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If you are a follower of the 108, you know that Saturday was a BIG DAY, friends of the 108 were getting married and MySoxSummer, Chorizy-E and BeefLoaf were in their goddamn Sunday’s (Saturday’s) best and celebratin!  We were joined by PC Jonny, Juggalo Josh, Vinny Baseball and of course the ladies.  It was a joyous day in which we ate, drank and laughed like we hadn’t as an extended group in awhile.  We also gave our best to a very nice couple.  Congrats Sam and Bridget!!! Wish you the best!!!


Oh…and….reports came out that the muthafuggin’ gangsta Rick Hahn and the White Sox had agreed to terms with Cuban phenom 19 year old Luis Robert.  Who am I kidding??  Chorizy-E and I were at our computers refreshing twitter, dodging unsubstantiated reports from Ken Rosenthai and Ben Badlare to make sure that we waited until we got the official report, and not the bullshit tarps.  Then……at 2:03 pm CST, Ken Rosenthal came through with the intel and White Sox twitter burst into elation!!!


All of us have been reading about Luis Robert for the better part of 6 months once it became clear that the White Sox were going into a rebuild and this was the FINAL. BIG. CUBAN. PROSPECT.  I could try and cobble together and plagiarize thoughts on Robert the player hisself, but I won’t, instead, I’ll point you to the venerable WhiteSoxDave from Barstool and his post about “the player”.

At the 108, we try not to pretend to be scouts (we have no business doing so) and we also try not to play analyst (despite my background in accounting/finance and Chorizy-E and my gambling habits), instead we go all blood and guts on our columns…….so let’s go there………


It means…….The White Sox are fully in on a rebuild and that they are using all of their organizational resources to accomplish the goal.  The fact that a big headline of this story was a video made by Rick Renteria, Jose Abreu and Yoan Moncada shows that the organization is united at all levels on the front of creating a talented environment for winning……


It means………The White Sox are building substantial depth in their organization, you know, like good teams do…… when they need a player or have to make a trade they can do so.  Exhibit A is Spencer Adams.  Do you remember him?  He was the White Sox #3 prospect before the rebuild.  Now he is just “a guy” in their organization and he still might end up being the #3 starting pitcher on the next playoff team.  Did that just make you smile?  It made me smile.


It means………Rick Hahn still has tradeable assets (Q, DBob, Nate, etc) and other angles (cheap signings, trades, etc) to continue to build up the talent base.  This only cost money and added a major prospect to this system, despite Keith Law’s inability to understand this.


It means……..everyone start saving yo money for 2019 playoff tickets!!

– BeefLoaf

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