Leila Rahimi’s Elaborate Ruse

I’m a big fan of Leila Rahimi. I noted such in a recent blog where I detail my favorite previous guests in the now deceased 3 Things video series. However, her tweet today, that is getting so much attention, is a total ruse.

I bet most of yous who are like me and graduated college but are still barely tasting the meaty bell curve of average intelligence are thinking, what the fuck is a RUSE? Well, I’m happy to let Randal Graves from the movie Clerks educate yous as he educated me back in the 90’s.

Now back to the tweet. Leila CLAIMS to have found a perfectly shaped pizza in full fucking working order, just laying on the ground at the cross streets of Hubbard and Dearborn (I’ve hung out at that intersection a wee bit back in my younger days) at 8:18am (or at least that is the time of the tweet). I don’t buy it.

Leila Rahimi smiling at how easy she believes it is to fool our dumbasses

First off, nobody is dropping a pizza and leaving it perfectly like this. There would be at least a little spillage of the sauce or a half of the pie crust that is all bent up. Secondly, who is actually carrying around a pizza completely box-less? Nobody prances down Dearborn with a box-less pizza like that EVER! You’ve never seen that, I’ve never seen that, more importantly, only Leila and possibly an accomplice has seen it.

Lastly, I think my mans MySoxSummer put it best with this tweet.

He’s right. There is a reason. Leila planted this there strictly for content. Look, I’m not faulting Leila for doing it, but I see right through this and it’s a total 670TheScore work. We all know those folks make up bullshit like this just for the likes and the clout on Al Gore’s internet. Wouldn’t shock me if she received extra praise from the rest of the crew and Mitch Rosen looked along approvingly. They think us dumb internet users are gonna fall for this like we usually do, but not this time, we caught them red (sauce) handed.

Mitch Rosen’s plan, working to perfection

Just wait till they copy this method again. Shane Riordan will probably find a rack of lamb untouched under the Jordan statue at the United Center. We can all see it coming. Let’s not let them fool us again!

Shame on you Leila! You’re better than this!



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