Current Events with Chorizy-E – Chief Wahoo

If you’re anything like me, you probably saw something pop into your Twitter feed that said that Cleveland was getting rid of Chief Wahoo.  And you probably also thought, man, it’s about time.  After that you probably didn’t give it a second thought.  But one thing caught my attention: this doesn’t take effect until after this season.  That seems strange, since they’re acknowledging that it is offensive, but keeping it for a while.  So then I started reading some more articles around this and noticed some other strange things about it.

Why keep it for a year?

This might be my favorite load of bull shit of all time:

The decision to wait until 2019 was meant to give fans and the team time to transition, according to a source familiar with the change.

I can’t imagine someone saying this with a straight face.  Why would this take a year to transition FOR THE FANS?!  Even the team has little ground to stand on here, since they already have a different logo that they’ve been using.  Back in the day when I worked road crew, I had this ridiculous shirt that read “Eat Shit You Fucking Redneck” on the back of it.  When I changed jobs and started working in an office, it didn’t take me a fucking year to realize I shouldn’t wear that to work!  I just knew, without anyone telling me, without me defending the rich history of the shirt as being both a quote from The Last Boy Scout and a sample from a Pigface song; no, i just knew I shouldn’t wear it because of common sense.  Next up?

Just on-field

This is not truly the end of Chief Wahoo, they are just not going to wear anything with it while they’re on the field.  MLB and the team will continue to sell apparel with the racist logo, because of course, the fans deserve to relish their storied history (or they want to keep making money off of it.  But they’ll stop that after 2019.  Oh wait, they’ll still sell it in select shops after that, just so they don’t lose the trademark to that offensive racist logo, because you want to have as many offensive racist logos trademarked as possible.  All of this makes me nuts.  It’s like your wife catching you banging the babysitter in your bed and your response is to continue to bang the babysitter, just at a new location that isn’t your house.  You’re still doing the shit you’re not supposed to, you goddamn idiots!

People’s responses

Some people don’t think it’s racist.  This is mind boggling. me and Beefloaf have been talking about how fucked up that logo is for years.  Somehow, people don’t see it.  So here’s a visual helper for you:

And then, the very unfortunate happened.  Someone from within the White Sox system, Casey Schroeder, went and tweeted out some ignorant garbage:

The worst part of this is that I decided to look at his Twitter feed.  It’s absolutely amazing that someone who has the dream of playing on a team with Jose Abreu, would be high fiving James Woods on his stance on immigration.  How are these dots not connecting?

But hey, maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe Chief Wahoo isn’t offensive.  Maybe the 642 times in this post that I swore is more offensive.  Let me know.


The One-Hitter…Eloy Jimenez will be EVEN BETTER than we think!

This is BeefLoaf and I bring you the One-Hitter, don’t forget to exhale.
I’ll admit, I’m probably low man on Eloy Jimenez. Yes, I have seen all of the outrageous videos of him crushing the ball…….yes, I do realize that his numbers are eye popping at all levels…….yes, I see his bubbly personality and can only dream of his commercial appeal to a fan base that is starved for a charismatic young star.  Regardless, it is usually so, so difficult to believe the hype on any young star.  We have seen this movie before and there are lots of examples of where it just doesn’t quite get there for you.  I was viewing Eloy as a Jermaine Dye type player, probably less athletic, but something in that vein.  He’s going to be better…here’s why…..
We have empirical evidence…….the top 100 lists.  You are probably saying, YO ‘LOAF, so what?  Wtf does that have to do with anything?  Well, if you watch enough of these prospect folks or listen to their podcasts or read their articles / blog posts / twitter posts, you’ll know one thing is always true…..their favorite obsessions are A) Toolsy, UP THE MIDDLE, talents that dazzle with their athleticism and  provide value defensively as much as offensively and B) Starting Pitchers with gigantic eye popping fastballs, paired up with an off speed offering that rivals Doc Gooden (before the excessive cocaine abuse).  Eloy is NEITHER, he’s SLOOOOOW, he’s an average at best defender (and I mostly read that as being a bad defender, but since the offensive side is good, they’ll credit him with a high baseball IQ, ie average defender), he’s supposed to have a decent arm, but fucking Micker Adolfo has a BETTER arm than him…..still he finds himself in the top 7 of every one of these lists…….WHAT.  THAT.  MEAN?………………he can flat out HIT!  He’s the next Sox slugger that we all adore.  The one that you bring your kids to the ballpark to see smash HR’s, like Harold Baines, Frank Thomas and Paul Konerko before him, he’s THAT GUY…..FOR THIS TEAM.
– BeefLoaf

SoxFest 2018 – Survival Guide

This Friday, SoxFest 2018 opens up down at the Hilton Chicago.  Headed to SoxFest this weekend?  First time? Here is basically how Soxfest works……

Shockingly it’s a lot like communist Russia.  You get in line to get a wristband to get an autograph.  For good players (think Jose Abreu, Yoan Moncada, Frank Thomas) you will need to get in line hours before they sign to get a wristband.  While you are wearing that wristband, you CANNOT get any other autographs, so it is very important to plan ahead on who you wanna get on certain days. Also like communist Russia, if you have more money, you are treated way better.  Don’t hate on the folks who have MVP passes, they paid for them.  Here are some hints to help you along the way!



I cannot stress this enough.  Not being there early hurts most people for their first SoxFest.  So take the day off on Friday and drive down early.  My first SoxFest I spent 4 hours in line to get Paul Konerko.  2 hours to get the band, then 2 hours to get his autograph.  There was no way around that as everyone there was getting Pauly.  But that knocked him off my list so I could focus on more guys the rest of the weekend. Best part of SoxFest is you are with all Sox fans so the chatter is awesome.  But once that line starts moving focus on the goal!



Once the Sox release who is signing where and when, make a plan on who you are get on those days. Have a option 2 too, because you will miss on one or two.  Just how it happens.  So have a fallback ready to go when it happens so you aren’t looking all dumb and shit.  



I am a sweaty guy as it is, and I am sweating as soon as I walk into SoxFest.  Usually, it is -20 outside but looks like it will be warmer this weekend.  All my life I have never been the “wear the shorts in winter” fat guy, but I might break out the short pants this weekend for the hotel.  Do not wear a sweatshirt if you get warm, trust me, you’ll be a smelly mess 2 hours into the day.  No one needs to experience that. 



2 years ago, our brand ambassador #WallyMoney got hella drunk on Saturday night.  Like as drunk as I got on #108DH Saturday, including sleeping on the floor, maybe puking. Being hungover at SoxFest isn’t fun.  Lotta standing. Lotta waiting.  I know us at the 108 are not helping the cause by having a totally kick ass party at Baderbräu on Friday night, but you should come and have a few and go back to the hotel.



I know, it sounds silly, but when you are reeling after getting Tim Anderson to sign your ball, sometimes the silliest things get forgotten.  Like eating or drinking a water.  I am always flush with granola bars and waters cause I get hungry like a mofo.  So make sure you eat all that Beggar’s Pizza or Vienna Beef Hot Dogs.  You can leave the hotel to eat too, and Chicago has some great places to eat.  Hell, you could even take a Lyft to Baderbräu and chomp down on a Mac and Cheese waffle (a 108 fave).  You can even add bacon for $2 extra to make it the best damn waffle you have ever eaten.  I mean just look..



Every year you will watch people get all pissed at the littlest things (or major things) that normally they wouldn’t think twice about.  People will tell you about how it was so much better years ago at the Palmer House or vice-versa how much it used to suck at Palmer House. Honestly SoxFest is what you make it.  If you don’t care much for the autographs, chill in the seminar room and listen to these great athletes talk about the game.  Want the autographs?  Just make yourself available and have your stuff ready to be signed.  I have got just as many autographs not waiting in line as I have waiting.  So keep that head on a swivel and go get your ‘graphs boys!

So I hope to see you guys this weekend! I will be the big ogre looking guy with unkempt hair tucked into a trucker cap that has seen better days.  Last year we gave away a shitload of 108 shirts (I think 25) so anyone that I see wearing a 108 shirt will be getting a special gift from our friends at Baderbräu. We’ll be sporting new shirts on Friday night so keep an eye out.


Have any ?’s that I didn’t answer? Tweet them at us at @fromthe108 or @mysoxsummer. 



White Sox Future Payrolls or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rebuild

Yo!  It’s the ‘Loaf…..let’s talk about America’s favorite commodity…outside of BitCoin…..Money!  More specifically the White Sox Future Payrolls and why I now sleep like a baby thinking about the financial part of the next competitive window.
There is a sect of White Sox twitter (which did include yours truly) that isn’t sure our favorite team will spend enough money during the next competitive window (tenatively starting in 2020) to, you know, COMPETE!  We have recent evidence of this, where the White Sox always seemed hamstrung to be just short of signing, Dexter Fowler, or whoever would’ve been the reasonable final piece to a contender in the Chris Sale era.  I had been saddened to see the money spent by both the Cubs and Astros, the two most recent World Series champions, who went the REbuild (with a capital “RE”) route and were successful in winning a title.  They signed free agents, BIG and small and were also able to add payroll at the trading deadline to beef up their eventual championship teams.  I was miserable thinking about the likelihood that our White Sox spend $175M in a year on payroll………then, much like Sean in Good Will Hunting, I relaxed and fell into a deep coma like sleep.
WHY???  When all my brethren are out there fighting the good fight about the White Sox payroll never being able to compete with the big boys and my brethren basically being right.
The White Sox only have 1 divisional opponent that has been willing to spend like a drunken sailor and that team is the Detroit Tigers.  That era may be over in Detroit (RIPInPeace the Pizza Money) as they chose to bag it last year and tear the thing down.  We could be down to 0 teams in the division that will outspend our White Sox, even if that payroll is only of a mid-market team.  Effectively, spending is relative to your direct challengers for playoff positions.
The White Sox also aren’t trying to build a juggernaut like the current Astros (that’s a crazy good team!!!), but are trying to build for “sustained success”.  What does that mean?  That means shooting for being the St. Louis Cardinals or being the Tampa Rays with twice the payroll.  They have already shifted a great deal of focus internally on player development.   I envision a team that bounces between 83-96 wins for about a decade.  When “the deck runs them over” (which is poker parlance for GOOD LUCK), they’ll stroke some high 90’s win season, when they “run bad” you are looking at the 1984 White Sox.  You get the picture.  In the two wild card team era (small sample size, I know, gfy), the average playoff team wins 93 games.  The average division winner wins 95 games and the average wild card entrant wins 90 games.  Those are your targets and I think this next era of White Sox baseball will be more aggressive in trading off talent that is no longer going to be cheap.  When they are having their BAD seasons, you’ll see guys at the end of their controlled period being shipped off for younger pieces that can continue to fit in down the line.
I PREDICT (You gotta say it like you mean it!), using the strategy I outline above, that the White Sox score 4 playoff births in the next decade starting with the 2020 season.  That sounds fine to me.
– BeefLoaf

Party with the 108

If you’ve been reading along, you probably know that we like to have a drink or two or twelve.  You might also know that Baderbräu is our favorite spot to do just that.  So, in honor of the start of Soxfest, we’re gonna have a nice little get together over there.  Since we don’t like to drink alone, we want you to join us.  And we’ll also be joined by the guys from as well as some other folks from White Sox blogs around the city.  No press passes required, so they’ll all be allowed in!

So here are the details:

When is this happening?

Friday January 26th at 8pm we shall all drink beers at Baderbräu.

Where is Baderbrau? 

Well, let me google that for ya:  Baderbräu Tap & Kitchen 2515 S Wabash

Here’s a map from Soxfest to Baderbräu:

Do I get some type of deal just for showing up?

Of course you do, just print this out and bring it in for 15% off your entire bill!  This coupon is good all Soxfest weekend, so feel free to print ’em out for Saturday and Sunday too.  The 15 is in honor of forgetting that Wilson Betemit ever wore that number.  But seriously, check out the people that wore that number.  Some great Sox and some very forgettable ones: White Sox Numbers

I’m gonna have 100 beers, should I drive?

Absolutely not, but don’t fret we got you covered there too.  If you haven’t used Lyft before, sign up now and use promo code: FROMTHE108 and you’ll get $5 off your first ride.  Then, before you leave Baderbräu, get a Five Star Beer and use the code on the can to get up to 60% off your Lyft ride home.  So now feel free to drink like Mo Vaughn and still get home safe.

What should I wear?

Obviously, rock your finest 108 gear.  If you don’t have that, maybe just your favorite Sox gear.  Yeah, that’s acceptable.

See you on the 26th!


The War on WAR….

Happy New Year friends, its your pal BeefLoaf and while we were goofing off (actually, I was laying around getting better from the flu) between Xmas and NYE, some folks were having quite the time slinging mud at each other over a calculation, a fairly new calculation to the baseball lexicon.  That calculation is called Wins Above Replacement or WAR for short.  You may or may not be sitting around asking, BeefLoaf…..what is this WAR, and why should I give a fuck? The fine folks at Fangraphs have an entire article to define it.
If you didn’t read that whole thing (and I couldn’t blame you if you didn’t), basically WAR is short hand to measure a baseball players value in a single number.  That sounds pretty good right?  Well, there are some problems……..
Well, it would seem to be pretty tough to use a single measure to value anything, right?  It is, in fact, Baseball Reference, Baseball Prospect and Fangraphs (which are all terrific websites) all have versions of WAR….and they are ALL FUCKING DIFFERENT!!!!  The fine folks at Baseball Reference lay it out there for you, if you care to read the differences.
Oh…now onto the controversy… Bruce Jenkins, from the San Francisco Chronicle and the possessor of one baseball Hall of Fame vote tweeted this…..
Bruce Jenkins
When I saw it, I was still pretty tired from the flu kicking my ass, but  I was pretty sure it would start a shit storm……..I was right, but it is twitter, so not like it was shocking.  Pocket protectors were flying everywhere and twitter was a mess with people deriding Jenkins.  I’m probably the most number centric 108er, fuck, my career is in Accounting / Finance, so I sorta have to be.  I’m the kinda guy that makes a spreadsheet to measure the values of baseball players across the fantasy baseball leagues I am going to draft.  Chorizy-E and I have had our primary side-business (side hustle) in “Applied Mathematics” for years.  So I am not a stranger to using numbers and I use WAR to describe a players season on the regular basis.  I think it is terrific shorthand.  I also think Bruce Jenkins is totally justified in his position.
YES, Bruce Jenkins is totally justified in his position…..Chorizy-E has often compared WAR to GPA (that’s Grade Point Average for those of you that can scarcely remember being in school), its a good approximation but it’s imperfect (as noted above by three different entities that calculate WAR three different ways, sometimes getting VERY DIFFERENT numbers).  That’s fine, we don’t need it to be perfect to compare player X to player Y, when we are hanging out at the ballpark or hanging in the bar comparing players.  It reminds me a bit of how people love OPS.  OPS isn’t a real metric, it is two metrics smashed together, On-Base Percentage + Slugging Percentage.  I don’t mind using it as short hand (same as WAR), but it’s also highly imperfect.  That’s the benign side of the argument……BUT, what if some component or multiple components of those that make up WAR are wrong, or we value said components in correctly.  I know everyone who has stayed with this post this long is probably thinking about defensive value as that seems to be the most erratic current measurement in the modern baseball statistics world, but what if it is something we think know…..yea, that could create some problems.  So I don’t have a problem with Bruce Jenkins saying he doesn’t reference WAR when putting together a HOF ballot.  Personally, I would at least give WAR (or is it WARS, since there are several of them?) a cursory glance in the process were I, yours truly, the BeefLoaf given a HOF vote, but truth be told, Idgaf about the HOF, I just like a good contrarian argument.
– BeefLoaf

Section 108 Makes Bold Predictions

The hot stove is less cold but outside is still cold, so what better time for some outlandish predictions from your friends in Sec 108.  Now to be clear, we have zero inside information.  This is just us looking at the current landscape and guessing what will happen.  So let’s get to it!

Chorizy-E Predicts: Eric Hosmer will go to the Rockies

If you look around the league at competitive teams that need a first basemen, the Rockies are an obvious one.  If you look at their current depth chart on, they have Ian Desmond at 1b, but they also have him in LF like he’s goddamn Bugs Bunny playing every position on the field!  I can’t really imagine his numbers getting worse in Colorado and he’ll fill that 1b spot that hasn’t been stable since Justin Morneau pulled a ridiculous 2014 out of his hat.  So why not add Hosmer to the 1b legacy that includes Morneau, Helton, and favorite of 108 trivia Andres Galaragga.

MySoxSummer Predicts: Rev Anti-Hero is gonna try to corner the market like Randolph and Mortimer Duke

Last year we went through the end of Lite and the introduction of Modelo.  Bud and Bud Light suck my balls so they don’t even count.  We indulged in far too many Modelos but we have a very soft spot for good, local, craft beer.  Our pre-games are always Baderbrau, but alas we are too lazy to make it up and down to the Craft Kave to get Baderbrau at the game (plus a $9 12oz can just doesn’t cut it). So unless the boys at Baderbrau make a 19 oz or 24 oz IPL we don’t really have a bunch of options. One solid choice is the 19oz All Day IPA, which we hit alot at the end of last year.  It’s delish.  But just recently, the good folks at Revolution Brewing introduced this –


#19.2oz #gamechanger.  Now, I know that this is a pipe dream, but this is a solid choice in the seats for at least 3/5ths of the 108’ers.  And @biguns likes Budweiser, Chorizy will drink half of whatever you put in front of him, so this would be a GREAT option to have.   But will it be priced right?  I doubt it, but that isn’t on Rev it’s on the Sox.  Years past they did a 24oz DRAFT Anti-Hero for $12 which was by far and away the best deal in the park.  But that vanished last year (#boo) and was replaced with a 16oz for $11(?) draft that really didn’t seem right after the 50¢ per ounce deal we used to get.

With this 19.2 oz introduction Rev is poised to take a strong hold on the in-the-seat craft beer market.  I would love to see a $9.75 price point (my liver wouldn’t) but I would go up to $10.25.

Beefloaf Predicts:  Yu Darvish signs with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Los Angeles of California

The Angels have yet to be linked to Darvish in any meaningful way, but wouldn’t it be fucking awesome if Darvish followed Othani and went to the Angels.  This would be a sick move to pull immediately after the Astros went and got Gerrit Cole in a deal from the Pirates.  This would have them keeping pace (not really) with their current antagonist.  This would also allow Darvish to keep up his snarky persona on the Twitter machine about who, what and where he be going.  I should tweet this at him right now and have him roundly refute me so that I can be embarrassed on the Twitterverse.  He’d probably post some emoji laiden tweet that the folks at MLB Network would fawn over and inadvertently promote the 108 brand.  Although, I don’t think the rest of MLB is ready for Baseball and Bullshit, and Baseball and Bullshit.

Chorizy-E Predicts: Josh Donaldson to the White Sox

I know this sounds nuts and I know we’d have to give up some prospects, but hear me out.  I think the Blue Jays are going to start shedding their big contracts.  Why?  Because the NYY and Red Sox are both poised to make World Series runs and the Jays have a bunch of guys coming to the end of their contracts.  Not to mention, they were not brought in by the current GM.  So I expect Russel Martin and Troy Tulowitzki to get moved as well.  That would be a total of $63 million off the books this year and $121 million in total.  From the Sox side, they’d have to give up a prospect or two, but I don’t think it’s be a top 10 guy from their system since they’d be taking on $23 million.  Maybe a Ryan Cordell or Jordan Stephens as the top prospect in the trade.  But the only way that this goes down is if the Sox can extend him for 3 years after.  I think they can since Donaldson has to be a bit worried about what his 33, 34, and 35 years are worth in the current climate.  Also, the Sox could go over $50 million for those years without losing a pick, since it is an extension.

MySoxSummer Predicts:  Special Giveaway Bobble

This will be a great year for bobbleheads.  According to a rep, there will be 4 regular releases this year. My guesses – Moncada. Anderson. Giolito. Those 3 for sure.  Maybe a Lopez. I highly doubt they will release any “on-the-farm” guys at the MLB level, but look for some good ones this year from the Barons.  There might be several Southpaw releases, or a generic Star Wars, oh wait that was LAST YEAR.  I expect them to up their game this year and offer some great bobbles that most people will ignore.  Will they do a 90’s hero bobblehead?  A solid maybe.  In my head, I have no idea who they could possibly add from years previous, but maybe AJ?  Maybe Contreas?  I don’t like either of those ideas, but they did get added to the staff this offseason.

I think they should focus on the new talent and get these kids excited for whats to come.  We have 73,000 Abreu’s so give it a rest.  Last year my good friend Bobbles Jim and I submitted a list of some promos we’d like to see and they used a couple of them.  No shit.  Tyler Saladino ‘stache shirt?  Thank the 108 (and OG Bobbles Jim) for that idea.  Dollar Hot Dog Day?  Thank us too.

But my special giveaway prediction is is gonna be 1 of 2 bobbles.  I would love to see a Jack Parkman bobblehead for a 90’s night theme (special ticket, just to piss off P&P’s James Duda) or a Charity Bobble Release of Chance The Rapper.  Money goes to Sox Charities and CPS.  Chance loves his town, used to rep / love the Sox, so I don’t see why this can’t happen.

Our inside guy is a reader, so there you have it.  Start the discussion my man.

Beefloaf Predicts:  The White Sox become the first team to offer VR aka Virtual Reality!!!

That’s right, the WhiteSox will provide headsets to a small number of fans who win the right to via the Social Media Lounge Twitter machine.  This is a “Choose Your Own Ending” adventure.  Do you ever get perturbed, pissed off, flabbergasted by a move that Ricky Renteria makes in game?  Maybe you don’t like that he bunted with his #4 and #5 hitters back to back with the Sox down 4 in the 7th.  Maybe you don’t like that he didn’t pinch hit for Omar Narvaez against a tough lefty, or possibly that he brought Chris Beck in to pitch.  Well guess what, you can CHANGE his decision, and effectively Choose Your Own Ending and the White Sox VR machine will play out the rest of the game based on your amended managerial decision.  A couple of notes, YES, you can bring in former players in lieu of current players, meaning A.J. Pierzynski can come into the game and he might get punched by the opposing catcher.  Also, you can involve certain superfans (ehhem) in the VR to see their reaction to your move and the subsequent results.

Chorizy-E Predicts: Joakim Soria will use a new old song as Sox closer and it will be awesome

When I thought about the Mexicutioner coming to Chicago, I immediately thought that even if he’s not great now, he’ll still be our closer.  And one thing about closers that I love is the songs they come into.   It’s something that gets them pumped up and of course gets the crowd pumped up.  So i checked out, what is Joakim’s go-to song?  I went to Royals Players Music and what did I find: U2 – Vertigo.  The disappointment was tremendous.  But then I found this:  I predict Joakim brings back the GNFNR and the 108 will be up for grabs every time it plays.

Happy 60th Birthday Ron Kittle!

Happy 60th Birthday Ron Kittle!!! Born January 5, 1958, for those scoring at home, Ron was the 1983 AL ROY and the only representative for the Pale Hose in the mid-summer classic that season.  He also wore this bitchin’ set of frames!!!
Kittle’s additional claims to fame are that he is from the “REGION” (NWI checking on in) and he also has the record for the most “roof shots” (no this is not some sort of euphemism, I don’t think, it means he actually hit home runs on the roof) at the old ballpark, 7.
Kittle is a fixture in the White Sox family both at the ballpark and at events.  Also, Kittle has an excellent twitter account @nakedbiker that everyone should follow.  He spent some time in the past taking pictures of his bobblehead all around Europe.  He’s even made an appearance in the 108 to chat up the fans and spin a yarn or two (Psss, Ron, can you make good on your promise to make Adam Engel a major league hitter??  kthxbai!).
But none of this moves the needle in the 108 as much as his 1982 season at Edmonton…….where his slash line was .345/.442/.752, this included 121 runs scored, a whopping 50 HR and 144 RBI.  It is one of the all-time great minor league seasons on record and is always mentioned in the 108 when some “top prospect” is killing it (it was particularly helpful when Cubs fans tried to bring up Kris Bryant‘s great minor league season of 2014, which isn’t even in the fucking team picture with Kittle’s 1982 Edmonton season).
Can you imagine the balls it took  for Roland Hemond to keep trotting Steve Kemp out to LF at Comiskey Park instead of promoting Mr. Kittle.  It is one of the modern mysteries of major league baseball.

So, to Mr. @nakedbiker, we hope you enjoy your day, sit back, relax and strap it down (and based on his twitter, he is likely to enjoy a cigar and a drink).

– BeefLoaf