’s contract fits the Cubs window beautifully.  Let’s be honest, the Cubs aren’t going to pay Jake Arrieta aka Jake Loaiza (in the 108, we call him Jake Loaiza, as he had that one fantastic year that made you think he was much better than he is……….SN, our Cubs fans friends hate this, but fuck them).  If I am Jed Hoyer, I am NOT counting on Kyle Hendricks being that g00t again and John Lackey is 137 years old (coincidentally the same age that Joe Louis was when he fought Rocky Marciano), so again, you need pitching reinforcements.  Now that Theo is done with his bender, he can also see that this makes total sense.  Since the Cubs aren’t going to trade any major league talent, the White Sox end up scoring Ian Happ, Eloy Jimenez and others.  This is the most likely trade of the bunch and truthfully, I think the Cubs are more likely than some of the teams actually linked to Q in the media.
New York Mets
We always end up back talking about the Wilpons……….you are probably thinking, how the fk are the Mets a fit, they have nothing but young pitching……well, stfu for a minute and let the Loaf school you on something.  The Mets young pitching collapsed in a heap of whimpering and injuries last year, in the end, the only one still standing was Bartolo Colon………..well, Colon is in Atlanta now, so who is going to gobble up those innings to keep you from being too exposed to Addison Reed?  This is what we call risk mitigation, fam………enter Q, who doesn’t get hurt, throws 200 IP each year and is awesome otherwise.  The Mets window is right flipping now, so they need this badly.  What’s interesting is how complicated this deal could get……..the Mets could also undoubtedly use DRob or Nate Jones………and as much as they don’t want to admit it, David Wright is gust of wind or an over enthusiastic pornhub session away from his back turning into mush again, so Todd Frazier has to be in this deal.  The deal looks something like, Mets get Q, thaBlockfather and DRob………….Sox get Amed Rosario, Robert Gsellman, Michael Conforto (I know they say he’s not for sale, but they treat him worse than Michael Vick treats dogs) and a few lotterias.  As I think about this more, I remember that the Wilpons shit away a big chunk of their future with Bernie Madoff, so the Sox may need to sweeten the proverbial pot, but picking up what’s left of Bobby Bonilla‘s annuity (which pays him $1.19M annually through 2035) and by agreeing to help Kramer and Newman with Keith Hernandez‘ next move.
– BeefLoaf

Imagine……A White Sox Network……..

The ALL White Sox network – sort of like UHF

Now that the offseason is upon us, I have been having these weird day dreams that revolve around the White Sox…………I know, I know, well, I have also been having day dreams about Ashley Alexiss, but those aren’t for sharing here.  Anywho, I was imagining our White Sox as the organization I’ve always hoped the could be, with a full stocked farm system, young controllable talent, with a few wise veterans sprinkled in, a perennial playoff team with a projectable good future team…………..then I thought, FUCK YEA!!  We could be like the Yankees, what do the Yankees have that the White Sox don’t have Steinbrenners, Cool Jerseys, tons of HOF’s………….I got it!!!  A TV network…….now, I know, nobody watches TV anymore, everyone has Hulu Hoop, Amazon Prime Zone or NetFlicks or whatever the fk, but you could watch the White Sox TV network everywhere………….so I came up with some programming (besides re-runs of White Sox games and the Chuck Garfien show).
Cookin’ with Coop
It’s so obvious, it should already be happening………..Coop is just as fucking miserable as these celebrity chefs you see on TV, but without the chops…….I mean the guy had diverticulitis, which is basically a disease that causes you to die from eating popcorn or some shit.  Imagine how much damage you have to do to your colon to contract such a disease………makes people who contract type 2 diabetes seem like pussies.  Regardless, I imagine him cooking up delicacies like corn dogs, smores and frozen pizza………how fun would that be?
Rich Renteria and Los Cuckarachas (mariachi band)
I keep hearing he’s a manager of men, what about professional mariachi band playing men.  I’m not sure if Rich plays an instrument, but I couldn’t help but put some music on this channel………now I know, most of the current White Sox fan base (die hards) are southside hillbillies that like the excrement that passes for country music these days, but there are some of us that might like a nearer southside influence and dig into some jams of a different culture.
White Sox Intervention w/ Bobby Jenks
Now, I know, I know, Bobby has had his problems in the past, but he’s coming back as the host (mainly, we’ll bring in Mike Caruso to sub for him when he’s “OUT”)…………anywho, this is “White Sox” Intervention………..Bobby will counsel fans and former teammates on their White Sox addictions, episodes might include…….
– Intervention with Hawk Harrelson to help him realize that AJ Pierzynski is NOT his son
– Intervention with @Bonderman92 to get him off of wanting the White Sox to sign Billy Butler in free agency
– Intervention with @NotRickHahn to get him to finally DFA Avi Garcia
The Guillen’s
This is more of family show………I don’t really need an Ozzie (Montana) Guillen show………..I like Ozzie, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t understand a fucking word he says (and I’m hispanic), and that usually makes for bad TV.  The antics of his children would be the real star here.  We can continue to watch Ozzie Jr. waist band continue to expand and his hairline run backwards.  Maybe Oney’s girlfriend will smack someone for some reason. Possibly the struggle of Ozney toilling away in the Frontier League for some unknown reason when his family clearly has enough money and connections to get him a real job so he can get on with his life.  Harold Baines will probably stop by and say nothing of consequence and sprinkles of Joey Cora will likely be mixed it.  Mmmmm.
This Old Scrap of Wood starring Ron Kittle
Kitty will come into your home weekly to show you the amazing benches he’s making and how you can buy them from him.  He’ll also smoke cigars, drink and eat like a water buffalo.  Think Bob Villa if he had hit 50 bombs at Edmonton in 1982.  There will likely be guest appearances from other former players who will also drink and smoke cigars.  It’ll be a hoot.
The Ed Farmer Name Dropper Hour
Much like a good interview with Farmio, this will be him, with a co-host (probably Chris Rongey, he’ll need a job by then), spinning yarn and telling us about everyone he “knows”, like the Bush family.  He’ll tell stories about golfing, watching baseball and his bromance with Darrin Jackson.  He’ll probably talk Notre Dame and St. Rita athletics, as if anyone gives a fk, but still.  And because it’s TV, you’ll get to see that beautiful patch of lettuce atop his dome, as well as his, if not handsome, distinguished mug.


Have an idea for a show on the White Sox TV Network, shoot us a tweet or respond on facebook……..we follow back, and only stalk if we think you have enough cheddar to afford to buy us beer at the G-Spot.
– BeefLoaf

The 5 – Promotions We’d Like To See

As we all know, attendance has been an issue the last few years.  I’d like to think that with the Sox trying to make major changes, the fans will support them by buying cheap ass tickets ($15 corners, $7 uppers for most games). But more than likely they won’t buy shit till we start winning again, much like last year when we started winning, future games started to sell.  100k tickets in a week. You know what to call that –



So here are 5 promotions that we’d like to see –

1. BOGO (Buy One Get One) Tuesday. We used to have half price Monday for the tickets (they were overpriced at that time anyways) but people would lose their shit cause they thought they were getting a deal. Much like Kohls, they showed you that saved a bunch of money but you were still getting ripped off.  I remember one Monday watching a girl, who was White Girl Wasted, fall down about 15 rows on the cement in 512. She got grabbed about 3 rows before the bottom, which might have hurt her more.

So anyways, let’s have a day where there is an item that is BOGO.  Pizza, Pretzels, Nachos and our fave in the 108, BEER.  Yes, I think there should be one day (a random Tuesday night in April) that they sell 2 beers for 1.  You don’t have to announce it in advance, but rather do it when people get to the game.  It should be a reward to everyone that is attending a vs. Twins game while it is 35 degrees out.  Get Drunk On Us Night.

Summary – On Tuesdays early in the year, one item will be BOGO. It can be any concession, but one night has to be beer. 


MGD is better (kinda) when it’s 2 for 1.


2. Free Food For Kids.  If I had a dollar everytime someone used the “Food Prices” as a reason not to go to the game I would have enough money to pay off James Shields‘ contract.  One, I am always shocked that people are shocked at the high prices.  Two, you can bring literally ANYTHING food wise into the game.  One game I saw a guy eating a carrot I am sure he stole from Mr. Ed.  Three, I am REALLY REALLY shocked that people are shocked you can bring in anything.  So let’s follow the masters of promotion, Denny’s, and give the kids FREE FOOD!  It is a similar take on the Kohls example, if people think they are getting a deal, they will spend more.  What’s a profit margin on $6 hot dog?  Give away 2 to sell two.  Plus, you can give away those hot dogs that they sell for $1 4th of July weekend. Those are tasty, especially the 6th one followed by your 8th Lite.  You’ll sell more tickets, more people will come and you’ll sell more food.  Easy peasy.

Summary – Every weekday game, KIDS EAT FREE. Simple meal of a hot dog, chips and a small pop.


3. Punch cards. For years and years, BeefLoaf has argued for a charge account that is connected to your seat so you can get loaded without having to have cash on you.  He has also asked for pizza slices delivered to your seat.  Neither is really ground breaking, or all that hard to make happen, but the Sox don’t seem to be interested. So give us a punch card!  Any item over $5, you get a punch.  For every $5 you spend, you get a punch.  Once you hit $100, you get $25 in Comiskey Cash.

Summary – Get a punch for every $5 you spend. Every $100 you spend, you get $25 in Comiskey Cash.

Just one I found on the net, but it works!


4. Cat Day. We already have a very successful Bark At The Park! Day.  Sells out (for dog space anyways) every year.  Like Elvis night, I don’t try to understand it, but just get drunk at it and enjoy the extra people.  So why don’t we have a Cat Day / Night?  Cats are cleaner, don’t piss and shit all over the place and honestly fit the Sox fan demeanor a bit better.  Cats don’t give a fuck, they use you for their purposes and only when they want to.  Which to me describes a majority of Sox fans.  BeefLoaf owns several cats and now a dog that looks like a cat.  The guy loves pussy, that much is clear.

Summary – Cat Night.  Make it happen!

Faster than Abreu.

5. Hang With An Alumni Player Night. Yes. Hell yes. Want to eat churros with Dan Pasqua?  We can make that happen.  Wanna have a hot dog eating contest with Ron Kittle? We can do that too.  Just be careful cause Kitty can eat (and drink) like a madman.  Create a contest, it can be on a weeknight too, for a guy to spend a game with an ex-player.  They get a free meal, the fan get’s a once in a lifetime experience.  I’d love listening to Carlos May‘s stories and thoughts on the young bloods coming up.  Sounds like a win win for all involved.

Summary – Alumni Date Night on the Sox!




Big things are coming for the 108 in 2017.  We have some t-shirts getting printed as I type this.  Look for us at SoxFest and maybe you’ll get a “108 Exclusive” shirt.  Follow us on FB here! We go live from time to time, mostly while drunk. We also have our Twitter that you can follow here!

White Sox Hot Stove season trudges on…….

Hey friends, its your pal BeefLoaf.  Hope you had a Nice Holiday and Happy New Year.  Now that the GM’s have neatly tucked away their ugly holiday sweaters and brandished the new keys to luxury cars with red bows on them to their significant others, the Hot Stove season trudges on into the cold tundra of January and February.
The White Sox made several moves this week and each of them is indicative of potential signs of where the team wants to go both with this rebuild and organizationally in the future.
White Sox sign C Geovany Soto to a minor league deal
This is a pretty obvious move, the Sox have 1 catcher on the 40 man with MLB experience and he was a longshot to even get that experience last year, so you need to start bringing in a catcher or two to compete in spring training.  All of you are very familiar with Geo as he was here back in 2015 and did a decent job.  Geo is a 108 favorite.  It is not abundantly clear to us, it could be his knee injury, it could be a psychological thing, but Geo has some tourette’s esque ticks.  Back in 2015, when we were pining for him to overtake T-Flo (that’s Tyler Flowers to the uninitiated) for the starting catcher job, it became quite obvious that after throwing the ball back to the mound, Geo needed to make certain anatomical adjustments that bordered on pornographic.  Let’s put it this way, I saw monkeys at the zoo touch themselves less than Geo was in a single opposing players at bat.  Luckily (or not, it was so strange as to be kind of awesome, while still causing you to get red in the face if you were forced to explain it), he changed this tick to its current manifestation, which is cleaning off the plate for several seconds after each throw back to the mound.  Regardless, Geo is likely to make this roster if no other moves are made…….and he’s a reasonable major league catcher to have handling these young arms.
White Sox sign OF Cody Asche to a minor league deal
Asche is a 26 year old depth signing.  It is important to note, that even though the press release calls him an OF, Asche is a life long 3B, but was moved from the position in the Phillies organization in the last 18 months or so because it became clear he would not unseat Maikel Franco.  Asche has some pop, but not enough to warrant a twitter handle of @cody_smasche.  This is not the type of signing where the White Sox are hoping to get a guy to play well and then flip him.  This is the type of signing that rebuilding teams do to start building depth and weeding out those that don’t belong here.  I was talking to Chorizy-E on this and we both think this move is specifically to push Matt Davidson, as the White Sox don’t have complete confidence he can hold down 3B if a Todd Frazier trade happens before the start of the season.  The White Sox to Matt Davidson “Yea, Yea, all those 30% strike out years are real cute and so was your broken foot last year, but you are turning 26 before the start of the season, so let’s see you shit or get off the pot.”
White Sox claim OF Willy Garcia off of waivers from Pittsburgh and designate OF Jason Coats for assignment
This transaction was the most interesting for me.  I wasn’t really sure the White Sox were ready to give up on Coats after a quick cup of coffee in which RV (this fucking guy again) barely played him, so we didn’t really get to see what he can do.  Of the little bit we did see, it looked like handling an OF position on defense was going to be a struggle and DFA’ing him for a guy who might not have it together at the plate yet, but can most definitely handle RF at the G Spot tomorrow is a definite sign.  It appears the organization is drawing a line in the sand that they are ready to make decisions on “development” players in their org, especailly those that will be 27 years old by opening day.  I poked around a bit and it seems that Willy Garcia has a pedigree and peaked out as a top 15 prospect in the Pirates organization. It is possible that the White Sox see something they like in the 24 year old.  It is also possible they just saw an opportunity to make a small upgrade to their 40 man roster and did so.  Probably the later.
 And finally…….White Sox sign 2B/SS Everth Cabrera to a minor league contract with an invite to major league spring training.
Between this move and the Asche move, it is clear that the White Sox intend to deal everything that isn’t nailed down, including Todd Frazier and Brett Lawrie.  Cabrera is an interesting case,  first off, he hasn’t had a major league plate appearance since 2015, and that year he sucked.  Prior to that, he had come up with San Diego, been touted as a speed/defense player and been pretty good.  He even made an all star team.  In between then and now, he has been playing in Nicaragua for 2 years, he was busted for PED’s and served a 50 game suspension, he was arrested for drunk driving, he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and he had a 2015 that saw his OPS dip lower than the average White Sox fans weight.  I am not really sure what this move working looks like considering you have Tim Anderson and Yoan Moncada projected to be up the middle by the end of 2017, and you have a fairly young cost controlled utility man to spell them both in Tyler Saladino.  I guess is the wheels are still shiny and new looking, he can be a weapon that can be dealt, but in an MLB that just doesn’t run much anymore, it would surprise me.
– BeefLoaf

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Team Chemistry

You may think I’m about to talk about the imaginary thing that people always say winning team’s have: Team Chemistry.  The kind of thing that only amazing leaders like Drake LaRoche can bring to your clubhouse.  While I’d love to talk about what a bunch of horseshit that is, I’m actually going to talk about real chemistry: PEDs.  It’s that special time of year when we look at who may or may not get into the Hall of Fame.  So the topic that always comes up is steroids, the dirtiest word in baseball.  And my open question to everyone is why do steroids get such a bum wrap?  Trust me, I’m not saying your kids should start doing steroids to become major league baseball players.  I would never say that, but mostly because they don’t have the talent to play major league baseball.  Seriously though, I can’t figure out why we are so selective around what cheating is, what is acceptable PED use, and why steroids cross some moral line with baseball fans.  So let’s dig in.

What Do We Consider Cheating?

One of the most famous forms of cheating is scuffing the ball or using some substance to get a better grip on the ball.  Pitchers have been doing this forever and for the most part we turn a blind eye.  But what if a pitcher were to throw a no-hitter with allegations of mishandling the baseball surrounding it.  Keep in mind, in the modern era of baseball there have only been about 250 no hitters thrown.  It’s a special thing, so if the scenario above played out, people would lose their minds, right?  Well, I give you the Mike Fiers no-hitter of 2015.  You can check out a pic of his glove from that night and decide if there was pine tar or not.  This got almost no media coverage and even the opposing manager thought it was a non issue.  Here’s the amazing quote from Don Mattingly (manager of the Dodgers at the time):

“I think if you talk about stuff like that, it seems like you’re whining,” Mattingly said. “I think a lot of guys use it. It’s kind of accepted unless it’s just blatantly obvious that somebody’s doing it. I had no idea during the game; nobody said anything to us.”

The “unless it’s just blatantly obvious” part gets me.  Is that all we care about?  As long as it’s not in our face, we don’t see it as cheating?  As long as it’s hidden in his glove, it’s cool.  At least he didn’t have gobs of pine tar on his neck or have it all the way up the barrel of his bat.


Which leads me to my next topic, amphetamines.

The Need for Speed

The drug that has been with the game the longest and helped the most players get to that next level is speed/amphetamines/adderall/red juice/greenies or whatever other name you want to give it.  It’s all the same, it’s all performance enhancing.  However, for some reason, we care far less about this than steroids.  So much so that former players have been very open about their use of amphetamines and we simply don’t care.  Mike Schmidt openly talked about “greenies” in his book and later admitted he used them.  Nobody is questioning his place in baseball history.  In 1985 a drug trial unearthed baseball’s dirtiest secrets about amphetamines, under oath.  Willie Stargell and Bill Madlock were identified as a source for speed whenever you needed it by Yogi Berra‘s son Dale.  Obviously, there were drugs in the Pirates’ locker room over the years.


Later, it was Willie Mays who was named the source of “red juice” for the ’73 Mets.  Again, these players’ places in history go unquestioned.  My only guesses are that people don’t understand the effects of these drugs or they assume that since some people can get prescriptions for these, they must be ok to use.  Speaking of prescriptions, Adderall (a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) is commonly prescribed to treat ADHD.  About 4% of adults in the US suffer from ADHD.  The most recent number I could find on baseball players with Adderall exemptions is from 2015, in which there were 112.  With about 1200 players in the MLB (40 man rosters), that’s around 9% of players prescribed to use amphetamines.  So this tells me that almost 1 out of every 10 professional players in a game that requires a tremendous focus, have a disorder in which they are unable to focus.  Are you buying this?  Apparently you are if you’re still mad about Barry Bonds, but not about Chris Davis.


We’re Selective About Who the Bad Guys Are

Steve Dilbeck recently tweeted out his HOF Ballot.  It contained only 3 names.  Obviously this is Dilbeck’s Tiananmen Square Moment in the war on steroids.  However, the 3 names are Trevor Hoffman, Tim Raines, and Vladimir Guerrero.  Now we do know that Hoffman was vehemently against steroid use, so no problem there.  But now we get to Tim Raines.  Let’s assume he never touched steroids or HGH.  We do still know that he did more cocaine than Tony Montana and was high during games.  I love this comment from @wrigleyrat about this “i can assure you Cocaine is not a PED–unless you are masturbating”.  But really, cocaine is a stimulant and if I’m looking at the Mets of the mid ’80s, they were pretty incredible and extremely coked up.  But regardless, Dilbeck, we’ll give you a pass.  Now to Vlad.  I love Vlad.  He would swing at anything and most likely make contact and it would probably be a two bagger.  But why are we so sure he didn’t use steroids?  He’s been linked to Angel Presinal, who is banned from MLB clubhouses.  Let’s just take a look at the guys Presinal has worked with:  Juan Gonzalez, Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero, Bartolo Colon, Miguel Tejada, Adrian Beltre, Moises Alou, Jose Guillen, Ervin Santana, Ruben Sierra, Francisco Cordero, Jose Mesa and Juan Guzman.  Oh and also A-Rod.  Are you kidding me?  How can you be so sure that this guy didn’t use roids or HGH?


But it’s not just Dilbeck.  We all do it.  Look at David Ortiz.  He is beloved, but he is also reported to have failed a drug test in 2003.  While he’s  not named in the Mitchell Report, it’s worth noting that George Mitchell was a director in the Red Sox organization.  Now I’m not trying to shit on Papi’s career, which is a great one.  I’m simply using him as an example of someone who likely used PEDs, but is such a nice guy, we all just shrug it off.  His teammate Manny Ramirez, however, is hated and considered a huge drug cheat.  If you look around, the guys we vilify for steroid use are guys you probably didn’t like anyway: Bonds, A-Rod, Canseco, Manny.  But we give a pass to the Giambis and Ortizes of the baseball world.  Why?


Does PED Use Make You That Much Better?

Jim Parque

Why Are Steroids and HGH So Hated?

To me, it seems there are 2 reasons that we get so upset about these particular drugs.  First, because there is a real love for Home Runs.  If you don’t believe it, think about how you rank Ty Cobb against Babe Ruth.  Also think about what you’re most upset about in the steroid era: the Bonds asterisked HR Records, McGwire/Sosa HR battle, Brady Anderson‘s 50 HR season.  Second, is that it was obvious.  Barry Bonds’s head grew like 10 sizes, he looked like god damn Simpsons character by the end of his career.  Roger Clemens was like 75 years old and pitching better than he had in 10 years.  It’s similar to when you’re a teenager and your parents give you a free pass on drinking as long as you don’t throw up on the new carpet.  The other items mentioned above speed, scuffing the ball, and some i didn’t mention like corking bats are not as obvious, so we can pretend they don’t exist.


So What Do We Do?

Much like the war on drugs, this is not a winnable war.  Guys get suspended every year, but there are still guys using and we continue to turn a blind eye if it benefits us.  You know, like attributing huge increases in muscle mass to pilates.


In my humble opinion, we should not try to prohibit PED use in Major League Baseball.  For a few reasons:

  1. You can’t actually accomplish a prohibition.  And like any other prohibition, you make criminals out of guys like David Segui or Jim Parque that are trying to recover from injury and make the kind of money that will support their family for the rest of their lives.
  2. PEDs would begin to come from reputable sources.  Meaning teams would devote resources to safer and better performance enhancers.  Much like the amount of money that has gone towards repairing knees and elbows, you’d see it spent on this type of research.  Which may have a positive downstream effect on the general population.  The reason your knee surgery was successful and recovery was so quick wasn’t because doctors decided that there is an epidemic of knee injuries among fat guys trying to play racquetball, it’s because professional sports teams have paid a shitload of money to make sure we never again lose a Gale Sayers after 5 seasons.
  3. Baseball was fun as hell in the late 90s.  Are you really against your favorite players having extended careers and guys hitting the ball 700 ft?  I can say that I am all for it.

I am sure you won’t fully agree with me and I am sure there are arguments against me that I have intentionally avoided.  But I hope after reading this, you’ll at the very least give more thought to who you condemn as cheaters.


Bring back ______ and other nonsense.

Happy 2017! The year the White Sox, as my Cub buddy put it, “Finally looked to the Cubs to see how to do it right.”  Of course the Sox have rebuilt before, but ya know nothing counts till the Cubs do it.  So thanks to the Cubs for legitimizing what teams have been doing for years.  I might have to write a blog about our conversation on NYE, I might not, we’ll see.  Let’s just say this, it included making fun of the new field name (deserved, but who cares if they win), what to do with the homeless population on 35th and Shields in the off season and some great “that damn Jew” talk.  It was ludicrous. OH NOOOOOOOOOO! The fight’s out / I’ma ’bout to punch yo…lights out.

So all the fucking time I see “Bring back Ozzie!”and “We should get AJ to play/manage us!” It can get me frustrated, I can get a little upset, but usually I write it off.  But in 2017, I take issue with it.  Let’s look at these claims.



Ozzie is my homeboy.  Yep, he is.  I love Ozzie.  I thought Ozzie was perfection for a White Sox manager, as far as off the field.  Calling Jay Marriotti a “f@g”, making fun of Wrigley (and even buying a shirt that made fun of him) and overall just being the greatest type of person to represent the southside.  It was a great time…….when there was success.  2010 it ran a little thin and in 2011 it broke. Ozzie went down south, got PAID, and stunk up the joint.  You could argue that they really didn’t try down there, but Ozzie’s comments on Castro kinda showed he DGAF and was ready for some time off.  I can’t see the Blizzard Of Oz in the front office, and taking up his old position seems really lame.  Plus Kenny is a lifer, sadly.



I’d blame Kenny Williams for the years of losing, but he is Jerry’s boy so ya know, that ain’t changing.  If you look at moves after Ozzie, thay have K Will written all over it.  The hiring of Rick Hahn and Robin Ventura (and now Ricky) just show that he was looking for guys who would take some direction.  But you might be saying “But MSS it is Rick Hahn who is making this rebuild happen” to which I would say correct, but only cause K Will has been failing since 2009.  I imagine a nice conversation over Cuban cigars and fine liquor.  Jerry having to talk down Kenny to make him listen to Rick.  Jerry saying “Now Kenny, you’ve done your plan and it doesn’t work, so let’s let Rick try”.  And the Cubs winning might have sealed the deal.  Who knows?  My line with Kenny doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, but next time I see him, I will ask him.

Ozzie had some experience before he came to Chicago to manage.  We tried to one up that and hire a guy with 0 experience and while it almost worked for a year, we had 4 more years of crappy baseball.  Ricky should be an upgrade, but only time will tell.  You know who also has 0 experience?  The #2 request for our new manager A.J..



Listen, I get it.  2 of the most vocal players for the White Sox, hell any team they played on, are looking to continue their work in this fine game.  Yes, we gave Ozzie a chance and it worked out, no we shouldn’t bring him back.  Do we want to offer a job that we gave to RV with 0 experience to A.J. with no experience?  I don’t think so, I’d rather see him go up the ranks in the minors and see if he really wants to do it.  You don’t give dream positions to guys who haven’t paid their dues.  Not in Trump’s America. Just like our president elect did it, he created it all himself.  I feel giving him the reigns would be catastrophic at this point.  There are gonna be some lean years ahead of us, no need to burn out A.J. with that bullshit.  Ricky can handle it.  I have faith in Ricky.  I think so anyways.

I think A.J. would be a great defensive manager one day.  I’d point to the Sox defense in 2013, they sucked.  2012, best in the MLB.  Difference?  A.J. left and no one was there to yell at Alexi.  Or Gordon.  Or anyone in the infield.  From what I have heard he held guys responsible for their play on the field.  Something that has been missing for years and years.  I like to think that Ricky will change that, we’ll see.

We have some time before we really have to tweek the manager, if we even have to tweek it.  Ricky has something to prove after being shoved aside on the northside, let’s hope he makes his mark early and often.  So settle in, enjoy the cheap tickets while they last, and learn to enjoy baseball again.  It isn’t what the southsiders have been trying to quickie fix for the past 4 years, it’s watching kids grow, become the stars.  Like Tim Anderson last year, let’s hope we find a few more this summer.



Happy New Year Fam!  Big things are coming for the 108 in 2017.  We have some t-shirts getting printed as I type this.  Look for us at SoxFest and maybe you’ll get a “108 Exclusive” shirt.  Follow us on FB here! We go live from time to time, mostly while drunk. We also have our Twitter that you can follow here!



The Reclamation Project Team

I previously wrote about the Kenny Williams Dream Team that that White Sox could assemble this year.  While I would still love to see that, there are some guys floating around that we could sign to short deals in hopes of flipping.  These will all depend on them out-performing expectations, but with a team that is expected to lose, you can take these risks.  One thing to keep in mind, this will cost more than just signing a bunch of bums, but that should not be a major concern to us fans.  It is not like they were going to walk around the park handing out Comiskey Cash from all the savings on payroll.  So don’t worry about an extra $20 million on the payroll in 2017.

Matt Wieters

This one won’t be cheap, in fact, this is a long shot.  However, Wieters is still on the market, most likely because no contending teams are willing to give him a long term deal.  So let’s take a look at why.  Last year was his first year with over 100 games played since 2013 and his numbers were not that great.  He batted to a .711 OPS.  For reference, Tyler Saladino had a .725 OPS last year.  In addition to that, pitch framing has become a big selling point for catchers and Wieters is not very good at that either.  These are the reasons that the Nationals are not spending money to buy up his 31-36 year old seasons.  It’s also why the Orioles did not give him a qualifying offer.  So signing Wieters to a 1 or 2 year deal (2 year would have an opt-out) would not cost a pick.  It should be an easy risk for the Sox to take.  If he does well, he’s easily traded to a contender.  He is after all a switch hitting catcher with solid power, he can throw out runners, and he’s not as awful at framing as anyone the Sox had last year.  If he’s terrible, the only cost is money, since he is not blocking any catching prospects.  This is a mutually beneficial deal, so let’s make it happen.


Desmond Jennings

My head will explode if you say “What about Charlie Tilson?” so please just don’t.  Jennings is one of these guys that was supposed to be great, showed a few signs of it, but never really panned out.  This would be a relatively cheap deal to make and you would have CF filled with a pretty good defender.  If Jennings is actually healthy and continues to walk more than he did at the start of his career, he’s a good candidate to get traded to a contender as a fourth outfielder or a team desperate for CF help.  Both of those will exist in July, so why not give this a shot.  If he fails miserably (like in the pic below) or we are able to trade him, then we can get to Charlie’s time in the big leagues.


Adam Lind

I’ve always liked Adam Lind and he was probably on 80% of my fantasy teams when I played fantasy baseball.  He’s 33, so he’s on the downside of his career and coming off a not so great year.  But he’s a lefty power hitter that can play a little 1B and has a facial hair game that can rival Tyler Saladino.  Logan Morrison is probably the better version of this, but someone will scoop him up.  With Lind, you’re looking to trade him to an AL team that needs help in the power dept.  If that market exists in July, it should be an easy move.  If not, he’s not really taking at bats from anyone, unless you want Matt Davidson facing off against really good RHP.  I know I don’t want that.

Jun 12, 2014; Baltimore, MD, USA; Toronto Blue Jays designated hitter Adam  Lind (26) stands on the field prior to the game against the Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Baltimore Orioles defeated Toronto Blue Jays 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Brett Anderson

This is even more attractive if we have already moved Quintana, but regardless, this could be a solid move.  I’m sure a number of teams will offer Anderson a minor league contract because when healthy, he’s solid.  So the Sox would most likely need to offer a major league pact as they did with Derek Holland.  But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Anderson should look to go to the AL to keep his porcelain body out of the batter’s box.  Anderson is only 29 and he was good in 2015, so it’s not a stretch to say that if he has a good first half, teams will be knocking down the Sox door for him.  For a contender to sign him, that’s a pretty big risk, because you’re basically committing a rotation spot to someone you’re not entirely sure is healthy or if he’ll start tweeting pics from his hotel room again.


Drew Storen

Storen, like Anderson, is only 29.  Also like Anderson, he was solid as recently as 2015 where he had 29 saves for the Nats.  I’m not trying to say he’s a shutdown closer, but Storen could re-establish himself as a solid closer given the right situation.  This would do wonders for his trade value as well as his value in free agency.  For this one to fall in place, we really need Robertson to get moved.