SoxFest 2018 – Survival Guide

This Friday, SoxFest 2018 opens up down at the Hilton Chicago.  Headed to SoxFest this weekend?  First time? Here is basically how Soxfest works……

Shockingly it’s a lot like communist Russia.  You get in line to get a wristband to get an autograph.  For good players (think Jose Abreu, Yoan Moncada, Frank Thomas) you will need to get in line hours before they sign to get a wristband.  While you are wearing that wristband, you CANNOT get any other autographs, so it is very important to plan ahead on who you wanna get on certain days. Also like communist Russia, if you have more money, you are treated way better.  Don’t hate on the folks who have MVP passes, they paid for them.  Here are some hints to help you along the way!



I cannot stress this enough.  Not being there early hurts most people for their first SoxFest.  So take the day off on Friday and drive down early.  My first SoxFest I spent 4 hours in line to get Paul Konerko.  2 hours to get the band, then 2 hours to get his autograph.  There was no way around that as everyone there was getting Pauly.  But that knocked him off my list so I could focus on more guys the rest of the weekend. Best part of SoxFest is you are with all Sox fans so the chatter is awesome.  But once that line starts moving focus on the goal!



Once the Sox release who is signing where and when, make a plan on who you are get on those days. Have a option 2 too, because you will miss on one or two.  Just how it happens.  So have a fallback ready to go when it happens so you aren’t looking all dumb and shit.  



I am a sweaty guy as it is, and I am sweating as soon as I walk into SoxFest.  Usually, it is -20 outside but looks like it will be warmer this weekend.  All my life I have never been the “wear the shorts in winter” fat guy, but I might break out the short pants this weekend for the hotel.  Do not wear a sweatshirt if you get warm, trust me, you’ll be a smelly mess 2 hours into the day.  No one needs to experience that. 



2 years ago, our brand ambassador #WallyMoney got hella drunk on Saturday night.  Like as drunk as I got on #108DH Saturday, including sleeping on the floor, maybe puking. Being hungover at SoxFest isn’t fun.  Lotta standing. Lotta waiting.  I know us at the 108 are not helping the cause by having a totally kick ass party at Baderbräu on Friday night, but you should come and have a few and go back to the hotel.



I know, it sounds silly, but when you are reeling after getting Tim Anderson to sign your ball, sometimes the silliest things get forgotten.  Like eating or drinking a water.  I am always flush with granola bars and waters cause I get hungry like a mofo.  So make sure you eat all that Beggar’s Pizza or Vienna Beef Hot Dogs.  You can leave the hotel to eat too, and Chicago has some great places to eat.  Hell, you could even take a Lyft to Baderbräu and chomp down on a Mac and Cheese waffle (a 108 fave).  You can even add bacon for $2 extra to make it the best damn waffle you have ever eaten.  I mean just look..



Every year you will watch people get all pissed at the littlest things (or major things) that normally they wouldn’t think twice about.  People will tell you about how it was so much better years ago at the Palmer House or vice-versa how much it used to suck at Palmer House. Honestly SoxFest is what you make it.  If you don’t care much for the autographs, chill in the seminar room and listen to these great athletes talk about the game.  Want the autographs?  Just make yourself available and have your stuff ready to be signed.  I have got just as many autographs not waiting in line as I have waiting.  So keep that head on a swivel and go get your ‘graphs boys!

So I hope to see you guys this weekend! I will be the big ogre looking guy with unkempt hair tucked into a trucker cap that has seen better days.  Last year we gave away a shitload of 108 shirts (I think 25) so anyone that I see wearing a 108 shirt will be getting a special gift from our friends at Baderbräu. We’ll be sporting new shirts on Friday night so keep an eye out.


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