#FAKETRADES – Chorizy-E Predictions

Beefloaf has some bold predictions, but I think he’s a little off.  It’s also possible that Clarence Beeks came through for him and got him Rick Hahn’s report a day early.

Todd Frazier to the Angels for Michael Hermosillo OF

The Angels are already rocking an over-inflated budget of over 165 million, so taking on a what’s left on Frazier’s contract seems reasonable.  This would allow them to deal a lower ranked prospect.  For the Angels, this could be an opportunity to move Yunel Escobar to 2b and sit down Danny Espinosa.  Or they could use Frazier at 1b and sit down Valbuena when you want Albert to DH.  Either way, they scrape some of the crap off the field and look a little more like a team that can get a wild card spot.  Not sure what Hermosillo would become for the Sox, but he seems similar to the players they’ve been going after the past few years: good control at the plate, walks a lot, sees a lot of pitches.

David Robertson to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Socrates Brito OF and Matt Koch RHP

With Robertson, a lot of the focus is on him as a closer and where a closer is needed.  However, as we saw last year in the playoffs, there is a huge need for a high leverage guy before the 9th.  Robertson was that guy for a good portion of his career and could be that on a contending team.  I know their bullpen has looked good so far, but look at the guys playing well and then look at their career numbers.  How long is that gonna last.  Speaking of which, how long is Fernando Rodney going to be your closer.  He’s 137 years old.  You also keep Robertson away from the Nationals who you may very well face in the playoffs.  In return, the Sox will get a player that it seems the D’Backs have soured on, but still has potential.  As a throw in to the deal, the Sox will get a pitcher that is all about control and should fit right into the bullpen.  This is really just me hoping Ricky will give the ball to someone other than Chris Beck once in a while.  My arm hurts just thinking about how often Beck has to pitch.

Jose Quintana and Melky Cabrera to the Colorado Rockies for Raimel Tapia OF, Ryan McMahon 3B, Ben Bowden LHP, Yency Almonte RHP, Brian Mundell 1B, and Sam Hilliard OF

There is really no need to sell the Q part of this trade.  Every team needs him and the Rox are no exception.  But on to the Melky portion.  The outfield is seemingly crowded in Colorado, but in reality, they’ve been plagued by injuries.  Blackmon is great and healthy, but the corners have been a problem.  Not to mention, if everyone is healthy, someone should give Mark Reynolds a break at 1b every once in a while.  I mean, the guy is about to turn 34 and you’ve already made him play 80 games this season.  NL teams also pinch hit far more, so Melky’s switch hitting bat off the bench makes a lot of sense.  It’s only 62 PA, but Melky has hit pretty well in Colorado: .377/.452/.736.  As for the return, this is a lot about quantity over quality and the Rox taking on the rest of Melky’s contract.  Not to say we’re not getting some of their top prospects in return, but we’re not getting Brendan Rodgers or Riley Pint.  Tapia is the highest ranked prospect and is major league ready.  McMahon, Mundell, and Hilliard all have a chance to be big league power hitters.  McMahon makes tons of errors, so he’ll fit in with Anderson on the left side of the infield nicely.  Bowden sounds like he can be a high end reliever and comes from a great pitching program at Vandy.  Last is Yency Almonte who we would be getting back.  He was the pitcher we sent to the Rox to get Tommy Kahnle.  This would be a massive trade and would thin the Rockies system, but it could be what propels them into the playoffs.


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