The One Hitter…James Shields To Start Home Opener

Due to the snowed out game today, the White Sox rotation lines up to have James Shields start the home opener on Thursday.  This is much to the dismay of most of the Sox fans I’ve seen online today.  Now, you know that I actually think Shields will have a good year, but I’ll put that aside if you can agree to really think about what you’re asking when you ask for a different starter for the home opener.

I’ve seen people suggesting today that pitching Shields for the home opener is some indication that the Sox don’t care about their fans.  This is a really strange idea to me.  What would you prefer?  Do you want Rick Hahn and Brooks Boyer to go to Rick Renteria and tell him to alter his rotation because fans don’t like the guy who lines up to start for the home opener?  Do you want Renteria to take the ball from one of his few veterans to appease fans?  I have to say, Ricky being that spineless won’t go far in the clubhouse.  But does that mean he doesn’t care about the fans?  Does it mean he doesn’t want to win?  No, it’s ridiculous to assume that.  It’s also ridiculous to assume that he should take the feelings of the fans into account when he’s trying to manage the team.

On top of that, the current rotations line up to be James Shields v Jordan Zimmerman, Lucas Giolito v Michael Fulmer, and Reynaldo Lopez v Francisco Liriano.  I personally wouldn’t want anyone else in the rotation to go against Michael Fulmer.  So if you don’t like the opening day starter, sell those tickets and come to Saturday’s game.  We’ll be there trying to drink beers before they freeze, please join us.


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