Let’s get rid of the phrase “He Outkicked his coverage”

Sometimes I’ll make a point on the FromThe108 podcast in our banter or even later in the show that my co-hosts will totally dismiss and it’s likely one of the greatest points of all fucking time, but because it’s such counter-culture shit, it just floats by. One such point was from our banter in this podcast back in 2020 (we start right in on it at about the 2 minute mark of the podcast).

Look, nobody is saying that your wife, husband, partner, significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend, non-binary mate, etc isn’t terrific. That’s not the point of this blog at all. The point is that we need to stop using language that denotes that somehow one person is undeserving, which is total bullshit. Most relationships are pretty even when you go down the checklist and rate each person for what they provide. It kinda makes sense that it is that way, why be with someone that doesn’t fulfill you, like you fulfill them.

But that isn’t the most nefarious part. The nefarious part is that it is mostly males saying this about females. I had to be biased against a certain group, but dudes are fucking up, for two very clear reasons.

Your mate is not with some bum

I get the sentiment, but this shit is decidedly untrue. This guy is probably great in the sack or maybe he makes the best lemon meringue pie you’ve ever fucking tasted. Whatever it may be, most relationships, especially ones that last into the people’s 80’s are virtual ties, just like that fucking Raiders / Chargers game should’ve been.

Or this guy, I don’t know Coach Duke at all, but we shouldn’t hold that shirt / belt combo against him, he’s probably great and there really is never any out-kicking of the coverage anyways. This is simply a vestige of a world that talked about one of the partners (generally women) a certain way that we need to strip form the language completely. If one partner is great, the other one likely is too. If the one partner is mediocre, so is the other. Kapish?!?!

Okay, maybe this guy did actually out-kick his coverage, but that’s a rarity. Generally these things are pretty fucking even and I think we should recognize that and make some changes to the flawed way we are.

If you want to give a compliment, give a fucking compliment, no pussy footing around, just say what you mean.

I’ll give my lovely wife, Mrs. Beef some compliments right now. None of these compliments imply some vague idiotry denoting that I “out-kicked my coverage”, fuck that stupid shit, I’ll just give straight compliments.

She’s a very good driver. A better driver than I am.

My wife is very thoughtful and conscientious. She does a much better job than I do of thinking of others first.

She’s a better parent than I am. I’m generally calmer, but all-in parenting, she beats me at that.

See how easy that shit is, you don’t have to go with the vague and stupid “out-kicked your coverage” bullshit.

Frents, let’s be better, let’s direct our compliments right at people and let them know exactly instead of this old vestige from when your grandparents were trying to give a compliment but were really just say they found themself a looker. That needs to go.


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