What Happened to Janice Rossi?

It’s no secret that in the BeefLoaf household, we watch Goodfellas……A LOT. And recently, with the untimely deaths of Ray Liotta and Tony Sirico, we’ve watched a few more times in the past weeks. A question emerged and it has been bothering me… what ever happened to Janice Rossi?

For those of you not as familiar with the movie, Janice Rossi is Henry Hill’s longtime girlfriend who accompanies him on Friday nights at the Copa and has her own apartment near the club that Henry finances.

When Henry and Karen, Hill’s wife, have a big fight, Karen goes to the apartment to yell that “Janice Rossi is a whore,” to anyone answering their door buzzer. Karen is also upset to see Janice’s name on the registration of people who’ve visited Henry in jail. After that, Janice seems to disappear, and we don’t see or hear from her again. Which leads back to the question, what happened to Janice? Here are some of my theories…

Janice Left Town…

Janice Rossi aka the WHORE in 2R

Janice decided she’d had enough and left on her own. She waited while Henry was in jail for quite some time and she needed to find someone who could finance her life the way she was accustomed to.

Karen Hill whacked her out

Although this doesn’t seem rational while Henry is away and she taking care of their two kids, but Karen was an irrational woman. Paulie and Jimmy believe she wouldn’t divorce Henry, but she’d kill him. Maybe Karen figured that it was better to just kill Janice in order to keep Henry with her. If it was Karen, how did she do it? Someone might have let her in when she was pushing all the intercom buttons at Janice’s apartment complex. She went to #2R and killed her – hopefully leaving her little girls out in the hall during the act.

Jimmy Conway took care of it…

Speaking of Jimmy and Paulie… These two may have had enough of the drama and although Janice was a “good kid,” they didn’t want to have Karen go nuts and start talking to people that Jimmy and Paulie didn’t want knowing their business.

Sandy took her shot at the girlfriend position

Sandy killed her. It was clear that Sandy wanted Henry and Henry was attracted to Sandy when Janice was showing off the apartment to her girlfriends. Sandy might have realized that the only way to really get Henry was to kill her friend in order to have him to herself. This theory seems pretty solid to me because although Henry might have been broken up about it (we don’t see this either way,) Sandy makes a proposition of helping him out with the Cocaine. Next thing you know, Henry is saying “Janice who?”

What’s clear is that Janice Rossi was there one moment and gone the next. What happened to her? We may never know.

Those were my thoughts on what might have happened to Janice, I’d love to hear yours!

-Mrs. BeefLoaf

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