A Marvel of a Team

Yes, this is a post about Marvel super heroes as baseball players.  Did you get the pun?!  If you didn’t like it, you might as well stop reading now because this is some total nerd shit.  But hey, I’m comfortable with that.

First off, I’m sticking to the movies here.  I don’t have the comic book knowledge to lay down an entire league of players.  And as much as I’d love to have a blind short stop, I’m gonna leave the TV shows out as well.

The Outfield

For my outfield, I’m gonna have War Machine and Iron Man in the corners and the Vision in centerfield.  Look, these guys can fly.  I don’t mean they’re fast, but they actually fly.  This seems seriously advantageous in the outfield.  I mean, look at the money Gary Matthews Jr got for that one amazing catch.  These guys would have caught that Glen Allen Hill HR that almost knocked down a building in Wrigleyville.  Not to mention, if you try to run on the Vision, he could just vaporize you with a laser from his head.

The Corners

This is also the middle of my order.  I’m going with Hulk and Thor at the corners.  They showed their ability to club shit in Ragnarok.  Not to mention, they were tossing around a bowling ball, so I figure a baseball is nothing to toss across the diamond.  We’re gonna have to put Hulk at the hot corner so he can get some balls pelted at him and keep him mad.  We have no use for Bruce Banner on this team.

Middle Infield

Baseball is the game that lends best to individual players and their talent, but the middle infield needs to work well together and needs to know what each other is going to do.  So I’m not going with mutant strength or power here, I’m going Hawkeye and Black Widow.  If you think Javy Baez has slick moves, wait’ll you see Black Widow out there.  Best is, you won’t even be ashamed about how turned on you get by watching her like you do with Baez.  We’ll put Black Widow at second base, so she’s a bit separated from Hulk.  Again, we have no use for Bruce Banner on this team, so let’s not tempt fate.


From the looks of it, he accidentally put his shin guards on his arms in the Avengers trailer.  But we’ll get that sorted out for Captain America.  Look, the captain of the team is probably gonna be the catcher that’s been around for a good 90 years or so.  He’ll impart his wisdom on the young kids and block the shit out of that plate.

Starting Pitchers

Winter Soldier is the ace of the staff.  I mean, the guy has a metal arm that can stop bullets.  I’m pretty sure he can throw hard as fuck.  Not to mention, he’s kind of a bad guy, so he’ll have no problem backing you off the plate.  Black Panther is in the staff, with that vibranium suit and those claws, he can scuff the ball like no other and you know I am all for that.  Ant Man is next, mainly because he can throw one of those chips at the ball and make it gigantic so it just disintegrates bats.  Spider Man is already spitting webs like Peter North, so why not do the same with baseballs.  Scarlet Witch is the 5, but if you actually hit the ball off of her, she’ll just stop it in mid air and send it right back in your face.

Relief Staff

This is pretty easy.  If you need to guard a lead, you might as well get the weirdos you trust with the whole galaxy.


Dr Strange is the perfect closer.  First off, he has magical stuff.  Second, you know you wish your team had a closer that wore a cape.  Third, even if he gives up a game winner, he can just turn back time and try again.  Last, he can do that beer trick.

And obviously, Stan Lee owns the team.


The 108 Picks New Walk-Up Music

If you haven’t been to a game this year, and by the looks of the attendance you haven’t, the Sox walk up music this year is sub par. And it got us thinking back to the days when music was good. Yes, we are talking about the 90’s. Yes, we are talking about JOCK JAMS!

Have no clue what we are talking about? Sad. Years ago, we had to PAY for music. They made these things called CD’s, which you could buy at a record store. Well, Jock Jams was only available (at first) when you ordered from a 1-800 number. Then it was all over the place. Check out these classic commercials –

I know, contain yourself. There are actually 6 (SIX) volumes of this. For this task, the 108 will use the first five as the last record was a “Best Of” of a “Best Of”, which is the worst kind of “Best Of”. So strap in and get ready to relive one of the greatest times in music history!

Matt Davidson

Tubthumping – Chumbawamba

This was the most no-brainer of no-brainer songs for Frosty to have. He looks like every bro I ever saw jamming out to this atrocity of a song back when it was popular. I could remember being out with co-workers early in my career, throwing some darts and tossing back a few cold ones and this song came on the jukebox and half the group went nuts. I couldn’t believe it, people actually loved this song. Frosty would’ve been one of those folks, he’s the guy in sales that takes his tie off his neck and swings it around through the air as he thrusts his hips to this song. (BeefLoaf)

Leury Garcia

Ready to Go – Republica

The reasons that Leury was a prospect at all was because he could play a ton of positions and he was a big stolen base threat in the minors. I don’t think we’ve really seen the SBs in the big leagues, but if he wants to be a part of this team when they’re good he needs to be, as this young lady says so eloquently, Ready to Go. (Chorizy)

Avisail Garcia – M

The Bomb – The Bucketheads

If you’ve ever shopped at Urban Outfitters (which I used to in my pre-2XL days) you no doubt have heard this song. Now, I had never seen the video and that is what really sold me on this song. A guy wakes up in bed with 2 chicks and they take care of him. Do his hair, help him get dressed in that funky gear that he needs to wear as he goes about his day. The guy kinda resembles Melvin from Dazed And Confused and the girls look like any random ass girls.

What does this have to do with Avi? I imagine this is how Avi woke up (pre-kid, post Prince Fielder‘s wife) at SoxFest a few years back. Rumor was he brought back a harim of ladies about 4 am in the morning. Maybe remembering the good ol’days will relax him up in there in the box and let him pound one out. (MSS)

Adam Engel

Cotton Eyed Joe – Rednex

When selecting a song for the worst big league regular in 2017, I figured I would pick (IMHO) the worst song that has ever graced the illustrious Jock Jams catalog and that would be Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex. I remember this horrible song because long, long ago, in a land far, far away, actually, in a land pretty close to where I live now, I used to coach youth basketball (still do, sort of) and we hosted a tournament at our home gym and this terrible song was in rotation for pregame warmup for what seemed like YEARS, across various teams. We just could not shake this bullshit song and amazingly, people loved it!! The same way I feel about Adam Engel, he’s really not a major league player, but there are factions of you out there that just love this guy and are really wishcasting him as a good big league regular. I dunt git it. (BeefLoaf)

Nicky Delmonico

Jump Around – House of Pain

As Stefon once said, “if you’re Irish or just white and violent have I got the place for you”. Before there was “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” there was “Jump Around” as the anthem that people went ape shit for in stadiums. I can’t think of a better song for a player that seems to have already achieved Konerko levels of love from the Southside without really doing much. Kind of reminds me of House of Pain. But seriously, people still love this song and people would get on their feet every time Nicky stepped up with this song. (Chorizy)

Yolmer Sanchez

I Like to Move It – Reel 2 Real

This fits this fast, scrappy guy we got on the hot corner. He get’s where he needs to be and does so quickly. And speaking of hot have you seen his wife? Google that shit. All I can say is that Aloha Mr. Hand is a fan. (MSS)

Tyler Saladino

This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan

You know how you have that song that you secretly love, but you aren’t sure you want everyone else to know it….and you know how you have that player that you secretly love, that kinda sucks, and you aren’t sure if you want everyone else to know it? Yea, thats all of this. This is the MOST Chicago song on the list, so it makes me happy to hear it and it brings me back to my high school days playing ball for iconic Chicago high school, De La Salle. Also, Montell Jordan advocates NOT driving drunk in this song, which the 108ers are big proponents of as well. (BeefLoaf)

Yoan Moncada

Raise the Roof – Luke

Maybe I just love Uncle Luke and that’s why I picked this song. Or maybe I’m just tired of hearing about what a high ceiling Yoan has. I think it’s time he starts to push past that ceiling and become a superstar in the league, even if Beefloaf is satisfied with Ron Gant levels of production. Oh, also, Stuart Scott is in this video, which is just awesome. (Chorizy)

Tim Anderson

Hip Hop Hooray – Naughty by Nature

A perfect song for the guy that EVERYONE is gonna love the next few years. Give us all a good chance to stand up and wave our hands in the air, like we just don’t care, when Tim “Nino Brown” Anderson comes to the plate to undoubtly hit an extra base hit. It’s a feel good song, people love it. Perfect song for the perfect hero to take us BACK to the promised land. (MSS)

Jose Abreu

No Diggity – Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dre

The best player on this damn list gets the best damn song on this list. This is a smooth jam AND it has Dr. Dre spittin’ on it. This is a song that is still in rotation on the BeefLoaf Spotify. I’d like for Abreu to wear a cape or a robe in the on deck circle and have an assistant come out and take that off of him just in time for this song to start blaring over the loud speaker. I also envision Gene Honda bobbin’ his head to this cut. (BeefLoaf)

Omar Narvaez

It Takes Two – Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock

Omar’s best case scenario is to be the backup catcher on any team. If he’s the main guy, it’s pretty much a 90 loss season. But he should embrace this role and remind you that it takes 2 catchers, especially when you have Wellington Castillo lumbering around like Jake Taylor. (Chorizy)

Welington Castillo

Let Me Clear My Throat – DJ Kool

Welington looks kinda flemy, so I choose this. WSD will be so proud.

Listen, I will get shit for this but honestly I only picked this song to tell my story about DJ Kool. Back in the day I worked stage crew at NIU. I was a manager almost all of my time there, (how I met my wife) which makes me sounds way more important than I was. Our activities board booked DJ Kool back in the late 90’s and I rode with the head manager to pick him up at the hotel. For you weird folk, he stayed at the HoJo next to my first apartment in DeKalb, which was a step up as most of the guests that stayed over night (including Henry Rollins and Kevin Smith) stayed in the “John” Holmes Student Center hotel which was basically a dorm. But I digress.

When we went to get him, we walked up to the room and he took us over to his DJ’s room and they promptly smoked some really, really, really good weed. I may or may not have engaged in said behavior with them. Then the DJ needed to change his pants, for whatever reason, and he tossed what was in his pockets on the bed including the biggest money roll I had ever seen in my life. I was awe struck. He made some joke about needing to go to the ATM and then we left. Very cool guys and I don’t think DJ Kool said a fucking word until he got onto the stage to do his set. I only remember this song and “It Takes 2”, which in my state really confused me as that isn’t his song, but I still rocked out. (MSS)

Carson Fulmer

Everybody Everybody – Black Box

Look, I’m the first one to be skeptical of Carson Fulmer’s ability to be an effective big league hurler, but one thing I am not skeptical of is his ability to party. If I looked at the current White Sox roster, I would rate Fulmer #1 on the “Most Likely to become a 108er” scale. I envision ole Carson hitting the tailgates pretty hard, and possibly ingesting a short glass or two (that’s NWI parlance for a shot of hard alcohol) and when he does, I’d also like to envision him stealing the show and doing a solo dance rendition to this jam. (BeefLoaf)

Lucas Giolito

Unbelievable – EMF

I’ve been telling MSS and Beefloaf for months that Giolito is ultimately going to the ace of this staff. I know we have Kopech coming up and more pitchers behind him, but I just feel like Giolito’s stuff is better than everyone else’s. And if you are going to be a long term ace of a staff, it’s gonna take more than just throwing 100 MPH. So for the ace of my staff, I give him the song he deserves. (Chorizy)

Miguel Gonzalez

Boom Boom Boom – The Outhere Brothers

I am really, really, really shocked that this song is on Jock Jams. Clearly ahead of it’s time, the whole song is about loving on the booty. I initially picked this song for Miguel as it’s a fun, harmless sounding song, but then you listen to the lyrics and OH. MY. GOD. The Outhere Brothers are from Chicago, had crazy success over seas, they even wrote Summertime (which I am guessing Will Smith changed up the lyrics and took out all the booty love talk). I like the song, not sure that says about me, but whatcha gonna do? (MSS)

Reynaldo Lopez

Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) – C&C Music Factory

Lopez is already pretty famous for his “Duck Face” on the mound, and let’s face it, the video with the best duck face in the history of music videos is Michael Jackson‘s “Beat It”, but because that is an actual good song by a generational talent, it is not included in the Jock Jams catalog…..so, I chose this ditty by C&C Music Factory. Lopez is the most perspirous of the most recent group of young lanzadors on our White Sox so I thought this track fit nicely. (BeefLoaf)

James Shields

Mo Money Mo ProblemsNotorious BIG

If you think back, James Shields was pretty damn good until he got that big contract. Since then, this song has been his anthem. Even though I love the guy, he’s been absolute garbage since he inked that big deal. So why not walk out to something that so plainly tells your story. (Chorizy)

Bruce Rondon

Come Baby Come – K7

I hear this song and I imagine a big guy come busting into a house party and just fucking shit up. Just like I imagine Super Big Gulp has done plenty of times. A closer needs confidence, poise, to dominate, just like K7 talks about in this song. Plus on any given Friday, the boys in 108 will do some choreographed dance moves every time our big guys get’s a K. Sadly all the other good stuff in the video WILL NOT be in the 108 unless we start attracting a different demographic. (MSS)

Are you worried about Yoan Moncada?

Good day friends, it’s your old pal BeefLoaf, just writing some chit on ANOTHER DAY of PPD White Sox baseball. I gotta tell ya, I have proverbial blue balls with all of these PPD so far in this early season, especially considering we might get 0 innings of White Sox baseball this weekend, such hooey, but I digress.  I wanted to stop by to ask a quick question.
Of course you are, otherwise I wouldn’t be asking this question.  The real question, is, why are some people NOT worried about Yoan Moncada.  You know who I am talking about, those heady, steadfast folks that host blogs or podcasts or that are otherwise rational baseball fans on twitter that you interact with on a regular basis.  Those folks keep telling you that they aren’t worried about Yoan Moncada, mostly they use terms like “small sample size” and “pedigree” and “barrels” and “exit velocity“……those things reassure them and make them sound smart.  Folks, I’m here to tell you the truth.  Everyone of them mufuckas is worried to some degree, but lets me ‘splain why they aren’t worried to the same degree that you are…….
Forget that the White Sox traded Chris Sale for Yoan Moncada
Most of the people that say they aren’t worried about Yoan Moncada, have already separated the fact that the White Sox traded one of the best pitchers in their history for Moncada.  These folks (likely sociopaths) have been able to compartmentalize the fact that the Sale White Sox teams weren’t going to win shit and that trading him was a necessary conclusion unless we went back to 2012 and Richard Branson bought the White Sox.  If you can do this (no small feat) then you don’t automatically think that if Moncada isn’t as crazy good as Sale was, then he’s a failure.  This leads me to my next point……
Successful Yoan Moncada might not look like you think
I’ve heard the “#1 prospect in baseball” title bandied about with old Yoan as if it means SUPERSTAR
Truth is, the #1 prospect in baseball at any one time, sometimes just becomes Andy Benes, a solid big league player or worse……….
The people that aren’t worried about Yoan assume he ain’t going to become Ken Griffey Jr.or Mike Trout or Alex Rodriguez…………..”real good” Yoan Moncada, in my mind and likely the mind of others that “aren’t worried”,  is a prime Ron Gant and prime Eric Davis love child.
Lots of power and lots of speed, solid defense and a bunch of swing and miss and meh average.  I’ve heard people say that average Yoan Moncada is basically Ian Kinsler, I think it is probably closer to Dan Uggla with speed, but either way, we aren’t talking about a generational player.  We are talking about a very good player and one that is a top 3 hitter on a championship team, but one that still has some warts…..while we are on top players on a championship team
Yoan Moncada’s timeline is not the full competitive window AND he doesn’t have to be the best player on the next White Sox world series team
I just got over thinking that Yoan Moncada’s last season with the White Sox is the END!!!  It isn’t, truth be told, the competitive window is likely more calibrated around Eloy Jimenez than any other player in the org.  Also, Yoan Moncada can be the 3rd or 4th best player on the next title contender….think 1 SP, Jimenez, BIG $$ Free Agent, Yoan…..if Yoan ends up better than all those folks, the White Sox are in even better shape.  Think about any good team of the last 10 years, teams that made it to the World Series….can you envision Yoan Moncada becoming as good as their 4th best player?  No? Okay, then you’ll really love my next point……
People are full of shit!
Yep, I said it, some of the people being even handed, and claiming they aren’t worried about Yoan Moncada are full of shit!!  It is the same as when someone asked you “Are you worried?” when your high school girlfriend went to go “study” with her “friend”.  Her “friend” who happens to be male and also happens to be the handsome captain of the football team.  You tried to play it cool, but you were fucking terrified underneath all of your fake coolness.  Yoan Moncada’s 36% strike out rate in the major leagues is the handsome captain of the football team.  Fuck yea you are worried!!  And you have every reason to be.  Pretty much anyone who thought Yoan Moncada might not be that good thought he’d be swallowed up by a gigantic strikeout rate.  That HAS happened so far.  Will he improve?  Probably, but in order to be “good” Yoan Moncada, he’s gotta park that thing in the 27% range.  He has to cut it by 25%, can that be done? Sure…will it be done, who the fuck knows?
Eat some Twinkies
Look, some of your favorite bloggers on the internet would rather just drink beer and eat twinkies and forget about it.  Is there a better way to “help out” than crushing a bunch of twinkies with fans? Are the 108ers worried?  A little….but we have some control, as our superstitious side knows we’ll just knock back these delights from Hostess and our man from Fidel Castro land gonna be ALLLLLL RIGHT!!!
– BeefLoaf
PS….we have a Baderbrau MeetUp that has just hit the calendar, it is going to be 30 minutes after the June 16th 1:10pm game vs the Detroit Tigers…..we’ll be joined by the fine folks from SoxMachine and we’ll be drinking tons of Baderbrau at their brew pub. We’ll be in the gallery, so come see us, $0 to get in and it is also the eve of yours truly’s 40th bday so stop on by to talk WhiteSox with us and to share some delicious Baderbrau beer.

Just gotta say it….some of y’all need to shut up.

Just this past Monday, both MLB baseball clubs in the fine City of Chicago were to take the field in the hopes of scoring more runs than their opponents. Same town, same weather, one team played, one didn’t. Just happens that the squad that we follow decided that a few inches of snow would not stop baseball that day. So as that unfolded a curious situation arose, Sox fans started calling out Cubs fans for their team not playing while the Sox were. Now don’t get me wrong, it is quite curious that the south siders seem to play through just about anything. Christ, it was SNOWING during the home opener and the game didn’t even get delayed, while the boys up north once called a game for rain and it didn’t even rain (5/20/17). Look it up, no fooling. What I found most interesting that evening (as me and my toddler daughter went to the game) was that most of the fighting went on between people that DIDN’T EVEN GO TO THE GAME.


Listen, I tend to not take credit or rip on someone for something that I’ve never done. I need to be directly involved in something before I use it to my advantage, just how I am. As I said, I was at that game and never called anyone a wussy, Sox or Cubs fan. But yet all these folks (and with an estimated attendance of less than 1k there are plenty of you internet badasses stealing valor) are talking mad shit but yet you didn’t show up either. I can hear you already, “I work MSS, I have a job” which is a reasonable excuse that can be used. BUT DON’T TALK SHIT! I know it’s hard cause we really don’t get alot of shots to give the north siders shit, but you gotta save it, if you yourself didn’t make it to the game that day either. I’d even go as far to say that I respect the jagoff Cubs fans that attended our game that day (just to be assholes, and yes you were assholes) a little more than the keyboard warriors. Just chill a bit Sox fans, that’s all.


Predictably, the Cubs fans talking shit fired back at Sox fans with all types of numbers that may mean something to them (attendance, ticket prices, ticket resale prices, what year they last won a trophy) but really do nothing for them in 2018. Attendance, as many folks have said before me, doesn’t win championships. If it did, instead of participation ribbons, Cubs would have won a trophy in that 108 (we know) year gap. But again, do we really expect anything else from a fan base who’s majority has no clue who Leon Durham is?

Y’all are bitches.

What other things can we talk about? Oh shit the list is growing by the day! I read a bunch of tweets and posts on the FB. As high as some were pre-season on this club they are performing just like we at the 108 thought they would. I know it’s fun to see young talent being accuired but the hard reality is that Burger and Cease are still years away from taking the field. We might get a glimpse of Kopech and Eloy by the end of the year, but if we continue this trend, why risk it? It’s gonna take time folks, and you need to settle the fuck down, especially during the 1st month of the season.

Yes, she needs to settle down too. It’s APRIL!

At SoxFest this year alot of folks said to me that they expected to contend for the Wild Card this season. I usually responded with “Really? Really?!??! Who’s our 5th starter? Who’s our catcher? Do we even have a closer?” which was met with some blank stares and then I would hear “Well, at least we’ll be better than last year”. Listen, I am not saying it can’t happen (which is the theory/strategy we are employing in the 108 whilst buying multiple Sox Split tickets), but we’re paper thin at spots and have almost no one that can come off the bench in some positions. Yes, Tyler Saladino can play about every position on the field, but do we really want him to? Does Nicky really play a mean left field? Hell no, but he has to be there, we have no one else.


What I will say the attitude of this team is as good as it was last year. They are gelling off the field and seem to have some real fun while they are on the field. STORY TIME!

I remember back in the day one kid on my little league team used to skip to right field every inning. He would have skipped to 1st too, but the coach would have killed him. He for sure skipped up and down the floor while we played basketball (and he routinely shot at the wrong basket). I bring this up because while he wasn’t a great player, he had a fucking fantastic time playing sports. While people that had better game, but had shittier attitudes, just didn’t have that great of a time.

So while this team is getting their shit handed to them on the daily, they never give up and they continue to have great times in that dugout. I think that is an important lesson to learn that will help them later, no doubt. What else we got? Oh yeah, Yoan.

Yoan Moncada is getting ROASTED by Sox “fans” everywhere. I ask this, what did you expect? We are literally playing a game that offensively if you FAIL 7 outta 10 times you are KILLING IT stats wise. He’s starting in his first full year with a MLB club. 2nd year with the team. No, he’s not having a great year. But yet the year isn’t even close to being over, in fact it’s barely begun. But we should trade this asshole right? Christ almighty.


Some of the same people that are roasting Yoan are high as fuck on Matty D. Do you know how long it took Matty D to make a MLB team? DO YOU? YEARS BRO, YEARS. So give him some goddamn time. Yoan slayed too much in the minors and needed to learn in the MLB. He’s gonna struggle, he will come out ok though. Trust me. But don’t let his choice of cars sway you the other way.


Ok, last thing, I know you are reading this and you are thinking I am telling you how to fan. No, I am not. I am just preventing you from looking like a d-bag and giving you a ton of fire power for when you need it. That is not what this blog is about, trust me. Our buddy Joe with P&P just posted about it today, early in the year the “fans” like to proclaim how much they know how to fan better than you. Well, they are wrong, and most of those guys claiming to be huge fans, really aren’t. #insecurity

Her 2nd game in 3 days. More than 90% of the fanboys on P&P will make all year.

Ever heard “the bark is bigger than the bite”? That is what I see when I read the multiple posts on the P&P or Twitter about how to fan correctly. Listen, we all have our views and standards on who fans well and who doesn’t. Just because you have been a fan longer, been to more games, know more people, have more memorabilia, have more jerseys, you name it, doesn’t mean you have more pride or passion than the guy in Texas that has never been to a game but follows all of them. It’s a bad look when you toot your own horn in a public forum, but that is just me. You do you and let other people do their thing. I’d love to see some of you manage a team, ask Hawk how that worked out for him. And Hawk had certified experience!


In conclusion, pipe down and chill. Recognize that this might be the hardest year of our rebuild or at the very least wait till September to lose your shit. It’s gonna be a long year, as the 108 predicted, but it will be worth it when we add that new hardware.


PS – We have 4 (FOUR) hoodies left. Buy them up, maybe we’ll make more. Visit our store here! Add on a t-shirt or a hat! I’d like this stuff on your back and not in my basement.

Mark your calendars for June 16th as that will be our meet-up with other Twitter folks at Baderbrau. It will be a post game (game is at 1pm) drink session and we’ll even have a roundtable to listen to. The SoxFest one was so awesome we decided to do it again. Come get hammered with us and take a Lyft home! Tix in the 108 are only $20, so buy them up!

Was Jake Taylor a Terrible Person?

April 7th marks the anniversary of the release of my favorite baseball movie, Major League.  I watch it a few times a year and I love it.  And trust me when I tell you, what I am about to write doesn’t make me love the movie any less.  It simply casts Jake Taylor in a different light.  I’m still rooting for them to win and I know you will continue to as well, but we need to examine if Jake is a terrible person.

We’re gonna roll right past the fact that he felt the need to berate Dorn about missing grounders, but not about his infidelities.  And we’re gonna forget that when the pitcher he’s mentoring (who happens to be his roommate and also happens to be an ex-convict) is super depressed and is going out drinking, Jake didn’t feel the need to keep an eye on that.  We’ll chalk that up to bad decision making.  What I want to focus on is the Lynn situation.

Restaurant Encounter

While out with two of his teammates, Jake notices his girlfriend from a few years back at another table having dinner with a person who she is pretty obviously in a relationship with.  He says “That’s my wife” which leads to some funny comments from both Willie and Rick.  He then decides to go with the old “the call is coming from inside the house” trick, which women love.  All in order to try to get her phone number.  The scene is great and it’s a comedy, so you go with it.  But imagine this in a real life situation.  You’re at a dinner with people from work.  You’ve worked with a guy for 2-3 months and he’s never mentioned a wife or wore a wedding ring.  Then he looks over and claims a woman is his wife, backtracks and says, well we used to date years ago.  After that he decides he’s going to play a prank on her and demands her phone number.  I’m pretty sure you’d never hang out with that psychopath again.

Library Encounter

So apparently, he got a fake number in the previous encounter.  Therefore he did what any reasonable person would do in this situation, he showed up at her job to confront her about it.  There is nothing that says I am a stable person that just wants to be your friend like showing up at the other person’s job and getting into an argument with them.  Also during this argument, there is a laundry list of shit that lays out why Jake was such a horrible boyfriend.

The Books

One of the things he does to get back into Lynn’s good graces is he reads the books that he promised for years he would.  But does he?  Does he really?  I’m pretty sure they show him with comic book versions of these books.  This is George Costanza level.  If you did that in high school, you’d fail your ass off.

Tom’s Place

This scene is just weird in general.  I mean, Jake goes from street level directly into this dude’s apartment without so much as even a knock.  I know Cleveland has almost 0 crime, but this seems like a major security flaw of Tom’s housing.  Also, this is right after Lynn left work and yet there are a bunch of well dressed people drinking in her living room.  Not to mention, there are 3 couples there and one couple is much older and there is no explanation of that.  But all that aside, after all the previous stuff above, Jake decided the right move was to follow Lynn home after work.  This is restraining order style stuff.  Then he gives that monologue about the girl he had picked out, which ends with him basically saying “Tom, I’d really love to get back to boning your fiance”.  A class move indeed.

Lynn’s Place

Jake sees Lynn at a game, so he knows that he has to race out of the park and follow her home, again.  But there is a problem, his car is on the other side of the park.  He runs up and asks the security guard for a car.  Now, this seems kind of crazy on the surface, but the security guard doesn’t even flinch.  Maybe it’s just bad acting, but it seems to me like Jake has made this request before and the guard reacts accordingly.  Then he tells Jake to take the bullpen cart.  How many times has Jake been cruising around Cleveland in the bullpen cart.  Actually, I think this is awesome, but I digress.  So now he follows Lynn home and once again, he just walks into the house.  But this time, he turns a corner and they hook up.

In the end, Lynn shows up at the play-in game and has no wedding ring on.  This leads me to this conclusion: Lynn is actually the terrible person and Jake is simply a master tactician who not only knew to bunt in the ninth or knew that Ricky Vaughn could strike out Clu Haywood with 3 straight fastballs, but he also knew that all the ridiculous shit above was the way to Lynn’s heart.


Fixing MLB’s Opening Week

Good day friends, it’s your pal BeefLoaf and I am back after a bit of a hiatus from writing, it happens, sometimes you can’t quite get the lead in your pencil to go right….so to speak, but I digress.  I am writing this in the midst of the White Sox Home Opening Weekend and I wanted to get into a league wide MLB problem that almost everyone has opined on, but almost nobody is getting right.  After spending 3 hours out in low 30’s degree weather Thursday, with 2/3rds of that time being spent in the snow, and once again spending 3 hours in low 30’s degree weather on Saturday, it would seem that we have a bit of a climate problem when it comes to the start of the MLB season.  I happened to catch some Pirates/Twins earlier in the week, which was also in the snow, and while it looks pretty on TV, it’s probably sub-optimal for the players.  You can look around the league at the various postponements across the midwest and northeast to start the season and see this is clearly a problem.  You end up bunching these games up later, playing them on off-days down the stretch.  Nobody in their right mind wants that shit.  So what to do???  I’ve heard that they should start the season in only the dome / warm weather parts of the MLB landscape but that doesn’t seem right, I mean, why would folks in these locales want a disproportionate amount of their home games right now as opposed to June or August or wherever else in the schedule.  I’ve heard that the baseball season should be shortened and started later.  Hey, I could get on board with that, but I think the owners like to accumulate whatever revenue they can in the early season from their taxpayer funded stadiums, so I am not sure we’ll ever see that (possibly if they are expand the playoffs in a more dramatic way, maybe this happens), but for now, we are left with a series of undesirable prospective solutions, none of which are going to fit with the current climate of baseball in which the players have negotiated substantially more off-days for theyselfs.  What to do???


I got to thinking, everyone who follows a baseball team LURVES a road trip!!!  Every year, it is the one thing that gets talked about more than anything else, WHAT CITY ARE WE GOING TO GO SEE THE WHITE SOX play in?  I’m sure all fan bases are like this…..so I haz the solution….instead of starting the season in any teams park, the first 10 days (8 games) of the season will be at a neutral location.  Each Division will be assigned a city to attend to play 2 games each against their divisional opponents, for 8 games total for each team.  With the added off-days you might even run into some of the heroes from your team having dinner, drinking excessively or tucking a buck in the city that your division is assigned to, imagine that!!  However, the neutral sites need some sort of appeal, so I’m thinking these are the criterion…….
– Warm predictable weather or a Dome stadium
– A big enough stadium to hold major league baseball even if major league baseball games have never been held there
– Fun city or location, possibly a city that wants major league baseball so that Rob Manfred can pretend he is doing some due diligence on a future site for expansion
Here is the first cut at this solution……


Montreal – We’ll send the NL East to Montreal!  World class city, they used to have baseball (as you might have heard) and rumor has it they want baseball again (or at least baseball romantics who forget they couldn’t get 3,000 people to a game at the end of the Expos residence there)….and rumor has it, they have an exciting night life and would be a cool city to visit.  They already have a baseball stadium, so this shouldn’t be a problem.  I see this as a no brainer.  I can’t wait to watch Thor throw a shut out and then fake speak some French, it’s gonna be amazeballs!!


Honolulu – Yep, we are sending the AL West to Hawaii, why not?  They deserve it, don’t you think!?!?!  Truth be told, I don’t think Honolulu has a big enough baseball stadium to have MLB games, but they have that junky old football stadium that hosts the college team and used to be the home for some of the most boring exhibition football games in the history of sports known as the Pro Bowl.  I see no reason they can’t do a little conversion job to slap this together.  I would love it if they had a comically short Right Field fence and Joey Gallo hit like 9 HR’s in a game, including one out of the stadium completely, whatta thrill!  I suspect that we could get tons of folks that don’t even care about Billy Beane to fly from their homes to Hawaii to enjoy this little baseball get together.


Las Vegas – You knew this one was coming, booze and gambling and nightlife mixed together…..we are sending the NL West here, this way the Rockies won’t feel slighted as they can still play at altitude.  I am not sure the AAA stadium will work, so we might have to play these games inside of one of the casinos.  I could just see it now, Clayton Kershaw sitting at the nickel slots pounding away and then being called to take the mound that next half innings.  Warms the heart.

Peeig's Pics 350

New Orleans – We will send the AL Central to NOLA!!  Now, I think playing these games in the Superdome makes the most sense, I would think they could figure out how to make that workable for baseball, although I doubt many of the hard partying midwesterners that head down there will actually make it to the games, between Harrah’s casino and Bourbon Street and the French Quarter there is a whole fuckton of things to keep this crowd busy and boozey!  Imagine an April trek of games where Ned Yost doesn’t look like he’s going to freeze to death.  That would make baseball history!!!


Mexico City – The AL East will be sent to Mexico City!!  Now, once you get past kidnapping and rampant gang violence, I hear Mexico City is a fun town.  They have Azteca Stadium which holds like 100,000,000 people, or at least it did for those Guns n Roses concerts in the 90’s.  For those that don’t know, Mexico City is at higher altitude than Denver, so watching Stanton and Judge maim balls in this ballpark should be a treat, it will be like playing Baseball Simulator 1.000


Indianapolis – The NL Central will go to….Indianapolis?  Look, I know it’s not a world class city like the others and it doesn’t really have a baseball stadium either, so we’ll have to shove it into the dome where the Colts play, but goddamnit, we aren’t taking away all the damn jobs from the Midwest, so we are having our brothers to the east in Indiana host this excursion.  Cubs fans rejoice!!!  You’ll get to spend some time trashing this quaint midwestern town instead of Clark and Addison.  I’d expect 108 fave Jim Irsay to be there in fine form.  He’s not on the hook to speak or “represent” a team or some shit, so he can really enjoy hisself.
Doesn’t this seem like something we could get behind?  Then the rest of the schedule can start around April 10th or something and if you want to trot out a week of warm weather / dome home games then, you are really kicking out the super bad weather section of the schedule for the midwest / northeast teams.  I envision locations and assignments would rotate over time, but this idea would have everyone booking their road trips together and creating a big mess  party for all to attend.
– BeefLoaf

The 5 – Opening Day Complaints.

Welcome to my annual blog about the things EVERYONE will be bitching about at the home opener.  Now, there are some things that everyone is ALREADY bitching about, let’s get those outta way first.

“Big Game” James Shields.

Chorizy said it best.  Read it right fucking here.  I don’t really have much to add to that than “Quit Yer Bitchin’!”.



The Weather. Move the game to noon.

Jesus Christ.  Sack the FUCK UP. IT’S THE GODDAMN HOME OPENER.  Put on a few layers and bring some hand warmers. Will the game get called?  MAYBE. But not before we buy a few rounds of beer and sober up just enough to remember that is cold out.  Then we will swagger back to BeefLoaf’s place and wreak havoc. Note I said we, but that doesn’t include you.  We like ya, but don’t like like ya.  You understand.

Will moving the game to noon solve all these problems?  Hell naw.  People will bitch that their tailgate was cut short.  That they couldn’t get there by noon cause they were gonna leave at 1.  That they have never had a game at noon so it’s weird and we just don’t like it.  We Sox fans, we bitch.  We get something for free, we still bitch.  Leave the time the same and just roll the goddamn dice.


Ok, we got the ones outta the way that everyone is already bitching about, so here is the new shit!  


When the game get’s called about 4pm, the game will be scheduled to be played the next day.  According to my G-Chat with the fellas, every day is supposed to suck major balls all weekend.  Friday could suck too.   Well, a bunch of people can’t make that cause they have JOBS. Keep in mind that they would be hungover on that Friday, not doing shit, But hey, you’ll still get paid.  Now, you will get a rain check on that ticket for just about any game you want.  But wanna know what we’ll bitch about?  WE PAID A PREMIUM PRICE FOR THAT TICKET AND NOW YOU WANT US TO TAKE A GODDAMN LOSS??? And we have a fucking point!

Anger 2

Last year, BeefLoaf had like 10 extra tickets for the home opener.  He paid a premium for those tickets and he settled for some regular ass game during the season.  He does that because BeefLoaf is pretty easy going.  Some folks will be all types cheesed that they are exchanging a premium ticket for a regular game.  Opening Day / Home Opener falls into that higher price bracket, (Cubs, Yanks) and I think we should get a premium ticket in return.  I think last year you got the make up game plus another game in the early months.  Can’t confirm, but pretty sure that was the deal. Which is nice, but not the same.  Oh this will be a fun one.


Security. Lines. Blah.

Well, last year I think the lines went in right away and the weather was pretty comparable. We might get lucky this year and people will keep their mouths shut, but alas I doubt we will. There will be crews that are all types pissed that the security was too slow or that the line was too long.  Listen folks, if you want no lines come to a game during the week, in May.  Don’t go to a really popular day and complain about things that come with the territory of a popular game day.  Or at least don’t be shocked.  Get it?  Good.


BeefLoaf’s Party Invite.

The 108’ers have a private party on Opening Day hosted By the ‘Loafs. It’s hella fun and usually I have to remind my wife like 25 times to eat food as she just talks and talks and talks.  Then she get’s all hammered and has “no idea” why she is so hungover the following day.  But you guys won’t have that problem, CAUSE YOU AIN’T INVITED.

As sure as the sun will shine, people will be up in arms when you see the time we be havin’ on the Twitter machine. We’ll be drunk as hell, rocking out and having far too many Baderbrau beers, all while at a party you think you belong at.  Listen, were we at your wedding?  Did you include us in your invite list to your daughter’s first birthday party? Of course you didn’t (and if you did, BeefLoaf is such a dick for not inviting you) because we DON’T BELONG. We’ll have multiple tailgates this year with the fine folks at Baderbrau that you can come to and party with us. You can drink and eat all you want for free! No shit.  We are prepared to deal with your crazy ass then, we don’t need you shitting where BeefLoaf eats.  Seriously, the guy has been known to eat a pretzel up in his bathroom.


Can you think of the shit storm that would ensue when you, drunk on Fruitsunami, decide that you wanna do your own “Sunday Soak” and you get shut down?  You’ll start kicking one of ‘Loaf’s multiple animals that roam his house (no, not Slumpbuster or #WallyMoney ACTUAL ANIMALS) and ‘Loaf’s cousin loads his gun. Not fun times, not at all.  You’ll get no invite cause while we don’t like like you, we do like you and want you to live. Fair?  OF COURSE IT IS.


Why Don’t We Have A Roof ?

Folks, I don’t know why we don’t have a roof on Sox Park.  As early as 1989, retractable roofs were a thing.  And Chicago weather has sucked forever, so I am not sure why they didn’t think this through.  Now, that being said, PEOPLE WOULD BITCH THAT THE ROOF WAS OPEN/CLOSED ALL THE TIME.  Fo sho.

I was in AZ for 3 years. It’s balls hot out there, no way you can watch a game without a roof.  Even harder would be playing said game, but let’s just focus on the fans here.  AZ has a sweet pool in the outfield too, which is really fucking awesome and would make a great addition to the 108 in our view.  Shit, we’d even take a hot tub and watch the game in there on Sunday’s followed by our crazy famous show “Sunday Soak Fueled By Baderbrau”.  We could talk our regular shit and watch kids run the bases.


Anyways, most places that have a roof really need it.  Well, maybe not Milwaukee, but they soft up there.  While it would be nice to have, we seem to have done just fine since 1991 without the roof.  Don’t get me wrong, temperature controlled baseball is pretty damn awesome, and not a single person in the 108 would bitch about a roof for the shit days.  Cause if baseball is being played we have a killer excuse to drink more beer.

So there you have it!  The 5 things that I can think of that will top the list of the major bitches.  I am sure I will not be shocked at the new stuff that comes up tomorrow, but remember, it’s the funnest day of the year.  Day drunk during the week?  Sign me the fuck up.  Go Sox!


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The One Hitter…James Shields To Start Home Opener

Due to the snowed out game today, the White Sox rotation lines up to have James Shields start the home opener on Thursday.  This is much to the dismay of most of the Sox fans I’ve seen online today.  Now, you know that I actually think Shields will have a good year, but I’ll put that aside if you can agree to really think about what you’re asking when you ask for a different starter for the home opener.

I’ve seen people suggesting today that pitching Shields for the home opener is some indication that the Sox don’t care about their fans.  This is a really strange idea to me.  What would you prefer?  Do you want Rick Hahn and Brooks Boyer to go to Rick Renteria and tell him to alter his rotation because fans don’t like the guy who lines up to start for the home opener?  Do you want Renteria to take the ball from one of his few veterans to appease fans?  I have to say, Ricky being that spineless won’t go far in the clubhouse.  But does that mean he doesn’t care about the fans?  Does it mean he doesn’t want to win?  No, it’s ridiculous to assume that.  It’s also ridiculous to assume that he should take the feelings of the fans into account when he’s trying to manage the team.

On top of that, the current rotations line up to be James Shields v Jordan Zimmerman, Lucas Giolito v Michael Fulmer, and Reynaldo Lopez v Francisco Liriano.  I personally wouldn’t want anyone else in the rotation to go against Michael Fulmer.  So if you don’t like the opening day starter, sell those tickets and come to Saturday’s game.  We’ll be there trying to drink beers before they freeze, please join us.


Betting with Biguns ’18

Hello friends, it’s your old pal BeefLoaf.  As I did last year, I figured I would alert everyone to the bets that myself and Biguns will be partaking in this fine season.  We do have actual scratch on these bets, so they are NOT for entertainment purposes only, there will be money exchanged at the end of the season this year.  Last year, Biguns crushed me in these bets, see here https://fromthe108.com/2017/04/02/betting-with-biguns/
In fact, ever since I hit Biguns good on a Bears to win > 9.5 games at 5 to 1 in the 2010 NFL season, he’s been getting the best of me with these season long bets. Anywho, below is the whole list….hit me up on twitter if you want to get down James Brown on something, I am sure we can line up a beer or 108 sundry item bet on some shit @mrdelicious13
BeefLoaf Bet Biguns
UNDER Slumpbuster Saturday appearances 7.5 OVER
OVER Texas Rangers wins 77.5 UNDER
UNDER James Shields 5.15 ERA OVER
UNDER Matt Davidson 165 K’s OVER
UNDER Nicky Delmonico 15.5 HR OVER
OVER Tim Anderson Walks 15.5 UNDER
UNDER Yu Darvish 200 K’s OVER
UNDER LA Angels wins 84.5 OVER
OVER Oakland Athletics wins 74.5 UNDER
OVER Tampa Bay Rays wins 77.5 UNDER
Sox Cubs vs Sox wins 23.5 spread Cubs