The One Hitter – $1 Hot Dog Day / Story Time With MSS

Last night, after drinking several brewskis, I decided that we’d (all of us, even you!) would try to eat 108 total hot dogs tonight during the Sox game. It’s the last $1 Hot Dog night of the season, so we need to do something special. While a 108 beers would be easy for just our crew, 108 hot dogs between 5 guys would be rather rough.  That is why we opened it to our friends, fans, family, all y’all.  So if you are at the game tonight or at home and you down a hot dog or several tweet us at @fromthe108 with your total and use the hashtag #108dogsin108.  Should be a fun night! Come by and say hi!  Short on cash?  We’ll even buy you a hot dog if you need it that badly.

A few hints for tonight –

1 – Stop eating food at 12:30 pm.  Yep, start fasting to have that extra space to fill with low priced encased meat.

2- Drink a green smoothie to clean out your innards so you won’t get full after 5 or 6 hot dogs.

3 – Don’t be a pussy.  At some point you will think you can’t eat anymore, but truth is you CAN.  You gotta get past that mental block and eat a hot dog.  Simple as that.


Now for story time! 

When I was a youngster, my mom made very heathy food in healthy portions for our family of four.  Which worked great to keep me under 200lbs during my high school years. But as a starving teenager, I would sneak out and eat a dinner before dinner, just so I would be full after dinner.  Which I am sure has caused me to gain weight later in life.


Upon graduation from high school, I went to the great school of Northern Illinois University.  Lived in the fine establishment of Stevenson Towers North, 10th Floor, D Tower.  This was in 1995 before STN became the lovely dorm it is today, we didn’t even have food service on the weekends.  But there was a Friday night that sticks out and we happened to be served foot long hot dogs.

Now, given no limit to how much I could eat (we had a flat rate that we paid for meals back then) I used to eat a bunch.  I was there 3 times a day just to get my money’s worth.  My freshman year I am sure I gained 20 to 30 lbs and people told me that I looked good! I remember cresting the 200lb mark and feeling awesome about myself.  Years later when I crested the 300lb mark I was not as happy and no one was telling me how good I looked.  But I digress.

So this Friday night, the dorm was a buzz.  We all went down to eat dinner and get ready for what would happen. I know for a fact that I ate 2 feet of hot dog that night.  Getting back to our floor, I am not sure how this happened, but the party started about 8pm.  I was hanging with some buds maybe smoking something that could have been illegal, when my roommate came down to tell me that a guy on our floor had some hard booze that tasted just like mouthwash.  That turned out to be Rumplemintz. He was also flush with a bottle of Goldschlager which we always debated that the gold was real or not.  I am guessing it was not.  So we did some shots.


Are blacklight’s still a thing?  Cause they were back then!  This low key floor party turned into a full on rager including highlighter tattoos and laundry detergent in the hair.  It was fantastic.  Drinks were flowing, our beer of choice back then was Old Milwaukee, and we were full on getting drunk, enjoying one another’s company. Pretty sure we did several “flaming” shots of Goldschlager and listened to a ton of Beastie Boys.  Then it started….


I think it started with a girl on our floor that was running down the hall and puked in her hands and then threw it on the wall while running back to her room.  Then a guy was full on puking in the sink in the men’s bathroom.  Back then no one had the tolerance that you earn by these types of nights.  Both Rumplemintz and Goldschlager go down really smooth but will mess you up.  So after multiple shots of either, in a short period of time, you gonna get wrecked.  And wrecked we got.


I don’t really remember the next part of the story but I have been told several times this is how it went down.  When the shots hit me, I ran to the bathroom to vacate the contents in my stomach. I hit a stall, missed the toilet and puked on the floor and directly on my future roommate’s hand which he responded with an “Ahhhh!” cause he was also puking.  And the last thing you need a a guy throwing up hot dogs on you when you are throwing up hot dogs yourself.


After I threw up everything that was inside me,  my lovely roommate and friends carried me into my room and threw me on the bed.  That was it.  I was done, passed out cold, about 10pm, which seemed to be the trend for all of us.  I remember waking up, smelling Rumplemintz on my pillow and knowing that brushing my teeth from there on out was gonna be task.  I was told later what I was mess I was and how much I owe these guys for taking care of me and for cleaning up my puke.  Which was mostly just hot dog chunks.

So if you take only two things from this story be it this –

1 – Don’t mix 100+ proof booze with hot dogs in a short time.

(and my favorite)

2- Be thankful (cause I am) no one had smart phones back then.

Help us out tonight and tweet at us when you eat a hot dog! Every dog counts!



The 5 – The Gates of Entry

Heavens Open Ornate Gates

As a reminder to ourselves that our duty as “Voices of the Fan” for our beloved White Sox is to talk ballpark, baseball, bullshit, etc.  I’ll review, the 5, the Gates of Entry to the ballpark.



5. Gate 4 – As MySoxSummer would say, this is where the “fancy people” enter the ballpark.  I’ve personally only entered through this gate once and they looked at me like a bailiff eye-ball fucking a parolee. It’s not a race thing, Chorizy-E and I just look like we might be no good. Despite the fact that we have comfortable white collar jobs, you’d never know that by sitting with us at a game.  This gate is also right out in the front of the ball park at the corner of 35th and Shields, so you have tons of people meandering around, so navigating this gate is actually much tougher than it would seem.  Most of the meanderers look like they could use a shower, or at least some Axe body spray and that’s just the ladies.  Regardless, since we aren’t really ever allowed into this gate, it rates last.  I suppose if the White Sox ever extended the Olive Basket and invited me to some games where this was the best gate for me to use, it might move up the rankings.  You might even see a little “BeefLoaf Was Here” carved into faux stone wall right there near the entrance.  But alas, no such gesture has been made, so it will sit comfortably here at numero (that’s “number” for you non-romance language speakers) five.





4. Gate 1 – This is actually a good gate, but it’s rarely ever open to the ordinary patron.  I believe they allow the patio party folks into the ballpark via this entrance.    This gate actually most reminds me of going to jury duty, because each courthouse has a gate that sort of looks like this.  We 108’ers occassionally enter this way on weekends when there is an overflow crowd, it’s actually a very non-descript entrance, but the cement stairs lead you right up into the concourse in right center field, which is hella close to the 108 and is actually very convenient for us.  If this gate were open all the time, it would be our go to, it is pretty well concealed.  One issue with this gate is they only have 2 lines, so if you get a MySoxSummer or a WallyMoney$$$ ahead of you in line it could be awhile before they search through their massive sacks of goodies and actually get to you and allow you into the ballpark to enjoy an ice cold Modelo.



3. Gate 2 – The 108’ers as a group have probably entered through Gate 2 more than any other gate, due to the old Slumpbuster / NiceShotNurse parking lot tailgates of yesteryear.  Back in those days we’d have our late entry, but we’d just stroll directly into the park via Gate 2, because everyone would be in the ballpark by then.  In recent years Gate 2 has become the most cocked up gate there is.  As the level of White Sox operations staff has decreased in its efficiency, Gate 2 has been the worse recepient.  They must put the folks at this Gate that are the most junior or possibly just the ones that give the least of a fuck.  Regardless, Gate 2 should have lots of promise as an entry gate, but it doesn’t.  You’d think that the Gate that spits the 108’ers out RIGHT.  AT.  OUR.  SEATS.  would rate higher, but it just doesn’t.  It’s still the “Nuts” (sorry, this is poker parlance for “the Best” aka an “unbeatable hand”) as a gate to leave the ballpark for the 108’ers as the folks manning the exits always have a smile and say nice things and even ignore our obvious and reckless levels of intoxication.  In fact on Sundays, you can see yours truly, the BeefLoaf and the lovely Bonita Steakie “racing” down the ramp to the Gate 2 exit, where the ‘Loaf summarily loses and needs to hit his inhaler before strolling back to Casa de BeefLoaf to prepare for the #SundaySoak.



2. Gate 5 – This gate is solid, the folks here even helped Chorizy-E and BeefLoaf locate XL throwback jerseys for one of the more iconic 108 photos.  C0xhOnmUcAAm3sAThere are also a lot of lines to get in through gate 5 so you can usually move fairly expeditiously.  I won’t get into some of the “tricks” that some folks are able to pull at Gate 5 because of the high level of lines / entrances.  We’ll save that for a later post by folks that actually do those sorts of things.  This is also a gate where you might run into a slightly intoxicated (read HIGHLY INTOXICATED) @cmmarysz or @dirrty862 as you enter the ballpark and chat for a bit on your way in, either about White Sox stuff or not.  This entrances does offer that level of serendipity as you have lots of folks who were recently tailgating jumping in line and possibly realizing they forgot their tickets back in the car.  This gate also has the option to use the escalator or ramp (the 108’ers primarily escalate).  Also, if you use this as an exit gate, you can most definitely hit ChiSox Bar and Grill (although the grill part will be closed 8 seconds into your stay because half priced appetizers are a good advertising tool, but not necessarily something the proprietar wants to dish out in vast numbers).  The downside of this gate is that it is a LONG fuggin’ walk inside the park to get to the 108.  No offense against the reader here, as most of the folks that read our posts are courteous fans who get through the concourse quickly or who get in line expeditiously, but navigating the concourse between where Gate 5 spits us out and the 108 seems to take FOREVER.  Even Chorizy-E (Costanza) who effortlessly weaves in and out of concourse traffic can’t stand entering through this gate on a crowded day because of this issue.  There will be a future post on concourse ettiquette, it has to happen, as most people are so fucking oblivious to other humans that it creates chaos, but for now, let’s just say that people need to STAY WOKE in the concourse.



1. Gate 3 – The winner and still champion (despite a hotly contested final scorecard and Teddy Atlas going berserk post fight) is Gate 3.  Gate 3 has 2 full entrances AND several lines.  It also has a set of lines that “look like” they are going somewhere special, but really don’t, so if you have a neck tattoo, or if you are a pregnant lady tryna chug down that last few swallows of Corona before hitting the gate, don’t fret, Gate 3 is for you also.  Another perk of Gate 3 is that depending on the flow of where people are parking, the southern most side of Gate 3 might be completely fucking empty, while the northern side has a substantial line. It is weird, but does often happen.  This is most likely to occur on a non-Sunday, or some reason, on Sunday’s the lines are fucked up on both sides.  This entrance also has both an escalator and a ramp, so you can choose your mode of transportation up to your destinated level.  The staff at this gate is also the best, they usher you to the shortest line and they get you through the fucking line fast.  I assume that despite being on the West side of the ballpark that this might be the most patroned gate, as the staff here seems to do the best job.  One thing to note, if you are a giveaway hound like our very own MySoxSummer, this might NOT be the best gate for you.  This gate is highly traveled and although you can get in quick, this gate usually is out of giveaways (ie, Chorizy-E and I basically never get to a game early, unless a Yoan Moncada or something is making their debut and we’ve never gotten a giveaway late at this gate, kapish!).  This gate also has the happy medium of being close to the 108’ers seats but minimizing the outside vs. inside walking time.  I should stuff the suggestion box and ask the White Sox to operate all the gates as smoothly as Gate 3, but truth be told, they won’t listen, so hopefully you have listened to the BeefLoaf, so you can get into the ballpark most expeditiously…..


In closing, choose the Gate that serves your needs the best.  If you are looking to randomly see some old (read intoxicated) friends, I suggest Gate 5.  If you are trying to get into the ballpark with the least hassle, try a Gate 3.  If you are in no rush and want to walk the ramps, old school style, take a Gate 2.

I’d love to hear your feedback on Gate entry, tweet at me at @fromthe108!

– BeefLoaf

RIP John Slade

WARNING: This is not a baseball post

Earlier this week, we lost one of the great heroes of my childhood.  The great John Slade.

I remember back in the late 80s when Slade came out of retirement to take down Mr Big.  All of us had been hit by the plague that was Mr Big’s crew.  Nearly everyone I knew had a friend or relative that had succumbed to the temptations of gold or even that electro-plated bull shit that would turn your neck all green.  And some had unfortunately OG’d.  For a short time, John Slade freed us from all of that.

Unfortunately, it was short lived.  Even with Calinga launching a new People’s Revolutionary Army, crime continued to be an issue.  But John Slade never gave up the fight.  In fact, he was leaving the 29th annual Youth Gang Competition when he was gunned down.  While there are a number of suspects: Trump, Hillary, OJ, the most likely is Mr Big’s Nephew who was in town from KC when the shooting occurred.

With the previous deaths of Kung-Fu Joe and Hammer, he is survived by only a few of his crew members Jack Spade and Slammer.  His wife Bell Slade and her big round brown…well, I digress.  Nevertheless she was a good woman.

Bell, Jack, and Slammer will be at his memorial service this Friday.  The eulogy will be done by Fly Guy.  Drinks will be supplied (Whiskey Doubles and Pepsi Doubles).


The One Hitter – Why No XXL?

Last weekend I brought out all my extra White Sox giveaways to sell at our annual block sale.  Sometimes I get extras on purpose, sometimes the fellas just give me what they get.  In any case, as a big guy, I can’t fit into the shirts or the hats all that well.  So those are usually given away to family or I sell them to get ticket money.  But there was a tired refrain this past weekend, “Hey, you got any 2XL?”


I get it, most people fit into the M or XL, seems like the logical choice to giveaway to the fanbase.  But the XL is a big Large most of the time, so even the guys who can squeeze into an XL (looking at you BeefLoaf) get screwed most of the time.  In previous years they had offered a 2XL in the K Zone and in the speciality shirts, but this year they nixed that too.  So what gives White Sox?  Hate the fat guys?  The BBW ladies?  For shame.


It doesn’t stop at shirts either, it even happens with the hats.  I have a huge head, I know, but these hats are made for small kids!  Screw that.  I’d love a free hat now and then, I can’t even fit my massive dome in the winter hat! What the hell!  Hate the fat guys and the big heads, that’s messed up White Sox.


Even sat behind home or in almost every section other that the outfield?  Ever notice that the seats are MUCH SMALLER in the good areas?  Yep, trying to keep the fat guys off camera.  I get it White Sox, you have no problem taking advantage of the fat folk (see 3lbs Ice Cream Helmets, 16″ Mac and Cheese Brisket sandwiches, Helmet Nachos, and the $1 dogs for fatties on a budget (like myself)) but they can’t give us a shirt? Or an extra 3″ in our seat? What gives?


Now they will sell you a big hat or a big shirt, and with the shirt at a markup from the “regular” sizes, but be ready to pay up.  And that’s another thing, wanna know what the price difference between a size 7 and a size 8 fitted hat?  $0.  And that is good materials, not some cotton bullshit.  So why you gotta make a 2XL $5 to $10 more?  Just hate the fat guys, I get it.


Side Note – The 108 sells all our shirts at the same price.  We don’t discriminate against our fellow 2XL lovers. Same with the all inclusive trucker cap that easily fits HUGE DOMES.  Wanna support the cause? Head over to our website and buy what we have left!  We have a great shirt that should be out before C-mas or will be a SoxFest exclusive, have’t decided.  We gave away tons of shirts last year, look for something even better this year! 

I propose that they give away the different sizes at different gates.  Gate 2 should be for 2XL’s, mostly cause it is further away and the fatties could use a walk.  Just sayin’. I can give a fuck about the L and S wearing crowd as the XL and M seem to have it covered, but I get asked about 2XL more than any other size.


So White Sox, how about you stop hating on the big folk that love your baseball team and hook us up with something besides insanely high calorie snacks?  Ya know what I am saying? Right now the seat thing isn’t that big of deal as no one shows up, but when we get good in the next few years, us big guys are fucked.  If we stop going, watch the food and drink sales numbers take a huge dive.  And no one wants that right Jerry? Right.


You have a couple hours still left  to enter our #108freesaturday contest!  Get on the Twitter machine and tweet at us with that hashtag.  We got two free tickets for two fans to eat free food and drink free drinks (pregame Patio Party) for the game on Saturday. Even have free parking for you!  Only rule is that you have to be able to make it on Saturday, this Saturday. It’s all free and will be a great night!  The giveaway is a White Sox soccer jersey! 


2 years ago…..F THE WAVE.

It’s been 2 whole years since this gem of a video made it’s way through FB then the internets.  And guess what?  It still makes people lose their shit.  Have no idea what I am talking about?  For shame.

Watch it now and send it to your friends.  Have them watch it several times. Cause every view helps stop people from doing the wave.  It’s the only way we can save ourselves from this awful thing folks.

This video went viral pretty quickly and if you wanna relive that, read my blog from 2 years ago about the experience.

But this blog isn’t about that.  Something happened that day that hasn’t happened since 2015, we saw the flip phone / burrito crusher guy.  He’s been MIA. We discussed this last weekend as the season is winding down.  I am pretty sure he has been just as excited as us at the progress this team has made.  Or maybe he is crazy pissed that they traded Sale.  Who knows?  We might never know.  And that my friends is sad.

I have so many things to tell this guy, but mostly just ‘Thank You”.  This video really got the blog started in my view.  BeefLoaf went all Mr. Crab when he saw the power of this video.  He’s not a greedy guy, mind you, but rather he’d like us all to just sit in hot tubs, drink Baderbrau beers and get paid like a MF’er. Who wouldn’t?


I had great plans to take a video with the guy while he watched it for the first time, then show him how many people have seen it.  But he still hasn’t shown in the 108 in 2 years.  I would have eaten burritos with him, but he never came back.  You hear all these crazy stories about cats and dogs that get lost and take years to show up, so we can only hope that maybe this rebuild will lure him back to the 108.  I thought the 16″ Brisket Mac & Cheese sandwich would get him out, but nope.  Makes me sad that we haven’t had this $23 monster yet. Maybe we will next week. Only time will tell.


At most games I look like Joe Dirt at the Grand Canyon, my head on swivel looking at every rotund gentleman near our section carrying a bag of food.  I have been hopeful many times, but alas, it hasn’t been our guy.  Maybe I should put up posters, but we know how well that worked out for our buddy Joe Dirt.


So again, I implore you to please watch this video and see if you know this guy.  It would be great to meet him at a game and shoot the breeze and crush massive amounts of food. Something tells me he’d have alot to say and I’d like to hear it and document it here.

So if you know this guy, let me know.  Have him email me at I would love to hear from him.  We used what little budget we have here in the 108 to get a artist rendering of what he might look like these days.  Take a look –



Just a friendly reminder from My Sox Summer…..

The White Sox are still playing baseball! I know, crazy right?  I have been noticing many people have seemed to forget that our beloved team is still actually playing baseball on the south side.  Hell, they are still having promos and everything!  Gave away a Mark Buehrle bobblehead last Saturday, even had them till the 3rd inning! In the 108 we are a late arriving group of gents, but we even got an Irish flat cap on Friday!  Insane. And last night they gave away a Tim Raines Starting Lineup figure to about everyone that came in. Buddy of ours showed up in the 4th and he even got one!  Crazy that Starting Lineups are still a thing, and that they were available that late.


It isn’t just nice giveaways at the game, you are actually getting to see professional baseball players play for a really low price!  The folks who aren’t showing up now will be the same ones complaining that they have been “priced out” in 2020 when we are competing for a playoff spot. And believe you me, I will be calling out all you d-bags for your lack of support from 2017.


The Sox keep bringing up fresh new talent too!  Giolito has pitched some gems, even got tossed Friday night when he was taken out of the game. Even BeefLoaf’s man crush Rymer Liriano has been even spotted in right field.  I know some of yous might find this hard to believe, but watching this team compete is FUN. Hell, Abreu hit for the cycle last night. Maybe it’s fun cause we in the 108 have crushed several Baderbrau beers before we walked to the park, or maybe it’s cause Ricky’s Boys Don’t Quit! Ever!


So shake your ass out to the park during these final games and have a good time!  We’ll be down in the 108 and we always have special guests coming by to drink and bullshit.  Sox will also have out the beloved Twitter vending machine which I am sure will be filled with all the promos from this year.  It’s baseball, it’s fun and not really all that expensive.  Plus it’s cheaper than it will be in a few years, so soak it up fellas and ladies.


In conclusion, yep, the White Sox are still playing baseball.  Yes, it is still exciting.  There are still all the die-hard fans there in the stands cheering for our boys.  Pretty soon we will only have a shitty Bears / Bulls seasons to watch and Cubs in the playoffs (maybe).  The saving grace might be the Blackhawks, we’ll see!  Baseball will be done, and the 108 will only be drunk once or twice a weekend. Come by, say hi!


Pinche Phillies!!


When I was a wee young BeefLoaf I remember watching the Phillies, this was before interleague play and it was back when it was MUCH EASIER to watch the Cubs play, than to watch the WhiteSox play.  Two major deterrents for a poor kid from the inner city (Bridgeport is technically the inner city so gfy) from watching the White Sox.  #1 – The White Sox played a fair amount of road games on the West Coast.  Which meant that you had to stay up REALLY, REALLY late to catch Joe Cowley throw one of the sloppiest no-hitters I can remember in Anaheim.  #2 – Sportsvision…..yea right we could afford that.  Anywho, this brings us to the Phillies, see when you end up watching a fair amount of Cubs games as a kid, you end up ingesting a fair amount of Phillies.  This was the Phillies team that played at the rickety old Vet, this was the Phillies team with Von Hayes, Juan Samuel and the HOFer Mike Schmidt.  This was a damn decent team.  This was also at a time when the Phillie Phanatic was at the height of his powers and the Cosby’s were the family most revered in America.



Fast forward to today, where the Philadelphia Phillies are the only team cockblocking our White Sox from the #1 pick in the 2018 draft.  


The damn Phillies have been ostensibly rebuilding since 2014 and the 2015 trade of Cole Hamels was supposed to kick this thing into high gear………..but here we are in 2017 and the Phillies are still a pile of baby diaper fill.  The Phillies are near the bottom in all major offensive and pitching categories in the NL.  They have a roster filled with supposed to be prospects and some that are still languishing in AAA.  Like, I know JP Crawford hasn’t hit much, but do we really need to see more of Freddy Galvis.  Maikel Franco was supposed to be a big power hitter for this team, but alas he has a .387 SLG this year (for those not into the numbers part of the game, this is atrocious for a power hitter).  At least they have FINALLY brought up Rhys Hoskins (who is hitting a home run basically everyday and it still isn’t helping) and Jorge Alfaro to help them out.  And for as bad as all this sounds, their pitching is worse!!!  I know what you are saying, but BeefLoaf, I don’t give a fuck about who these Phillies are and why they are so bad.  Here’s the point. I look at these Phillies and get mad for two reasons.



1. I don’t want the White Sox to be a BAD team for much more than parts of two seasons (2017 and 2018…..I’d like the ass end of 2018 to be starting to excite as we’ll have a decent chunk of the future pitching staff in Chicago and a few of the young position players as well).  If you are reading this blog, you are WAAAAY into the White Sox and lumbering through these bad seasons is tough sledding, I don’t want you or I to have to trudge through more of that than necessary.  For all the “Ricky’s Boys Don’t Quit” talk, it’s still tough to go into the stretch run shooting for last place.  So, while the White Sox are going to be BAD, I’d like they to capitalize and that means getting the number one overall pick.  Why not be the BEST WORST team while we are at it.  And as fun as the White Sox are sometimes to watch, the season was going to plan, except for the gosh darn Phils.  They are gumming up the works, like a John McClane to a Hans Gruber.


2. I look at the Phils and see how a rebuild could go wrong.  I look at some of their “prospects” and see how they haven’t gotten better or haven’t gotten to the big leagues on the appropriate trajectory.  I see failed free agent signings (Michael Saunders, Jeremy Hellickson, Howie Kendrick, etc).  There are just too many parallels to how this White Sox rebuild could go terribly wrong.  I admit, the White Sox are starting from a much better prospect position than the Phillies were, but still, it is a reminder, that in 2020 the White Sox might NOT be in contention for a division.  It is entirely possible that a couple prospects flop, an injury or two wipes out some others and the 2020 White Sox look like the 2017 Phillies.


“I don’t want that, and you don’t want that, and Ringo over here, DEFINITELY doesn’t want that!” (hopefully we won’t get in trouble over this Pulp Fiction quote)

What to do?? I assume nothing, I’m still going to keep checking scores (Phils lose), and I’ll still keep crushing Modelos in the 108, but I figured since I’m doing all this worrying that maybe you(s) can share in the anxiety.

– BeefLoaf

The One Hitter…..Follow Up on The Dutch Oven

I recently wrote about Derek Holland and the unique position he and the Sox were in.  You can read about it here:

But basically, the Sox were going to owe him an additional million if he got to 150 innings pitched.  I threw out some ideas on what they could do and honestly, I was pretty impressed with what they did.  They kept him as a starter all the way up to the 8/31 roster deadline, so they were obviously trying to move him.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t garner any interest.  But in that time, they also managed to have him pitch in relief 3 times.  They used his bullpen day to have him come in as a reliever.  The results were, well, not good at all.  He pitched to a glorious 27.00 ERA in those appearances.

Now, they probably could have moved him to the bullpen for the rest of the season.  However, they did the right thing and didn’t leave it in the managers hands to avoid that million dollar payday.  Overall, this was a good job by the front office in what wasn’t a great situation.


The One Hitter – Chicago Sports Depot

As you may have noticed the last few days have been rather cool.  Yesterday my daughter and I took advantage of those temps and ventured down to the Chicago Sports Depot. I had noticed that they had a tent set up last homestand and I wanted to take advantage of their killer clearance prices.  If you are not familiar with the Depot, it is attached to the park and offer a bunch of very expensive Sox gear.  So expensive that in 2012 they advertised lower prices trying to get people to come in and look around.  Still isn’t working, but their clearance prices are bomb.  I have bought several things from them, usually at SoxFest when they offer half off their clearance prices, great deals for jerseys.  Well, if you don’t mind wearing an ex player.

Thursday I picked up a nice fitted hat for $10, hell of a score.  But while I was looking for more stuff something caught my eye.  Take a look –


One of the things is not like the other (shout out to my boys on Sesame Street) guess which ones?  Now I am all for capitalizing on recent successes by a player.  Or even a new player.  So no big deal that they made these Delmonico and Giolito shirseys, but why so cheaply?  At least make them look like the others.  I walked over to see how much these official knockoffs were and was floored when I saw they were charging $29.99, same as the others.  That’s wrong on so many levels.


I know it’s been a hard row to hoe for the Sports Depot.  Last season they sold all of their Southpaw “Bobblehead of the Month” bobbles for $10 each.  They were originally $79.99, then $35, and finally $10 and they had cases of them left.  At SoxFest this year one of the managers told me (after I told him that I really appreciated the low prices) that it was “great to run a non-profit business”.  I felt bad, but seeing this doesn’t make me feel better.  Maybe they need to sell reasonably priced merch?  Fitted hats there run you $40 to $50.  A hat! I used to buy tons, but now I wait it out, buy them on clearance for $10.


I know they are trying to capitalize on a captive market that Jerry has created with his parking lots, but we got the internet on our phones now buddy!  We can order that hat and get it shipped for lower than your offering price.  So maybe you go for volume over big sales?  Just a thought.


I am sure someone smarter than me has run the numbers and they might make more money with the initial sales being so high rather than a slow burn with a midlevel price. That is usually the first mistake I make, trusting people are qualified to be in the position they are in. It has been rather eye opening in recent years, as I have been downright disappointed with some people that I have met out there in the world that have gotten to levels in life and have no idea what they are doing.


So if you are in a pinch and need a Sox hat or jersey and have extra money to spend, hit up the Sports Depot.  They are very nice and very helpful.  I have given them a bunch of money, but usually when they mark the merch way down.  Maybe it is time to reform the business plan, maybe it is working for them.  If you wanna chat, email me at for the cheap fan perspective.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend fam! Hope to see you at the park this week!


Mike North

Earlier this week, Chicago’s very own Mike North, one of the original 670 the Score (although they weren’t on that frequency when it started) personalities announced his retirement from sports talk radio.  Although I think the prime of his career is long past, it felt nostalgic to think about North no longer offering his brand of “tawk” to the Chicago sports media landscape.  While I don’t consider him the funniest of the original Score folks, that honor goes to Terry Boers, (also recently retired) and I don’t consider him the best of the original Score folks, that would go to Dan McNeil, I do consider him the most original.  For those new to his story, you can read it, here, here and here.
North wasn’t like the others, he wasn’t a journalist, he didn’t go to broadcasting school.  North’s style was of a quick-witted street kid who keeps the conversation and the laughs moving at a pace that often tongue tied the most learned scribes.  That’s why he was unique.  He WAS the everyman, but he was out there talking on the radio.  I don’t mean to be too grandiose with this proclamation, but North was the forefather of what we have today, where EVERYONE gets a voice and EVERYONE can put out videos (they don’t have to be in a hot tub) and articles and tweets and get their thoughts out there to the other people that are interested in such things.  This is not to say that I agreed with everything or even a majority of the things he said.  I often thought some of North’s takes were a little ridiculous, but thats not why you kept listening.  You kept listening because it was honest and he entertained you even when you didn’t agree.
North’s influence on this 108er is two fold…….
Honesty – North’s brand of sports talk is often explained as “shooting from the hip“.  I always just considered his brand of “tawk” as Honest.  You could tell he was out frequenting the establishments he was referencing in a story in his show.  You knew he ACTUALLY had conversations with folks he claimed.  It was real.  This is 100% the way we do this blog.  Whether it is doing a Sunday Soak video or writing a blog post or tweeting from the ballpark…..whether we are making a thoughtful point or making up some crazy thought experiment or joking around……the 108ers are giving you an honest take of what we are out there living every day.  During the Sunday Soak, we aren’t faking a weekend full of boozing that culminates in our drunken thoughts in a hot tub.  That is what actually happens.  We are pretty much drinking booze off camera until we hit the air.  When we write an article, there is usually some sort of actual event that spurs it, or some crazy thought related to conversations we’ve had together that brings the things to life.  None of us went to school to write.  We are just fans who happen to do that when we have something to talk about.
Interaction with Other Fans – The old way the Score used to be, back when North was a main part of it, was to have fans, like you and me, call in and have a conversation about sports.  This is the way 99% of us like to enjoy sports.  This is why Twitter is so popular with regards to sports.  I can speak 100% for Chorizy-E and MySoxSummer, the most fun for us in all of this is meeting all of you who we interact with on twitter and who read our posts.  Of course it was fun to run a “mustache promotion” with Tyler Saladino or to have Todd Frazier wear the “jersey demolition shirt” or to catch Yolmer Sanchez home run ball, but that’s not why we do this.  Nothing was more fun than the week we just had where we met a bunch of you throughout the week, culminated with meeting folks at the Friday Baderbrau/108 tailgate as well as at Star Wars night on Saturday.  We love meeting other White Sox fans and talking White Sox baseball (and obviously “other bullshit as well”).  This was something that North always got right.  It was always interacting with the fans.  It is why people still call the Score looking for him even though it has been a decade since he hosted a show there.
So Mike, I know you don’t drink anymore, but let me raise a glass to you anyhow (it happens to be wine tonight).  Cheers to a great career and to influencing a generation of fans that want to get their “voice” out there to the people.
– BeefLoaf