The 5 – The Next Owner of the White Sox……

Good day 108ers, it’s your pal BeefLoaf, coming at you with a 5, “Who I’d like to own the White Sox after Jerry Reinsdorf.”  Now, your buddy BeefLoaf is fine with Jerry Reinsdorf, I don’t have the thick hatred for him that a chunk of the fan base does, so I wish him good health and don’t hope this happens any time in the next few weeks (he is an octagenarian tho’).  Regardless, it is fun to day dream about the possibilities.  Of course, MLB owners have to approve a new owner so most of this group has no chance, because if it is one thing that MLB owners don’t like it is progressive thinking.  Just look at MLB owners they nominated one of their own to be commissioner the last few decades and then when it was time for him to retire, they just hired his errand boy.  It’s embarrassing…………anywho, here is the 5…..




Rumor has it, Cuban was in on the Cubs bidding, but that MLB’s old boys club wasn’t a fan.  A lot of people don’t like Cuban and you can see why, if you watch the popular show Shark Tank how he structures deals or comes over the top because he has the biggest bankroll.
We need an ownership group like that, not one that has to giveaway a gimmick alarm clock to pump up concessions.  Plus, Mark has already taken a horrible franchise from cellar dweller to Champions….and our franchise ain’t as bad as them old Mavericks.  When you are the 2nd team in a city, you are going to need an inventive thinker as part of the ownership group, plus, he’d take the Cubs shit personally and do what he could to strike back against them.    I could see ol’ Mark using his money and connections to make the White Sox a perenial contender (he’d probably even bring Dirk Nowitzki around the ball park to sign some autographs).  Based on his sparring matches on twitter with various big shooters, he has the talent and ego to go head to head with anyone!





Possibly the greatest GM/President of baseball to ever walk this damn earth is still in his early 40’s and thirsting for a piece of ownership.  He’s stamped his fucking ticket to the HOF already, so now he should just do what he really wants and be the man in charge of the whole damn thing.  He’d need investors, but you know he can get them, it’s Theo, he’s smart, handsome, and wins at everything.  Imagine how fucking giddy we’d be as Sox fans if he brought his whole Ivy League mafia to the Southside.
His bling needs no introduction.  He could even have his non-for-profit org along with shitty cover band come and play Reggie’s and the 108ers would gladly come to the show and get drunk and pretend to enjoy it!!!




I consider Oprah Winfrey to be Chicago’s most successful person of my lifetime.  Think about it, back in the 1980’s she started out with her talk show around the time that Phil Donahue was the big cheese in that realm.  Oprah was a BIG. FAT. BLACK. WOMAN.


I mean, this was before all the money and the super diets and whatever else, the goddamn microphone looked like a match stick in her hands, but regardless, she overcame all of that and her talent and drive made her a monster success.  Now all that being said, I can’t tell you that she has a real interest in owning a ball club, but what I can tell you is this……the fucking giveaways at Sox games would be insane.  In true Oprah style, she’d probably be very hush hush on the giveaways allowing Sox fans to guess.  Then, BAM, one cool April Tuesday night at home, she gives away a new car to all 3,207 of us that walk through the turn styles that night.


MIKE DITKA aka “Da Coach”


Da Coach is probably the most perfect future owner of the White Sox, because he’s always looking to make a buck.  Much like the current owner, he’ll do whatever it takes to put a few $$ in his pocket and that’s something White Sox fans are used to.  Now, I’m not sure Jerry Reinsdorf would ever talk his players out of doing a product promotion so that he could do it hisself………OR………… get drunk and fall down at a public establishment….OR…..sexually harass the wait staff at his own restaurant…………


BUT, Chicagoans seem to love Da Coach regardless.  I could just imagine a bearded, deranged looking Coach on the scoreboard telling you to cheer loud for your White Sox and buy more Beggars Pizza!  What could be better!?!?!?!?!
There isn’t an egomaniac on this list bigger than Da Coach, the race between innings would probably become the Ditka race where you’d have 1960’s player Ditka vs. 1980’s head coach Ditka vs. 2000’s ESPN idiot talking head Ditka.  I’m going to guess there would NOT be a “Buddy Ryan Night” at the ballpark… ready for it Jason Benetti? #soxmath 1985




As famous Chicagoans as there are and they even went to the same high school as BeefLoaf and Chorizy-E, the Gumbel brothers could be great owners of our White Sox.  Of course, Greg would be out in the 108 wolfing down encased meats and brew dogs, shouting down “would-be” wave doers with the rest of the crew….while Bryant would be in the skybox in an ascot, brandished in blazer and smart trousers looking for his next female conquest, they could both greatly enjoy owning the ballclub.  The only true Southsiders on this list, it would be cool to get owners that are from here and that understand what it is all about.


 – BeefLoaf

Holiday Weekend Round Up!



It’s MSS and here is your Weekend Round-Up! My original idea was to live blog this weekend, but I decided that I needed to be fully engaged to enjoy this long homestand.  A homestand that includes a daytime double header, #WallyMoney tossing a first pitch, the return of Chris Sale and excessive drinking!


It was supposed to be a double header but the weather gods had other plans.  Slumpbuster showed up EARLY and had a fancy mexican lunch with BeefLoaf at local fave Antique Taco.  They had margaritas and presumably talked about baseball and making that money yo!

The rest of the crew (Chorizy – E, BigUns, Slim Mick and #WallyMoney) showed up at Beefloaf’s place and got their drink on.  I took my sweet ass time getting to the 108 Drinking Patio but I was crushing beers at home like they were gonna expire.  After eating some dinner, I made the walk with my red solo cup with a fresh High Life.

Of course the clouds opened up on me during my walk, so I was wet and buzzed by the time I got there.  There was a pile of beer cans on the table already, and we just kept adding to them.  Crushing beers, talking baseball and bullshit, watching Intervention waiting for the rain to stop.  Slumpbuster spilled BigUns beer, then not to be left out #WallyMoney spilled his ‘drank all over hizself. For reals.  He even soaked his socks.




Pretty sure we were all feeling no pain when we filled that roadie cup, and made our way over to the game which was slated to start at 7:45, then 8:30, and it seemed like they got the field ready as fast as fuck, but we got there in the 1st.  One thing that always confuses me on delay games is they still run the show like it started on time.  Now, I know most normal fans had been there for hours, but when you live up the street you see shit different.  The auction booth was closed in the 1st.  Last call was in the 3rd, but like all good drunks, we just backed ourselves up enough to make sure we made it till the end.  #squadgoals

Trivia was going, Chorizy was killing my peanut bag (trying to take the edge off his buzz no doubt) and we even got a visit from Pete! The Sox were playing great, Modelos were going down smooth, great night all around.  Then shit got weird….


In the 8th, BigUns and Slumpbuster got up and left.  So we walked over to ChiSox to get our maple wing fix!  We were informed by our waitress that the kitchen was closed.  Classic Sox behavior.  So we drank our 24oz Pacifico, and walked back to BeefLoaf’s pad.  While walking, we discovered that #WallyMoney drives a #bangbus and we all could get in to go get a pizza at Freddies.  Which we did.  But they were out of slices.  DA FAQ! So while debating ordering a full pizza, we were chanted into ordering a JUMBO by the staff.  AND WE CRUSHED THAT SHIT.

I had severe trouble navigating the #bangbus back area, which had plenty of room for activities. I was army crawling, barrel rolling like a mofo.  Chorizy didn’t pass out holding our pizza and fries (which is a tradition with these guys that I will never understand. Who eats fries with pizza? BeefLoaf and Chorizy).  Somehow we were quite enough to not wake Ms. ‘Loaf or Bonita Steakie, which was amazing.  I got a lift in the #bangbus home and since I had already eaten, I didn’t pass out in the chair, but found my way to bed and passed the F out.


Friday nights seem to be the crazy drinking nights, so like clockwork, I woke up with a slight headache and some acid reflux.  A few pills later I was back to bed and feeling fine.  BeefLoaf was in the same boat, but fancy ass Chorizy-E said he felt like death.  The deck opened at noon, so after I crushed some hot dogs, downed a few beers I started out my walk to the deck.  My wife and kid decided to hit the DH too, so they walked down with me.  This would be the time that my body decided that we needed to sweat out all the poison that was in my system.  Thanks to Polish With Extra Onions for pointing out that I was pretty sweaty.  Which was very obvious.

Because the 108 is in the shade for a majority of day games, our section seems to fill up with randos that are afraid of the sun.  So it makes for less room for our buds to come by and talk some shit.  But the beer was flowing, and the game was a good one.  We would have enjoyed the announcement of Luis Robert, had we been there on time, but sometimes you gotta show up late to crush a few cheaper beers on the deck.  New addition to the weekend was the 99¢ 4-Pack Kul.


So for less than the price of 2 Modelos in the park, you can get 3 CASES! Insane.  I seem to be the only one who doesn’t mind this beer, but I will say that it isn’t much worse than the Kirky Lights, maybe slightly more flavor.  Maybe.  Another tip, drink as fast as possible as while it warms up, unlike a fine stout or porter, it does NOT taste good.

The deck was in full swing with all the guests including Slumpbuster and BigUns back for the 2nd day!  Impressive gents.  While I am dripping getting an awkward sunburn, I look over and see Chorizy dressed like it is an early April game.


Like fries with pizza, these guys are always fucking confusing me.  Yes, that is a koozie.  No, Chorizy isn’t drinking refried beans.  He has, but not this time.  That is a refreshing Tecate.  I seem to recall in a drunken state Chorizy telling me he was dying of the heat later, but I cannot confirm that.  Lotta family and friends at that first game.


And there was this guy too…..


This guy is awesome.  Even drunk as hell, he is STILL paying more attention to the game than the Cubs fans he came with.  #ThatsCub.

The first game the Sox just tore it up to get the W #FlyTheArrow.  The sweat hadn’t dried yet, and almost half the park was gone before the 2nd game even started.  It was a ghost town.  Once again they stopped serving beer in the 1st!  The 1st!  So again, we backed up till the cows came home.  We bought so much Modelo, that we are pretty sure that our beer guy can buy a boat.  And not a cheap boat, but rather a fancy ass boat with hoes included.



So we drank and drank and watched some baseball.  MF and her crew came down to the seats and partied it up.  Then, all of a sudden, like the 7th, the crew decided that the game was over.  It was a mad dash to the gates, leaving my head spinning, and we walked home.  I noted then that my head was spinning cause I was HAMMERED so I walked my drunk ass home.  Got some great sleep and wasn’t even hung over the following morning.  #thelittlethings


Ok, Game 4.  Sox have taken 2 of 3, so we were excited as it was anyways.  Early morning texts from BeefLoaf confirmed that we’d do it all again, and we had some special guests.  For the 3rd straight day, Slumpbuster and BigUns made it out to ye ol ballpark.  So what does that mean?  Another drunken day.  The beer went down smooth, so smooth even #WallyMoney was crushing Coors Lights.  It was awesome.


Slim Mick and his family were living the high life is a suite due to his daughter writing a great essay about how great of a father he is.  Even included that despite being a Cubs fan, he was still pretty awesome.  Which the 108 agrees. Especially when he rocks a Jersey Demolition shirt in the suite.  And matching 108 Trucker Cap!   Both available here for the low price of $25!

Modelos and pretzels. The shortest rain delay in history happened, but the weather even got better.  It was nuts.  the Sox played hella good ball, Pete stopped by, and the post game was on the deck.  Quick beer for the Indiana fellas, but after they left, we hit the hot tub to talk about the weekend and think up new ideas for the blog.  We popped some bottles and enjoyed the hot tub getting all the stress out of our lives.  I ended the day with with my lovely wife and daughter eating cheap pizza and drinking water.  Which is a good thing cause for the 2nd day in a row I woke up with a 0% hangover.

So overall it was an EXCELLENT homestand with the company of friends and fans. And foes.  The Tiger fans also enjoyed the 108 with us, and winning 3 outta 4 put us in rare form.  Despite the fact that many of you seemed to have missed our article on how to use the bathroom properly (read that here) and the 109 trying to start the wave (watch this) we all had a great time.  Stories were shared, memories were made, and we killed it again Fam.

It’s not over yet and we expect to see many smiling faces out today for the arrival of Chris Sale and the Bo Sox.  And don’t forget #WallyMoney will be bouncing one in on Tuesday night so be sure to make that.  Oh and Sale is tossing against Q.  Big whup.

If you still need your Jersey Demolition shirt, hit us up on Twitter and I will bring it to the game today or Tuesday!  $25 for the best shirt money can buy!  Original content, only 100 made, be the hit at your next Sox gathering.


The Luis Robert Post……

If you are a follower of the 108, you know that Saturday was a BIG DAY, friends of the 108 were getting married and MySoxSummer, Chorizy-E and BeefLoaf were in their goddamn Sunday’s (Saturday’s) best and celebratin!  We were joined by PC Jonny, Juggalo Josh, Vinny Baseball and of course the ladies.  It was a joyous day in which we ate, drank and laughed like we hadn’t as an extended group in awhile.  We also gave our best to a very nice couple.  Congrats Sam and Bridget!!! Wish you the best!!!
Oh…and….reports came out that the muthafuggin’ gangsta Rick Hahn and the White Sox had agreed to terms with Cuban phenom 19 year old Luis Robert.  Who am I kidding??  Chorizy-E and I were at our computers refreshing twitter, dodging unsubstantiated reports from Ken Rosenthai and Ben Badlare to make sure that we waited until we got the official report, and not the bullshit tarps.  Then……at 2:03 pm CST, Ken Rosenthal came through with the intel and White Sox twitter burst into elation!!!
All of us have been reading about Luis Robert for the better part of 6 months once it became clear that the White Sox were going into a rebuild and this was the FINAL. BIG. CUBAN. PROSPECT.  I could try and cobble together and plagiarize thoughts on Robert the player hisself, but I won’t, instead, I’ll point you to the venerable WhiteSoxDave from Barstool and his post about “the player”.
At the 108, we try not to pretend to be scouts (we have no business doing so) and we also try not to play analyst (despite my background in accounting/finance and Chorizy-E and my gambling habits), instead we go all blood and guts on our columns…….so let’s go there………
It means…….The White Sox are fully in on a rebuild and that they are using all of their organizational resources to accomplish the goal.  The fact that a big headline of this story was a video made by Rick Renteria, Jose Abreu and Yoan Moncada shows that the organization is united at all levels on the front of creating a talented environment for winning……
It means………The White Sox are building substantial depth in their organization, you know, like good teams do…… when they need a player or have to make a trade they can do so.  Exhibit A is Spencer Adams.  Do you remember him?  He was the White Sox #3 prospect before the rebuild.  Now he is just “a guy” in their organization and he still might end up being the #3 starting pitcher on the next playoff team.  Did that just make you smile?  It made me smile.
It means………Rick Hahn still has tradeable assets (Q, DBob, Nate, etc) and other angles (cheap signings, trades, etc) to continue to build up the talent base.  This only cost money and added a major prospect to this system, despite Keith Law’s inability to understand this.
It means……..everyone start saving yo money for 2019 playoff tickets!!
– BeefLoaf

108 After Dark – the Wandering Eye

From time to time, a married person gets a wandering eye.  And although Quernzy and I consider ourselves lucky to be married to Chorizy-E and BeefLoaf, respectively, we can’t help but wonder… what would it be like to be with a White Sox player?  And if we could choose, who would make our top five and why? Here is my (Mrs. BeefLoaf) list in no particular order…
Okay – I take “hottie Scotty” Podsednik and Quernzy takes Carlos Quentin!!!  Oh wait…what?  They aren’t playing for the Sox anymore? Or any team?  SMH…we are old… okay, for the current player list…
BeefLoaf has been called a “chubby-chaser” by my own mother, and I guess in some ways – so am I.  Starting off my list is Carlos Rodon.  Devastatingly handsome and with some extra pounds on him, I feel like he is most physically similar to BeefLoaf.
#2 is Matt Davidson.  He is a fresh-faced kid from Cali, making over half a mil. Davidson was a top White Sox prospect and we are hoping that broken foot of last year, doesn’t cause any problems for this season and beyond.
#3 Melky Cabrera.  Cabrera is just fun!  He is fun to watch and I picture us at a party where he entertains all of our friends with funny stories and always wins charades with his craziness.  His salary at $14 million is also a perk.  Money doesn’t buy happiness – but it would sure buy the new hardwood floor I want for the 108 headquarters!
#4 is Derek Holland.  Growing up outside of Des Moines, Iowa, I have a special place in my heart for sparse mustaches and ’85 Camaros.  Not that Holland drives one in real life – but he certainly does in my fantasy.  Additionally, his nickname is the “Dutch Oven”.  Gals – what is not to love about this man?
#5 is Geovany Soto.  A former Cub, which means my Iowa family would more readily accept him, I think Geo is the most age-appropriate for this old girl.  At 34 years old, the age difference isn’t as glaring as it might be with some of the other fellows.  What really gets me about Soto, is his smile.  Great chompers on this one!
Now it’s Quernzy’s turn! In her top five, in no particular order are:
#1 is Tyler Saladino.  He is really a complete package.  He has the amazing stache, he is handsome and he is truly there for his fans, as evident with generously donating his time to sign a 108 shirt and then choosing a winner for the 108 Mustache Contest.  He is from San Diego – which is a big plus for Quernzy, meaning she can spend the offseason in So Cal.
#2 is Jose Abreu. He is a superstar!  2014 Rookie of the Year and Silver Slugger award winner, Jose Abreu is going places – and we hope that doesn’t mean, away from the White Sox, anytime soon. Hailing from Cuba, I can picture Quernzy and I lounging on the beach or touring Cruces together.
#3 is Yoan Moncada.  He is to Quernzy as Davidson is to me, a fresh-faced kid with a $30 million signing bonus!  Moncada is adorable, and never mind that Quernzy could be his mother – I hear he likes “cougars”. (Totally unsubstantiated in any way.)
#4 is James Shields for the obvious reason of facial hair.  No one was more disappointed when Chorizy-E shaved his face than his beautiful bride.  Shields fills the facial hair void in Quernzy’s life.  Nuff said.
James  Shields,  A.J. Preller
#5 is Yolmer Sanchez. As an actress, Quernzy appreciates a man who can go by multiple names.  Last year, we knew Sanchez as Carlos.  This year it is Yolmer.  He also rocks some pretty amazing specs.  He’s a keeper!
That rounds out our lists.  It was hard to choose, so let us know if there is anyone you would choose for us, that didn’t make the cut!  This was all in good fun and in no way serious.  We are two lucky ladies, who love the crazy guys who contribute to this blog.
Mrs. BeefLoaf is an accomplished wine drinker, sun-worshiper, mom to an amazing daughter, car enthusiast, fashion-lover and business owner.  Married, obviously, to our very own BeefLoaf, for nearly 15 years, (yes – she was 12.)  Mrs. BeefLoaf is still deciding what she wants to be when she grows up.  Any suggestions?  Follow her at @KRamos25
Quernzy is the lovely partner/wife/drinking buddy to our very own Chorizy-E.  She likes a good time, even though she married a guy who looks like her grandpa (if her grandpa was Mexican and had grey hair).  She also is majorly famous having appeared in many movies and TV shows.  Check her out on IMDB. Huge sports fan, it runs in her blood, as her mom’s favorite movie of all time is Rocky (and she was a season ticket holder for the O’s and Ravens). Follow her at @Quernzy

Todd Frazier, WTF?

It’s BeefLoaf here and the rebuild is going swimmingly, the team is watchable including some potential young players hitting their strides in Leury Garcia, Yolmer Sanchez, Tommy Kahnle and Avisail Garcia.  They are losing games at a reasonable clip, which should improve the more Dylan Covey and Mike Pelfrey get to start games.  AND most of the prospects are playing well in their minor league assignments, giving us hope for the future.  Everything is going right except for one thing………downloadTha Blockfather (are there White Sox fans that he hasn’t blocked on twitter?) aka Todd Frazier just ain’t playing good enough to be traded.

That’s right, one of the lynch pins of the last team that was “ALL IN” sucks so goddamn bad right now and it isn’t clear that he is going to be good again.  I was listening to a fantasy baseball podcast recently, in which one of the hosts, Rotowire’s Jeff Ericksondownload, who is a Reds’ fan, was laughing at how much the Reds received in the Todd Frazier trade, even though Frazier had just finished an abysmal 2nd half of the 2015 season with the Reds.  Tha Blockfather’s defense is declining, his hard hit rate is declining, his infield flyball rate is increasing….blech!  He’s been awful to the naked and not so naked eye.
One of the key elements of a rebuild is being able to divest of your remaining expiring assets and get some future value for those assets.  The most expirEEE of those assets are Melky Cabrera and Todd Frazier.  Melky downloadhas a low batting average right now, but he’s still doing all the things that Melky Cabrera does including hit the ball hard, so I don’t suspect we’ll have any worries about him being on another team come August 1st.  Frazier on the other hand has plunged his value too low to trade.  What team wants what he is providing, even if they could have it for FREE, let alone send Rick Hahn some talent in return.  I know what you are saying “BUT HE’S A GOOD CLUBHOUSE GUY”…….you know what good clubhouse guys who can’t hit or play defense do for a living?  They sell insurance.  downloadThis is where Frazier is trending, I heard someone quote a stat that he is currently the WORST big league regular.  WORST!!!  You can’t trade the WORST big league regular.
In my mind, there are only 3 options………
NUMERO UNO – Frazier gets his head out of his rectum and starts playing better ball.  If that is the case, you still won’t get what Rick Hahn thought he would get for Frazier, but you might be able to put him on a middling wild card contender that needs help at the hot corner by August 1st.  This is the best case scenario and since I am a realist, it is the one that won’t happen.
PLAN B – Frazier continues to suck, Yolmer continues to rake and Moncada is ready……..this is where we haz some problems.  Those are the assumptions, but then again, we also have Tyler Saladino and Matt Davidson here who need playing time.  You have to bench Frazier downloadand/or only play him in spots that are optimal to make at least one team believe he can help them in August and September.  That means, he is no longer a regular…..Yolmer Sanchez is your new Third Baseman, congratulations Yolmer!! download Moncada obviously will man the keystone and Frazier to the bench.  If this comes to fruition, it will be clear to Rick Hahn (hopefully) that Yolmer Sanchez is a better trade asset than Frazier and he should get the regular playing time.
III – I’ve been watching A LOT of Sopranos lately and if you have been reading up till now, you know that the last option ain’t gonna be a good one.  If I’m Rick Hahn, maybe I use Buddy Bell to go down there and take care of Todd Frazierimages, seems like an unlikely choice.  You guessed it, option III is DFA Todd Frazier…….playing time is a valuable commodity in a rebuild and Frazier using ANY of that playing time after August 1st is a poor use of resources.
– BeefLoaf  

(3) The Good, The Bad, The Ugly……

Chorizy-E here to round up the weekend with “the Good, the Bad, the Ugly”……..a little snippet of what the 108ers see when attending games for a Sox homestand.

The Good

Leury Garcia – In addition to his 2 HR game this weekend, he’s getting on base quite a bit.  With a .340 OBP, he’s not quite Adam Eaton, but he’s a more than respectable lead off hitter.  That is something I didn’t expect from him and I really didn’t even expect from anyone on the roster.  To be completely honest, I didn’t think Leury’s OPS would break .340.
– Bathroom Etiquette – Apparently, people read our article on bathroom etiquette.  With the droves of people that showed up to get what may be the most annoying alarm clock ever, we assumed there would be awful bathroom lines.  But with the exception of one or two times, there were almost no lines this weekend.  Congratulations on a job well done!
Modelo – Our favorite beer vendor had Modelo/Corona all weekend, which saved us from having to muscle down Bud and Bud Light.

The Bad

– Throwing Home Run Balls back on the Field – This is still happening and it is extremely stupid.  Look at the gif below and decide if you want to be the joyous kid that caught the ball and did not throw it on the field or the wretched piece of Minnesota trash that flips off a child.
– The wave – We rail on the wave quite a bit.  I know some people like it, but like it or not, the wave on Sunday was with the entire first baseline almost empty.  So it really just showed off how many empty seats there were.

The Ugly

– MySoxSummer’s first pitch – A very cool moment occurred on Thursday where one of our own got to throw out the first pitch.  It was pretty awesome, well that he got to do it, not the actual execution of the pitch.  It was basically an eephus pitch.  Now that would have been cool had that been his intention.  But I believe it was best described as looking like “he was throwing the ball to his 1 year old daughter.”   But seriously, big props to him for doing that.  I prolly would have pissed myself.
– This guy – We have no idea who this guy is, but we were pretty sure he was dead when we happened upon him.  Beefloaf asked him if he was ok and as he awoke, he flipped me off as I got this wonderful pic.  I am pretty proud of our fellow Sox fans though.  As you can see, despite his state, nobody felt compelled to abscond with his Hawk alarm clock.  I checked on that spot today and he was no longer there.  I like to think that he woke up refreshed to Hawk’s voice, brushed himself off, and went to work at the hospital where he is a world renowned brain surgeon.


The 108 Learning Annex – Bathroom Etiquette at the Ballpark.

Even though we don’t wanna do this, we feel like the hot mess that took place on April 22nd, 2017 has deemed it necessary that we go over this.  Usually this takes place on Opening Day, but a 32k crowd on that “Sweatshirt Saturday” blew it out of the water. Some of y’all have NO FUCKING IDEA ON HOW TO USE THE RESTROOMS AT G-RATE. NO IDEA. NOT A CLUE.

Let’s take a look at the diagram –


So most of you know to enter in the A area.  Some of you go backdoor and hit the C area, which I understand, but you are still a cunt when you do so.  So much so that I won’t tuck my wide shoulders when going out the exit in hopes that I give you a stinger. So you go in A.  Now, if you gotta shit (and I will say that in hundreds of games that I have attended I have done it twice) you can stay in the A area, but move to the side so other guys can get past. If you are using the stall to piss, you gotta reevaluate your life, for reals.  The last thing anyone is looking at is your dick size at the ballpark.  If you have a kid and are using the stall, hey, thank you for bringing the ‘yutes to the game. One time I saw a guy drinking a beer, taking a piss with his kid in a baby carrier. It was amazing.


When you enter the bathroom, and you just have to piss, walk right by the people in the A area, and head to the B area.  Simple right? You’d think. Why do this you ask? This will prevent a big bunch of people blocking the entrance while ONE FUCKING GUY is just sitting there waiting for the next open urinal.  Right now, huge lines ensue just so “First In Line” Fred can get his pisser before anyone else does. We in the 108 LOSE OUR FUCKING MINDS when this happens.  But how can it be avoided?  Oh, we’d thought you’d never ask!


Now, here is where it get’s tricky. We all like to gamble right?  Well, now is the time (as Slumpbuster put it) to “pick your horse”.  You line up behind a guy taking a piss, so there is no bunching in area A, which allows for people to get access to the next open urinal.   Now, several things can happen. Your “horse” might win before the guy who might have gotten in line before you. It is your urinal, you won, piss away. But you can do the, “Go ahead” movement if you wanna be a nice guy.  But ultimately, it is yours to use. Just following this little suggestion, will make things go so much smoother, and Chorizy – E won’t wanna kill you.


I know all you guys are all about being “fair”, well except you cunts that go in the exit and think it’s hilarious. But honestly, this first come, next served bullshit has to end.  When there are less people in the bathroom, I stay in an “area” of a few urinals. If a guy who was waiting longer than me picked a bad horse (depending on how bad I gotta piss) I usually will offer up my spot to that guy.  I try to be fair, but sometimes, especially when the bathrooms are full, you gotta make a decision and deal with it. It sucks, but it’s the best we can do.  This one guy waiting for the next available one has gotta end.  I am gonna have a fucking aneurysm the next time I get in line only to find out we are waiting for “Next In Line” Ned to get his properly deserved urinal.


Now, you don’t have to be right on the guy taking a piss, give him some space and don’t rush the guy.  Usually I am pretty drunk, so I don’t give a fuck how close you are, but some guys that might give them stage fright.  What actually will give most guys stage fright is when you don’t leave a one urinal buffer in an empty bathroom.  I know we are a group orientated type of society, don’t like to be alone, but one spot, is public bathrooms.  Stay the fuck away.


I am sure I have pissed off a bunch of people, but IDGAF. This madness needs to end.  Seriously.  I am tired of waiting in lines so one person can be treated fairly.  We are in a  group situation and what works best for the group, not than the individual, should rule. So when you see a guy walk by you, cause you are living in “It’s My Turn” Ted’s dumb world, waiting in the A area, don’t freak out, but rather follow him to the future.  We in the 108 will be there, and we’ll have fancy future beer. Wanna join us?




Big thanks to all the 108’ers that came out last night to support my first lofty and slow pitch.  Miguel Gonzalez called it an ultra slow change-up, awesome guy by the way. It was a wonderful experience that I am very appreciative of.  Having my wife, daughter and all you jagaloons there meant more to me than you will even know.  The shit talking after the pitch was pretty light, I think because I was holding my daughter.  I am sure it will continue tonight.  Extra special thanks to Mike from the Sox (an avid 108 reader) for his hospitality. Can’t wait to do it again.


And then this –


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Secret Mission: Jamaica…Red Stripe

Good day friends and family, it’s your pal BeefLoaf.  It has been a bit since I wrote in this space, and for good reason, I, along with Mrs. BeefLoaf and the lovely Bonita Steakie were on a little research trip for the 108.  While the 108 budget runs on fumes for most things, like internet access and salaries for our writers, it has a YUGE meals and entertainment budget.  So, the crew thought it would be best if I (not your usual beer writer) went to Jamaica and checked out Red Stripe in its native land.
“Now I see where the White Sox recruit their gate security.” – Mrs. BeefLoaf (waiting in customs line in Jamaica)
These types of trips tend to provide for a lot of sun and relaxation (and drinking) for Mrs. BeefLoaf and I…..Bonita Steakie on the other hand, gets into all kinds of adventures, just during this trip, she found a starfish, got her hair completely braided, got to swim through some coral, dominated the other kids at the kids club in bocce ball, got her face painted (twice), swam hours upon hours in the pool and ocean, shot billiards with her dad, crushed Miami Vice’s and Strawberry Daiquiri’s (virgin ldo, she’s only 7, but we do have her in a treatment program to get her off of them) and she was bit by a feral cat.  Don’t worry, in lieu of taking her to a 3rd World Hospital from feral cat bite, yours truly poured some rum into the wound while Bonita Steakie looked on with a gaze of extreme boredom.
Also, I thought it quite curious that while the Dominican Republic, only a hop, skip and a jump away from Jamaica, has tons of current MLB players as well as alumni, Jamaica has very few.  I thought about asking some of the staff at the resort or possibly some of the “entrepreneurs” that roamed the beach asking “Bob Marley?” but decided, since I didn’t see a sports bar on property that these people don’t give a fuck about baseball nor would they care that I am a blogger from some blog that nobody reads.
Anywho, back to the review, I thought it made sense to try and replicate the thirst that needs to be quenched when the 108ers attended a ballgame, so I got some sun and swam a few races with Bonita Steakie (these were short sprints, which I routinely lost, it has only been about 12 calendar months that I have known how to swim so my technique is not refined yet).  I also ate a full breakfast, which occassionally included paella, so as to completely replicate conditions.  Red Stripe was a refreshing and thirst quenching lager.  Unlike the domestic macro brew lagers of los estados unidos, this actually has flavor, you can even taste some hops filtering through.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The wine that was being served on resort was meh, so I happily drank Red Stripe even when we had a steak dinner and it really hit the spot.  I even crushed several Red Stripe at the airport on the way home.  I will definitely get down on some Red Stripe again!
– BeefLoaf

Hey You – Buy Our Stuff.

Hola it’s MSS and we have a special blog today for all our loyal readers.  If you follow us on Twitter (@fromthe108) or our Instagram (fromthe108, and looking at the numbers you might not) we teased an announcement.  Here it is –


And –


What could it be?  Looks awesome.  Looks comfortable. Looks like you need one.  Here it is in all it’s glory!


WE MADE ANOTHER SHIRT! Isn’t it funny that “shirt” and “shit” are only an “r” away? How about that. So anyways, what a fantastic shirt.  It’s made by the great people at Next Level, so you know it’s soft. Printed in CHICAGO by local guys 4th Shift Printing. It’s a fancy athletic cut that makes you look slim.  Plus it celebrates the oddest day in Chris Sale‘s storied career.  Wouldn’t it be great to welcome him back with this nifty shirt?  Word is he is tossing on May 30th, should be a great one.

So now you are telling yourself, “Goddamn, that is a fancy shirt.  I need me that!” And then thinking,  “It must be a $50 shirt looking at that quality design and superior printing.” Well, you would be right.  It’s a $50 shirt, but we are selling them all half off at the low-low “you so crazy” price of only $25.  We’ll even ship this badboy (along with whatever 108 swag I can find in my basement)  to you for just $5 more.  That’s a steal right?  But wait, there is more.

We only made 100 of these hilarious shirts and once they are sold, we will never sell one again.  We know how much it sucks when you get a sweet t-shirt and then your buddy get’s the same one months later just to steal your thunder.  So buy it before that asshole does!

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Yep, Rick has one and might be wearing it RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Wearing this shirt, crushing Modelo after Modelo, telling Kenny to hold his beer while he shows the Chairman how he made the deals that made us the 2016 Hot Stove Champions.

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Look at all that awesome.  Nothing says “I am here to party!” quite like a trucker cap.  Black and white colorway so you can wear it to formal occasions! And really, it goes with EVERYTHING. Don’t be left out when all your friends are rocking this cap, drinking heavily, picking up chicks.  Just like Slumpbuster does. You can rock it forwards when the sun is beating down and then flip it around when it’s time to get serious.

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The One Hitter…..

This is a new column called The One Hitter, where we bring to you a quick thought or note or something………remember to exhale.
Dylan Covey‘s performance last night, as lackluster as it was, was an important one.  His line 6.2 IP 9 H 6 R 6 ER 2 BB 2 K, doesn’t look like much, but it contains two important developments for this White Sox organization.  1) Covey had to own his start.  His previous starts which included better and worse ones than this had him getting rescued earlier in the start.  He wasn’t forced to battle through adversity like a routine groundball hitting the 3b bag and letting two runs in when he should’ve been out of the inning.  He was pulled in those starts to be protected by what has been a spectacular bullpen.  Nope, he had to stay in this time and wear it all and battle back and he did a decent job.  Especially for a Rule 5 pick that hadn’t pitched much in advanced leagues.  2) Ricky Renteria handled this perfectly.  Given the conditions, in the midst of a 10 game road trip, with 7 straight days of games trailing by 3 runs late, without one of your best hitters instead of burning up the pen early in this game to “keep it close” he realized how low the probabilities were of winning and figured out that saving his bullpen for future games as well as extending Dylan Covey are important for this ballclub.  Consider me impressed that Ricky has the candle power to think like this in the moment and execute perfectly.  In the early going, I am very impressed with Ricky, even in a loss like last night.
– BeefLoaf