Is Violet Myers Dead? MSS Investigates.

Last night, maybe after the family went to bed, I was doing some Google searches. I was typing in one of my favorite actresses into the search bar and this came up…

My heart skipped a beat and I immediately clicked on the first link, which PROVIDED NO INFORMATION OF USE. NONE. I mean what does this even mean?

Stupid Ass Website – Jan 2022

And then this….

Death of Violet Miles-obituary,Violet Miles passed away peacefully, and Miles was considered an amazing man. Violet is an inspiration and mentor for many people, and he has made great contributions to his community and country. His family and friends will miss him very much.

The cause of death was not announced to the public.The condolences and condolences for the death of Miles are being shared on the social media timeline. Friends and family mourned their loved ones who died unexpectedly with a deep sense of loss.

The privacy of the family must be respected during this difficult time. This publication is only a noteworthy piece of information and is not an obituary of Myers

Same Stupid Ass Website – Jan 2022

Guys this might be the biggest ruse since Leila Rahimi found a full, perfectly placed deep dish pizza just “chillin'” on the streets of downtown Chicago….

Never mind that the website was basically all ads and they referred to her as “him” and “Miles”, no this still could be a credible announcement. I had to dig deeper. There were a few other blogs with the same announcement, giving it some credibility. I read them too, but they all had basically the same information, nothing concrete. I did what every aspiring internet detective does and headed over to Reddit. Reddit is full of people who love conspiracy theories and have TONS of time on their hands. It didn’t take long to find out some interesting information.

According to this IG, heavenlycontrol (who has 116k followers), Violet was with him and his friends on 12/12/21. Now, can you make fake posts on IG or maybe get your dates wrong? Of course. But you’d think this guy would have done a “In Memory Of” post or something to get the “clout” as the kids say. But it was clearly a post of them hanging out, nothing more. The first report of her death was on 10/28, to not even acknowledge her death makes me pretty skeptical. This post on Reddit doesn’t seem to be reliable…..let’s move on.

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As any seasoned detective will tell you….follow the money. In this day and age of information at our fingertips, you can find out alot about someone online. This is especially true if parts of their income come from OnlyFans, which I just found out about a few days ago. Looking at IMDB Violet didn’t make many videos from 2020 – 2021, pandemic related? Possibly. I’m learning that adult performers had to take to the OF streets to get that content made as the “big studios” seemingly shut down. A quick check on her Only Fans produced this…

That’s definitive proof that Violet Myers is 100% alive and was seen on her OF account 2 hours ago at the time of posting. I’m sure some of the conspiracy theory folks might not believe me, but this is definitive proof that she is alive. It’s not a deep fake fake folks…….Violet Myers Lives!


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