Internet Archeology: Pornhub Comments on Stock Photos

About a decade ago, there was a Tumblr account called pornhubcommentsonstockphotos. It was exactly what it sounds like. They took stock photos from the internet and applied a comment from pornhub. The result was, in my opinion, hilarious. I thought about one of these the other day, laughed to myself, and then decided to see if the account had been updated in the past 10 years. Much to my surprise, it was gone:

But don’t fret my friends, if Star Wars has taught me anything, nobody is ever really gone. So today, I’m providing you with a glimpse into the past and what was all about:

The Hopeless Romantics

Taking in all the ambiance

Holiday Spirit

Tell us about yourself

Not enjoying this

Having a great time


There are plenty more floating around the internet, so check ’em out and hit me on Twitter with your favorites.


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