RIP John Slade

WARNING: This is not a baseball post

Earlier this week, we lost one of the great heroes of my childhood.  The great John Slade.

I remember back in the late 80s when Slade came out of retirement to take down Mr Big.  All of us had been hit by the plague that was Mr Big’s crew.  Nearly everyone I knew had a friend or relative that had succumbed to the temptations of gold or even that electro-plated bull shit that would turn your neck all green.  And some had unfortunately OG’d.  For a short time, John Slade freed us from all of that.

Unfortunately, it was short lived.  Even with Calinga launching a new People’s Revolutionary Army, crime continued to be an issue.  But John Slade never gave up the fight.  In fact, he was leaving the 29th annual Youth Gang Competition when he was gunned down.  While there are a number of suspects: Trump, Hillary, OJ, the most likely is Mr Big’s Nephew who was in town from KC when the shooting occurred.

With the previous deaths of Kung-Fu Joe and Hammer, he is survived by only a few of his crew members Jack Spade and Slammer.  His wife Bell Slade and her big round brown…well, I digress.  Nevertheless she was a good woman.

Bell, Jack, and Slammer will be at his memorial service this Friday.  The eulogy will be done by Fly Guy.  Drinks will be supplied (Whiskey Doubles and Pepsi Doubles).


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