Trade Deadline isn’t the Sox Trade Deadline

There was a report this morning that the Sox are still looking to move Clippard, Gonzalez, and Holland.  This was met with an uproar about how it would be impossible to trade Holland or Clippard and why the Sox are not looking to move Abreu.


Let’s address the last one first.  Abreu is controllable through 2019 and it’s possible they extend him beyond that since most think his bat will age well and he could be a valuable DH on the competitive teams.  So they are most likely asking a lot for him.  With the teams in the playoff race mostly having 1b solved and the existence of Yonder Alonso, the market for Abreu right now will not get the return they’d want.

On to the others.

Gonzo, Clippard, Holland

All three of these guys make within $250k of each other.  Clippard being the highest paid at $6.15 mil and Gonzo at $5.9 mil.  This means that after today, they’re still owed enough that they’ll probably pass through waivers as teams out of contention will most likely not risk taking on those salaries.  So today’s trade deadline means very little to moving these guys.

Gonzo has had a decent July and would provide rotation depth to teams with injuries in the back end of their rotation.  It’s not unreasonable that he would get moved.  You wouldn’t get a whole bunch back, but another lottery ticket for an impending free agent seems like a good haul.

I talked about Holland previously and still think a move to the bullpen to be a lefty specialist would improve his trade value after the deadline.  Nobody is going to take him as a started with his $1 mil bonus at 150 innings pitched and his inability to handle right handers.

Clippard is interesting because people all of the sudden think he’s the worst pitcher in the league.  Until 6/12, he had a 1.73 ERA and was pitching very well.  He’s had some rough outings since then, but that’s not indicative of the pitcher he’s been over the course of his career.  It’s not insane to think that a few good outings could change the minds of GMs who lose out at the deadline today.


Kansas City Special

From time to time, the 108ers choose to take this thing on the road and enjoy ourselves some good old fashion fun in a different city.  With a hiatus from out of town galavanting for the past few years, the 108ers decided to take on Kansas City for the first time and visit Kauffman stadium………..

The Crew……………
Chorizy-E and BeefLoaf decided to take the Thursday night flight out to KC to get a little drinking and gambling done before the other fellas arrived.  Did I mention that we stayed at the Harrah’s in Kansas City?  Actually pretty nice accommodations.  I wish some of the local casino around here would clean up their fucking act and be a little more like this joint (I’m looking at you Blue Chip).  Anywho, after a bite to eat, we got to drinking and gambling……about an hour in, BeefLoaf got hisself a score.
Chorizy-E on the other hand just continued to piss money into the crack cocaine of casino gambling, Video Poker.  After we got kinda drunk we called it a night.
With alcohol intake, comes the need for food stuffs.  So we decided to hit the Harrah’s buffet at like 7:30am………..the other fellas were arriving at 8am into KC, but we couldn’t wait, we had to EAT NOW!!!  Chorizy-E was the driving force at the buffet devouring bacon and donut holes like it was his job.  BeefLoaf only ate Country Fried Steak, Biscuits and Gravy, and a hole bunch of other shit, which is light for him……….soon we were back in the casino waiting to meet up with Biguns and Slumpbuster.  They show around 8:30am and with not much else to do, we start drinking……..and gambling.   Biguns, Chorizy-E and BeefLoaf gambling with some blackjack and Slumpbuster gambling on his tolerance for Bloody Marys.  Our Blackjack dealer Jaclyn can tell this is a fun crowd the way we are slamming drinks and talking smack to each other at 9am, so she makes sure to get in on the chatter, she even cracked a fat joke at BeefLoaf (an easy target).  Finally, Slumpbuster and Biguns decide to grab a bite to eat around 10:30am and since ‘Loaf and Chorizy-E already ate, what are they to do??? (Look, I know it’s obvious, we aren’t the fittest group and if you said “EAT AGAIN!!!” that’s not an entirely bad answer, but if you know us at all, you know, it’s…..KEEP DRINKING AND GAMBOOOOOLING)… we do.  The boys are back in a flash so we decide to continue gambling and decide to meet up at the back bar at noon.
Everyone heads to the back bar to drink and plan our 3pm departure from the casino.  After a little chatter, drinks and video poker, our score card looks like this…..
Slumpbuster – 6 Bloody Marys, 1 double Tito’s and soda.
Biguns – 8 Coronas
Chorizy-E – 6 Makers and Coke, 2 Coronas
BeefLoaf – 6 Captain and Coke, 1 Miller Lite
The Quaff
Several people told us to hit The Quaff, which is an old school bar close to the financial district.  This joint was touted as having the coldest beer in town and that shit was right on the money.
The bar was cool and everything and we enjoyed knocking back some brews in a fine atmosphere, but what was even more interesting was some of the local folks hanging out on the overpass by the highway showing their anatomical parts to some other folks.  Looked a little sweaty, but that’s about all we could tell from the car (don’t worry, none of us were driving).
Lessons Learned on the Quaff experience.
1. Slumpbuster’s greatest talent in life is chatting up ride share drivers, so that the rest of the passengers don’t have to carry on those mundane conversations
2. Biguns is a Peyton Manning apologist
3. Even though a beer slushie sounds good in theory, that Chorizy-E confirmed it to be “pretty bad” in practice.
Onto the game…..we were told two reliable facts for this journey to Kauffman stadium……
Uno – It shall be hot AF and we’ll need to hydrate…. [ X ] on hydrating, between the gatorades, waters and light beers we were rolling nicely in that 100 degree heat.
Dos – Kauffman is in the middle of nowhere and is a goddamn clusterfuck to get out of, which is a little more tricky for the 108ers used to strolling into the game late and staying for the entire game.  This was going to reverse our normal mojo.
So we got to the ballpark about 45 mins early and there was a decent line to get into the ballpark.  Unlike Sox Park, this line moved quickly, the staff at the K are apparently used to having large crowds and moved people through the line quickly.  The fans we met in line and later at our seats were pretty knowledgeable about baseball at large and especially about the Royals (post 2014).  Once we were at our seats, we got a visit from the homey @shankster714  It was great to see a familiar twitter friend so far from home.  We tried to get him to give us some dirt on @MySoxSummer from back in the day, but let’s just say we’ll keep that off of these pages.
Domestic beers were $11.50, but they were also 24 oz cans (that is a $1.75 more than Sox park for 8 additional oz, which is a pretty sweet deal), which is a great thing on most days but on the days when it’s 100 degrees, you need to drink them quite quick or you have a hot bottle of suds.
The game started out great, with a Yoan Moncada bases clearing triple and a White Sox 5-1 lead………..the 108ers decided to leave their seats after a few innings and stroll the ballpark.  There is substantial area behind the seats and behind the concourse, which included large misting fans to keep us cool in the suffocating heat.  As the game wore on, the Sox started to tumble (as per usual during this losing streak) so in the 7th inning, the 108ers decided to hit the road and head out for more FUN and ADVENTURE…..much to our surprise, the staff at the K were once again top notch, giving us perfect directions to the unmarked, but designated area in which we could grab a ride.  We rode off and headed back to the casino.
Once we were back, we hit the tables and machines for a bit and watched what was left of the game, the White Sox collapse was complete as they lost in extras to the Royals.  However, that didn’t mean, that BeefLoaf couldn’t hit another gem on the Video Poker machines………….
The crew decided to grab a bite and call it a night, except for BeefLoaf who found it necessary to stay up for another 90 mins, gulp down several more Captain and Coke’s, and dump back most of those new winnings.
Saturday (Woo Woo)
The crew wanted to get an early start out so although we hit the casino a bit in the morning, we were on the road early to get some KC BBQ.  We got touts for all of the places that people tell you about…..Arthur Bryant’s, Gates, Joe’s, Jack Stack, etc………….the consensus from folks we asked was Joe’s and that we had to go to the gas station version of Joe’s, so we did…………upon getting there, there appeared to be about a 2 hour wait/line.  The 108ers (save for MySoxSummer tryna get Bobbles) ain’t waiting 2 hours for shit.  So we grabbed a ride to hit Jack Stack.  Jack Stack also had an hour wait, EXCEPT, if you were willing to eat outside in the Saturday afternoon KC heat.  Of course we were, so we hit the ice water, lemonade (+ bourbon), and gobbled down tons of KC BBQ.  It was enjoyed by all, but if you have never had the meat sweats in 100 degree weather, well, I don’t recommend it,… really slows down your ability to get inebriated.  Even after we left and headed to the Power and Light district the imbibing was quite slow, somewhere in the 1 drink per hour range for the first 1.5 hours……..But with every crisis there is a HERO that comes through and saves the day and that HERO on this Saturday was Biguns who suggested shots to pep up the crew.
Once we downed that elixir, we were back off to the races again…….The Power and Light district seemed pretty cool with an array of bars and an awesome looking outside area, although the outside area was mostly vacant as it was daytime and it was triple digits on the thermometer.  After spraying to all fields so to speak and knocking down drinks at various establishments, it was off to the K once again to watch the Sox.
Kauffman Part Deux
We arrive at the ballpark, well after the Eric Hosmer bobbleheads have been exhausted, (as usual, right MySoxSummer?) but before 1st pitch (unusual for us at Sox Park).  Saturday night was likely to be a sweatier night than Friday
AND there was supposedly a storm heading our way, so we’d need to navigate adeptly, plus, Biguns had some ideas about postgame.  It was the Melky Cabrera show as he went 4 for 4 including an early home run.  Once again, we decided to vacate our seats, which is too bad because Slumpbuster had gotten a real chummy conversation going with a lady of a certain age, so who knows how that would’ve turned out had we stuck around.  Anywho, we strolled to the OF and crushed more beers (Miller products are proudly served at the K) and met some other Sox fans as well as Royals fans along the way……one thing though that was disturbing…..
List of cool old skool jerseys or shirseys we viewed at the ballpark
4. …………..
2. ……………
1. …………….
Yea, the Frank White shirsey was the best we saw, no Brett Saberhagen, no Willie Wilson, no Steve Balboni, no Lou Pinella……….it was quite embarrassing that all we saw was 2015 era Royals.  This furthered our thought that most Royals fans have been loyal fans since 2014.
Back to Kauffman Saturday….
Once again, after the 7th inning, the 108ers decide to bid adieu the K and head off into the KC night.
Biguns was giddy about the chance to hit the Hi-Dive Lounge, that touts a “Mystery Beer Machine”.  This sounded like a great idea to all, our driver………who actually was the EXACT same uber driver that picked us up on Friday night from the game (his Cadillac Escalade was quite comfortable and he was a very nice gent)……decided to take us on a “unique” route to this bar through some of the more underserved neighborhoods in the greater Kansas City metroland area.  It is always a good reminder of how fortunate you are, when you traipse through a less fortunate part of town.
We arrive and immediately know it’s our kind of place: cheap beer,  friendly bartenders, shots flowing, good music, and sports on the tele.  We sit down at the bar, with a couple of seats opening up at their small front bar as if the gods had moved those folks out of the way so that the 108ers could get a front seat look at the “Mystery Beer Machine”.
Biguns is first up to order, since it was his idea and we wanted to see what Beers we would get out of the machine.  He turns around to the group and asks, okay, but once the beers come out, how do we pass them out.  “Dealer’s Choice” shouts BeefLoaf…..that’s right, the buyer of said mystery beer would get to pass around which ever beer they wanted to each 108ers and watch them “ENJOY” the barley and hops……….this was a rousing success
………of course, all good things must come to an end, some of this was force of nature as that storm that we noted came ripping through…………technology held its ground for awhile, but eventually it caved and we lost the jukebox and the tv’s…………that was okay, as the 108ers trudged on doing more mystery beer and more shots, BUT once water started racing into the back of the bar and Slumpbuster thought we’d have to help them sandbag the place, it was time to get a stepping.
The rest of Saturday Night back at Harrahs’ was a blur, there was one more drink for everyone, but Chorizy-E, who I assume just combat rolled back to his room after Biguns slammed a card door in his face (again) and then pulled him out of the car.  Ah, the memories or lack there of……
Time to head home……..a couple things about travel day from any trip.
1. Airport booze is a must, even if it is only one drink.  You have to have one or two to ease yourself back into polite society.
2. You want the travel day to end as soon as possible.  As Billy Bats said in Goodfellas “It’s good to be home.”
Well, #1 happened, but #2 failed us, as we were faced with 2 separate delays that lead to 4.5 hours of no flight.  We even almost saw a fight between two ladies when people were re-boarding.  Luckily the staff at Southwest is super professional and handled the situation perfectly.
As we were leaving Midway after arriving home, the 108ers said goodbye and quickly realized…..damn, we’ll be doing our thing again on Friday at Sox Park vs. Cleveland…..oh well, no rest for the wicked.
 – 108 Crew (minus MySoxSummer)

The One Hitter…..The Average Major League Regular

This is the One Hitter, just a quick thought or two about a topic from your frents at the 108…..remember, don’t forget to exhale.
The “Average Major League Regular” or as Joe Sheehan would refer to it as the “2 WAR (Wins above Replacement, which includes batting, pitching, defense and base running into one single value) player“.  The last few versions of the White Sox, you know, the ones that sucked and had Chris Sale, Jose Quintana, Adam Eaton and Jose Abreu as big stars lacked this player.  A star player is more in the 3 to 10 WAR spot (for 10 WAR think Mike Trout and for 3 WAR think Jose Abreu)…….the White Sox had 4 of those guys, which is pretty good.  What they lacked in those seasons were the “Average Major League Regular” that filled out the rest of the positions and gave you someone of value.  Since WAR is an imperfect measure and I want to display what type of player I am talking about that the White Sox are going to need loads of for the next time they are really good……I shall use the 2005 White Sox and we’ll go Baseball Reference WAR less than 3.0 and more than 1.5.  Here are the players on that team that fit the bill.
Tadahito Igucho 2.8
Cliff Politte‘s career year 2.7
Jermaine Dye 2.5
A.J. Pierzynski 2.3
Juan Uribe 2.2
Dustin Hermanson 2.0
Joe Crede 1.7
Scott Podsednik 1.7
The team had 2 position player “stars” Paul Konerko and Aaron Rowand and they also had their big 4 starting pitchers all above 3.0 WAR lead by Mark Buehrle (Jon Garland, Jose Contreras and Freddy Garcia).  The last pre-rebuild versions of the White Sox had these “stars” albeit 4 of them instead of 6, but still……….but they sorely lacked the “Average MLB Regular”.  As we look onto this current trade season, think about the 2nd and/or 3rd/4th pieces of these deals and some of these folks and some of the recent draft picks are going to need to become the low cost “Average MLB Regular” that makes our White Sox good enough as a team to make a playoff run.
– BeefLoaf


1975: A batter leads off the inning with a double. The following hitter, as long as it wasn’t the 3 or 4 hitter, follows with a sacrifice bunt. The hitter after that proceeds with a sac fly, and you put a run on the board.

Let’s fast forward to 2017. You know what we have figured out in between 1975 and 2017? We determined through that voodoo known as math that sacrifice bunts actually hurt your chances to win. In fact, they are fucking dumb. No one should sacrifice bunt. Giving up an out when you only have a finite amount is not a wise idea. Go figure.

All of this leads me to Ricky Renteria. The Sox are averaging a sacrifice bunt every other game. That means they are on pace for 81 sacrifice bunts in a season. Let’s break that down even further.  This pace means that  the Sox will score no runs, and have no hits for 3 entire games. Granted, you are not going to win 162 games in a season. But with this math, you are guaranteeing yourself 3 games of zilch. We know that sacrificing is wrong, and we know that it lowers win expectancy, but why not do it 81 times? You know, just for the fucking fun of it.

The other day, our #1 prospect, our prize of the off season Yoan Moncada came up to bat with runners on. And you know what he was asked to do? You guessed it, lay down a sacrifice bunt. WHAT?!?!?! The player that we as a collective fan base have been waiting to see in a White Sox uniform is laying down a sacrifice bunt? What the fuck is Ricky smoking? While we don’t know the career trajectory of Moncada, I like to believe that it will be a cross between Harper and Cano. Anyone here remember the last time Harper or Cano laid down a sacrifice bunt? Me neither. When Ricky was asked why, he said he wanted Moncada to have it in his back pocket.  No, just no, I don’t want it to be in any back pocket. I don’t care if it is in the back pocket of his acid washed jeans from the 80’s, this skill needs to be lost forever.

The only way I ever want to see a sacrifice bunt again from any of these fucking players is if  it is game 7 of the 2020 World Series, bottom of the 17th inning, tie game, we have exhausted our entire bench, we find ourselves with a runner on second, and Michael Kopech has been inserted into the game as a pinch hitter. Then, and only then, are the Sox allowed to bunt.  Until then, take all these sacrifice bunts and shove them so far up your ass that none of us ever has to see them again.

-Polish w/ Extra Onions

The One Hitter…..The Dutch Oven

With how well Reynaldo Lopez is pitching combined with Miguel Gonzalez returning to the rotation, our eyes are on the back end of the rotation to see what will be done.  A lot of people have been calling for Mike Pelfrey to be moved to the pen or simply DFA’d.  However, I think it is more likely to see a roster move involving Derek Holland.

The Contract

Mike Pelfrey is making about $535k this year and performing pretty much how you’d expect.  He’s not terrible, but he can’t really go past the fifth inning.  Derek Holland on the other hand is making $6 million this year, but what you might not know is that he will receive $1 million bonus for hitting 150 innings (an additional for getting to 200 IP, but that ain’t happening).  So if you’re the Sox, you pretty much can’t let him get to 150.  He’s currently just under 100 and with 70 games left, barring injury, he’ll get there.  So it seems clear that the Sox will eventually DFA Holland, unless they do something else.

Lefty Specialist

The Sox should move Holland to the bullpen.  And if he’s smart, he should happily accept the role.  I know what you’re going to say, that starters make so much more money than relievers, which overall is true.  However, look at where Holland is in his career.  He’s close to being exactly where Pelfrey is, back of the rotation guy making around the league minimum.  And Pelfrey’s agent is Scott Boras.  The difference is that Holland is a lefty and on top of that has excellent splits against lefties.  We’ve all seen how many home runs Holland has given up this year, but stop and realize that only 2 of those 21 were to lefties.  Lefty’s OPS against him this year is .641 while RHBs are mashing .921.  While not as exaggerated, he’s always done much better against LHB and that is worth noting.  This type of pitcher is worth something on the open market and he’s a free agent after this season.  While I doubt the Sox could get anything for him in a trade, they could at least get their money’s worth this year, avoid the bonus payout, and leave Holland’s career in a better place.  And maybe if he does well enough, he’s a waiver deal to some team that has an injury.


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly #62forQ

Friends, it’s your buddy BeefLoaf……I’m here to round up the weekend with, “the Good, the Bad, the Ugly”……..a little snippet of what the 108ers see when attending games for a Sox homestand…………..

The Good

#62forQ – On Thursday the White Sox traded Jose Quintana to the Cubs for Eloy Jimenez, Dylan Cease and two other prospects that are likely to be working at Chipotle by the end of the season.  This trade has fully cemented the White Sox rebuild as he is the last high profile player to be traded.  This trade also inspired the 108ers to start a campaign for the White Sox Friday Night game, the first game since the All-Star break  to celebrate Jose Quintana’s White Sox career, “Irish Wake Style”, by drinking 62 beers during the pre, game and post.  Of course, we crushed this goal and had a great time doing so…..special thanks to @Pete_Hand for buying the 108ers a round to help accomplish this.



Avi Garcia – 2 Homers on Sunday and a pretty decent weekend at the plate in total show me that the White Sox lone All-Star is back on track.  He even kept his sock game strong as usual.  I’m not sure if he’ll be here past August 1st but he sure has been fun to watch this year.
6PM Saturday Games –  I, MSS, will admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of these late Saturday games at first.  But I LOVE THEM. I can get chores done, which Mrs. MSS LOVES, and THEN go get drunk with the boys.  I feel accomplished and I still get my fun time.  Plus it seems to do well with the crowds.  Lotta drunks though, which is good for business, bad for the security guys.

The Bad

Derek Holland – He looks cooked, he looks finished.  Everyone is hitting the ball hard off of him and to all fields.  I’d be in shock if he could have even 1 start the rest of the season in which he goes 7 innings.  Chorizy-E was mentioning that he as a $2M bonus if he hits 150 IP for the season.  He’s at 97 Innings right now, so maybe the Sox just make him go away John Danks style before long and we won’t have to watch him much more.  Bring on Reynaldo Lopez.




“Kids Run The Bases!” Line – MSS took a piss in the 9th, d-hy-drate-d, and he could barely get into the bathroom because of this line.  Then while exiting, the goddamn line took up half of the concourse.  Teachers, parents always yell at kids to get in single file lines, time to take that advice yourself folks! Seems like this could be done better, but it’s the Sox, so who knows.



The Ugly

Tim Anderson‘s Defense – We’ve written previously about Anderson’s struggles and the effects that some things in his personal life might be having on his performance.  He is struggling mightily this year and it is getting harder and harder to watch.  It seems that basically every game  he is making a major defensive gaff.  This year, I guess it’s fine because the more losses that pile up the better it is for the future, but goddamn is it tough to watch.  He could probably use a mental health day every so often, especially once Moncada is here.



Sink Water Temp – Listen, we get it, the park and what goes on at the park can get messy and disgusting.  But 175 degree water in the bathroom by the 108 is insane yo! MSS made his way out slowly on Saturday, and stopped by a different bathroom and the water was a reasonable temp, so it can be done.  Poor BeefLoaf lost 2 layers of skin on his gnarly paws and MSS couldn’t keep his hand under there that long at all.  It’s nuts and dangerous.  Dangerous for your nuts too, just ask Slumpbuster.



– BeefLoaf (and a few hits by MySoxSummer)

Remember what happened last year on 7/23/16? Of course you do! Matt “El Nino” Albers made his first start for the Chicago White Sox!  Because we couldn’t fit “El Nino” on a t shirt, we decided to commemorate the reason why he was on the mound: Chris Sale, his trusting hunting knife and some uncomfortable retro jerseys.  Have you seen the shirt yet?  God I hope so.  On 7/23/17 they will be $5 off, just go to our store and order one!  We have other shirts available too!  Plus any money we make goes towards new shirts that will make you proud to be a White Sox fan!

My Once A Year* Rant About Bobbleheads.

“Get a life and grow up.”

These words were uttered by Dave Kaplan. He was referring to this. Take a gander, it’s great.  We had a similar situation with the Hawk Clock on the southside. So yearly, I seem to make this same kind of post about SGA’s (stadium give aways), but teams don’t really change it up.  Why you ask?  Cause it works for them.  How?  Let me tell ya.


For the Cubs “Final Out” bobblehead it was destined to fail.  In our bobble circles, it was hyped (as most Cubs releases) and the cost of tix to the Cubs aren’t the cheapest.  Now, the original date is was to be given out the Cubs called the game right before the gates were to open due to “threat of rain”, and it never rained.  People were pissed, some had flown into town for the release (and I am hoping a Chicago vacation). It spawned a video from a fellow collector that had a guy screaming “Just give me my FREAKIN’ bobblehead!”.  It was lovely and sad all rolled up like a big loser burrito.


If you aren’t a collector you don’t understand. These things make people mad, for reals.  The secondary market exploding doesn’t make it any easier either.  As they say in the video, they were up on Ebay for $80.  Many sold for over $100.  That is straight cash homie! Minus 13% that Ebay and it’s step-sister PayPal takes from the total.  Y’all know I collect these guys and I have spent a ton of money to get my collection. I own every bobblehead the Sox have ever released, and a bunch of retail ones too. It was a labor of love, fun to complete but left me with nothing to search for (or buy).


Teams, although they say they don’t, fucking love this.  At the “Final Out” release people lined up at 8am to get in the gate first.  Those people got in early and of course they had to eat, drink, buy more shit and they had plenty of time to do that.  The guy who missed out on that one, will be sure to get there earlier next time which makes it even harder to get there early enough.  If you didn’t get your Sox sweatshirt, or Hawk clock, I bet you showed up early enough to get that sweet hawaiian shirt didn’t you?  Of course you did!  And you drank an extra Modelo and crushed a nacho helmet cause that is what you have to do when you get to a Sox game early.  So more money makes up for the promo cost (word is bobbles cost about $3 each to produce, which could be high) cause what do you think they make off a $9.75 beer?  We pay about a buck per beer for Modelo, so the Sox might pay 75¢ to make $9.  In the 108 alone, they make bank!  In fact, I am sure we paid for a part of Tim Anderson‘s contract extension.


There is a group of guys (I might or might not be one of them) who procure extra bobbles for trading or selling purposes.  They might see it as a service to fans that can’t be there.  They might see it as it is, an opportunity to make some extra cash.  Many haters like to remind these people that the bobblehead is “free”, you are paying for the game after all. They deploy this theory in hopes to get a bobblehead from you for cheaper, with no work. I’d like to set the record straight, ain’t nothing free brah.  Gotta get the ticket.  Gotta get the parking. Gotta get the beers.  Gotta get the food.  Gotta drive there. Gotta drive home. Let’s say you live in Southern Illinois.  You gotta drive up to Sox park.  Gas ain’t free.  Let’s say $20 in gas.  Parking is $20.  Tickets, let’s say you get $7 tickets, with fees those are like $13.  Right now you are in for $53 to get your bobble, and you are thirsty and hungry.  But’s it’s free right?!?!?  Many Sox releases go for much less shipped on Ebay.  For most releases it is more cost effective to buy than it is to go.  Think about it like that.  Stop the hate. Especially you Double Agent James Duda.  Just kidding playa.


So how can teams make this better?  Simple, up at Wrigley North (although soon enough Wrigley could be known as Miller Park South, Brew Crew Risin’) they have it all figured out.  Bobbleheads are “ALL FAN RELEASES”. If you are gonna buy 10k bobbles, buy 40k instead. If CostCo has taught me anything, you save if you buy in bulk. Over in Cleveland, you can pay $5 with your ticket to get the giveaway, called a promo pass.  On the web it says this –

“Promo Pass tickets are only available online for the featured games and can be added to the purchase of your game ticket for an additional $5. Passes ensure you get the promotional item even if all the items have been given out at the game. Any promotional items allocated to the Promo Pass program will be in addition to those already available at the ballpark gates.”

Guess what else?  As an Indians season ticket holder, you can cash in points to get promo items you might have missed.  You listening White Sox?  Points! I want points! If I had the option to buy a promo pass on a $7 ticket to get my bobbleheads, I would spend the extra money for a no stress life.  Sox have been doing “Special Ticket” bobblehead releases the past 3 years, they are fucking brilliant.  With this year being the exception. They did one on a Yankees game.  Why oh why do you need to reward people for going to a Yankees game?  Ugh.  Last year they did a Superhero Lawrie Bobblehead and it ended up being a slight cost upgrade on the ticket, it was great.  The Yanks tix are already overpriced and then they added in this fee for the bobblehead.  Bastards.

That’s it.  That is how you solve this issue and shut Dave Kaplan the fuck up.  He don’t give a fuck cause he get’s whatever he wants anyways.  Many people also pointed out that Dave hosts a show where they show off high end sports memorabilia.  That Jordan game used jersey only cost the Bulls a couple hundred, that should be the price right?  You can order it online right? GTFO Dave.


Problem is that some teams don’t wanna do that, cause they want that extra money that bad.  Some local minor league teams don’t give them out till the 5th inning! You get the voucher at the gate, have to stay there for 5 innings, THEN they give you a bobblehead.  Just raking in that dough.  In the 108, I am about the only guy who really cares about the promo items.  The boys are good for a few a year, but mostly it’s about getting as much beer as possible in before we walk than it is to get the promo.  I stopped asking them soon after I met them if they could come early and help a buddy out.  I hit that line early with Bobble Jim and #WallyMoney.

In conclusion, if you want everyone to be happy, give away more.  No fights. No secondary market. No problems.  But that isn’t what a promo is supposed to do right?

*I am sure I am not done of this subject yet and expect an in depth article about it before the end of the year.  BeefLoaf has been cracking the whip, needed to get some content out.  Love ya buddy.




UPDATE! As I am sure you saw, last night we drank 62 beers (spoiler, we drank more) to honor Jose Quintana.  It was called #62forQ.  Check out our Twitter to see the pics, @fromthe108


Happy Friday and…

Today, I’d like to go a little further in depth on a White Sox possible trade candidate.  You may look at his numbers and think there is no way the Sox could possibly move him.  But you have to look a little closer and remember that we dropped a Jersey Demolition Shirt on him and things turned around.

Before Jersey Demo Shirt: In 181 plate appearances his slash was .180/.309/.367
After Jersey Demo Shirt: In 146 plate appearances his slash is .250/.377/.533

So let’s focus on where the new Jersey Demo clad Frazier is valuable

The Buyers

Let’s go through the possible buyers around the MLB

AL East

Boston: Their third base play has been atrocious.  When you’re hoping that either Big Panda will get healthy AND good, Jhonny Peralta will remember how to hit (he’s been cut since I wrote this, RIP in Peace career), or the 20 year old kid in AA will come up with no issues, you are in big trouble.  He definitely fits here, but Sale might frown upon the shirt.

Yankees: Here is another nice fit.  Chase Headley is not a good hitter, despite that one season in San Diego and Chris Carter has already been DFA’d from the other corner spot.  For him this is a dream scenario and for me, I’d love to see him face off with Sale on the last day of the season to decide the division.  Would be fun, though I’d put my money on Sale.

Rays: Beefloaf has already covered this one and it’s a fit.

AL Central

Indians, Twins, Royals: They don’t need him.  But thanks to the Royals for being buyers and thinning out 3B.

AL West

Astros: They have quite enough offense.

Angels: Their infield is bad.  I already covered this and it makes sense.  But they should probably go after Dee Gordon instead.

Mariners: Again, no need here.  But they love making trades, so who knows.  If it is the Mariners, assume a 34 player trade.

NL East

Nationals: Doesn’t make much sense unless they have more injuries

Everyone else in this division is AAA teams

NL Central

Brewers: Plenty of offense, they’re all set.

Cubs: No fucking way

Cardinals: Not sure they’re buyers.  They sure shouldn’t be, but who knows?

NL West

Dodgers: Doesn’t seem like a fit, but at a closer look, it might be.  Bellinger could move to the outfield and you can’t possibly trust AGon and Turner to both stay healthy at the same time for the rest of the year and playoffs.  This would be interesting, especially since salary would be no issue.

Diamondbacks: No.

Rockies: They have his twin Mark Reynolds.

So there you have it, about 5 teams that are buying could use the Toddfather.  That seems plenty to create a market for a rental player.  Let’s hope he keeps getting on base and hitting dingers and maybe we’ll get to see him face off with Q in the playoffs.

Enjoy your Friday and maybe a nice plate of pasta with a friend…


Dr. Feelgood’s take on the G-Spot

Some of the Best things about going to a Sox game… a Cub fan.

I’m a lifelong Cubs fan who grew up on the south side and went to high school about the distance of Tyler Saladino‘s mustache length from the G spot. 

The problem is nearly all of my friends are Sox fans, I love baseball and going to Cubs games is a huge pain in the ass living in the burbs now. So from time to time I find myself back on the wonderful south side and it’s a pleasure. Here’s why:

The Parking

It’s so nice to park 100 feet from the park and not have to pay $100 dollars to park in some hipsters garage. Those kids have no work ethic, they don’t even have to flag fuckers down anymore with all the parking apps out now. 

The Travel Time

It takes no less than 2 hours to get to the north side from any suburb. Take the train they say…fuck that I’m lazy and the joy of a train ride lost it’s glory at age 5 for most of us. 

The Cost

I took my family of 5 to a Sox game last year for $100. Quadruple that on the north side. We ate, watched the game, and I even drank a few beers and didn’t have to dip into the college fund. If I was on my own I could have drank 5 times more and crashed at Beefloaf’s place. 

The Food and Beer

It’s just better than the north side establishment’s on both accounts. Anyone who believes Wrigley has good food and beer also believes Oswald acted alone and that we actually landed on the moon. 

Just what the hell is this atrocity?

The Sox care about their fans….reproductive health

I work in the medical field and saw this in the men’s room out by the 108 last year:


Peyronie’s disease, aka “the wayward schlong” or “the crooked pickle,” can be a painful, embarrassing penis condition. Thank you White Sox for raising awareness and being an advocate for men’s health. 

Lastly, My Friends in the 108

These guys and gals are the best. Friends for life and if you’re not an asshole they’ll treat you that way too, so stop by for a game, have a drink and enjoy some “baseball”.


-Dr. Feelgood

Why I Love MLB’s Trade Deadline So Damn Much

Something I look forward to every baseball season is the trade deadline.  So much so, that I forgive the awful all-star game and its coverage, because I know it gives teams a chance to talk through possible trades without the day to day of games, travel, and injuries occurring around them.

Today, I was thinking to myself, is the baseball trade deadline the best in sports?  And if so, why?

Player Impact

Baseball, more so than most other sports, allows a player to have an immediate impact on a team with almost no ramp up time.  Think about a bat first player being traded, what does he have to learn about his new team to become effective?  Almost nothing, except maybe that he should not kill the Queen.  The fact that a player can walk in and not have to learn a new system, as they would in most other major sports, makes it much easier to bring an impact player to your team via trade.  You could not do that, with say, a QB in the middle of the NFL season.  Basketball is close, but I’ll get to that next.

No Salary Cap

I dislike salary caps in general, but they are especially obnoxious when it comes to trades.  The NBA is the worst at this.  That ridiculous ESPN trade calculator makes me angrier than seeing a PBR sell for $8.75.  What you end up with is 20 player trades where really only 2 players matter and the other guys are paid to stay at home.  Imagine if every trade we talked about with the Sox had to include James Shields and cash owed to Brett Lawrie to get the money right.  That kind of garbage makes the NBA trade deadline unbearable.  And I won’t get into hockey since I can’t wrap my head around a league where everyone has 74 year contracts.

No Draft Picks

This is technically not true, because there are a few select picks that can be traded as well as international bonus slots, but overall, you don’t see high profile players get moved for picks.  This to me, is one of the best parts of the deadline.  There is instant gratification, because you know which players your team gave away and received.  Now, you don’t know what impact a minor league player will have (looking at you Mike Olt).  Nevertheless, you’re not waiting to see who might possibly be available in the draft class of 2027.  It also seems teams are much better at gauging the value of their prospects than they are at gauging the value of their draft picks, isn’t that right Mike Ditka?

Additional Wild Card

No matter how you feel about the additional wild card team or the 1 game playoff, you must admit, it drastically changed the trade deadline.  Previously, there would be a handful of buyers and sellers.  Now almost every team is involved.  And there are teams that will surprisingly buy at the deadline.  For example, the Blue Jays had scouts at the Sox games this weekend.  Baseball Prospectus has them with about a 5% chance of making the playoffs, but hey, more buyers means more fun at the deadline.

This is where soccer and basketball get left in the dust, since there are like 3 good teams and then a bunch of garbage in those leagues.  In baseball, getting to the playoffs is everything and at the all-star break, a high number of teams have a shot.


Yes, MLB has cornered the market on the trade deadline.  And it’s for the reasons above and more, including the exposure and coverage of their minor league system.

As we traverse through this rebuild, trade deadlines should be quite exciting.  But no trade deadline will be more exciting than when the Sox switch from sellers to buyers.  I am looking forward to that, but for now…