108 After Dark – the Wandering Eye

From time to time, a married person gets a wandering eye.  And although Quernzy and I consider ourselves lucky to be married to Chorizy-E and BeefLoaf, respectively, we can’t help but wonder… what would it be like to be with a White Sox player?  And if we could choose, who would make our top five and why? Here is my (Mrs. BeefLoaf) list in no particular order…


Okay – I take “hottie Scotty” Podsednik and Quernzy takes Carlos Quentin!!!  Oh wait…what?  They aren’t playing for the Sox anymore? Or any team?  SMH…we are old… okay, for the current player list…

BeefLoaf has been called a “chubby-chaser” by my own mother, and I guess in some ways – so am I.  Starting off my list is Carlos Rodon.  Devastatingly handsome and with some extra pounds on him, I feel like he is most physically similar to BeefLoaf.


#2 is Matt Davidson.  He is a fresh-faced kid from Cali, making over half a mil. Davidson was a top White Sox prospect and we are hoping that broken foot of last year, doesn’t cause any problems for this season and beyond.


#3 Melky Cabrera.  Cabrera is just fun!  He is fun to watch and I picture us at a party where he entertains all of our friends with funny stories and always wins charades with his craziness.  His salary at $14 million is also a perk.  Money doesn’t buy happiness – but it would sure buy the new hardwood floor I want for the 108 headquarters!


#4 is Derek Holland.  Growing up outside of Des Moines, Iowa, I have a special place in my heart for sparse mustaches and ’85 Camaros.  Not that Holland drives one in real life – but he certainly does in my fantasy.  Additionally, his nickname is the “Dutch Oven”.  Gals – what is not to love about this man?


#5 is Geovany Soto.  A former Cub, which means my Iowa family would more readily accept him, I think Geo is the most age-appropriate for this old girl.  At 34 years old, the age difference isn’t as glaring as it might be with some of the other fellows.  What really gets me about Soto, is his smile.  Great chompers on this one!


Now it’s Quernzy’s turn! In her top five, in no particular order are:


#1 is Tyler Saladino.  He is really a complete package.  He has the amazing stache, he is handsome and he is truly there for his fans, as evident with generously donating his time to sign a 108 shirt and then choosing a winner for the 108 Mustache Contest.  He is from San Diego – which is a big plus for Quernzy, meaning she can spend the offseason in So Cal.


#2 is Jose Abreu. He is a superstar!  2014 Rookie of the Year and Silver Slugger award winner, Jose Abreu is going places – and we hope that doesn’t mean, away from the White Sox, anytime soon. Hailing from Cuba, I can picture Quernzy and I lounging on the beach or touring Cruces together.


#3 is Yoan Moncada.  He is to Quernzy as Davidson is to me, a fresh-faced kid with a $30 million signing bonus!  Moncada is adorable, and never mind that Quernzy could be his mother – I hear he likes “cougars”. (Totally unsubstantiated in any way.)


#4 is James Shields for the obvious reason of facial hair.  No one was more disappointed when Chorizy-E shaved his face than his beautiful bride.  Shields fills the facial hair void in Quernzy’s life.  Nuff said.

James  Shields,  A.J. Preller

#5 is Yolmer Sanchez. As an actress, Quernzy appreciates a man who can go by multiple names.  Last year, we knew Sanchez as Carlos.  This year it is Yolmer.  He also rocks some pretty amazing specs.  He’s a keeper!


That rounds out our lists.  It was hard to choose, so let us know if there is anyone you would choose for us, that didn’t make the cut!  This was all in good fun and in no way serious.  We are two lucky ladies, who love the crazy guys who contribute to this blog.


Mrs. BeefLoaf is an accomplished wine drinker, sun-worshiper, mom to an amazing daughter, car enthusiast, fashion-lover and business owner.  Married, obviously, to our very own BeefLoaf, for nearly 15 years, (yes – she was 12.)  Mrs. BeefLoaf is still deciding what she wants to be when she grows up.  Any suggestions?  Follow her at @KRamos25


Quernzy is the lovely partner/wife/drinking buddy to our very own Chorizy-E.  She likes a good time, even though she married a guy who looks like her grandpa (if her grandpa was Mexican and had grey hair).  She also is majorly famous having appeared in many movies and TV shows.  Check her out on IMDB. Huge sports fan, it runs in her blood, as her mom’s favorite movie of all time is Rocky (and she was a season ticket holder for the O’s and Ravens). Follow her at @Quernzy

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