The 5 – Legendary Fat Guy Movie Moments

Last week was a gigantic fucking bummer… more week of quarantine, Ed Farmer dies and the Score gutted a chunk of their on-air and production staff.  One person that I particularly felt for was one-half of the I’m Fat podcast, Rick Camp.  You see Rick Camp actually had me on 670TheScore to talk about the #108Tourney…..yep, you read that correctly, a major sports talk radio station in the 3rd market in America had the dumb ass writing these words right now on the station. Rick, Herb Lawrence and Sean Anderson welcomed me on to the radio on Friday, March 13th, you can listen to the audio here.

So in honor of Rick and in honor of all of us gentleman that have a waist line that is a little thicker than mother nature intended, I bring you, the 5, 5 Legendary Fat Guy Movie Moments….


WILDCATS – Finch Saves the Day

I love the movie Wildcats, it’s my favorite movie on this list, nothing like a Chicago story about Chicago high school sports.

TOMMY BOY – Tom Callahan Jr. sells half a million brake pads

Chorizy always asks the question at the end of our podcast to new guests to the show, Chris Farley or John Belushi and our guests almost without question, not only pick Farley, but profess their undying love to the legend. For me, this is Farley at his best, charismatic, funny and the underdog coming through big!


This is a bad movie, however, it has hilarious moments and the Fat Boys are about as 80’s as it gets

VARSITY BLUES – Billy Bob’s Touchdown

Billy Bob is a tragic / lovable character, in fact MySoxSummer bought me his jersey (real talk), here’s his finest moment in the film.

OLD SCHOOL – Weensie does the impossible

Rumor has it, Jerod Mixon put on 200 lbs just to play this role (not really), so it’s pretty amazing that he stuck the landing….anywho, I’ll let the clip do the talking….



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