The 5 – White Sox Radio Post-Game Host

The White Sox have moved over to ESPN 1000. In doing that, they have created a vacancy for the post-game show. I don’t expect LoHo or Herbie to jump ship from the Score to do this nor do I think Andy Masur leaves WGN to host. Because as you know, the play by play job is not part of this deal. So I’d like to look at 5 people active in White Sox Twitter that I would tune in for.

5. Chris Lanuti

Maybe Chris should be higher up on the list, but I recently asked him about this on the FromThe108 Festivus show and he turned it down instantly. Now he’s got the dope radio voice and the experience, but hey, maybe he wants to be able to tip back a few during the game like we do. And also not deal with all the bull shit that goes along with this.

4. King Mac

A couple of things that upset me about post-game shows is they typically take the side of the team and they don’t often get into it with callers. I have a funny feeling that King Mac would subscribe to neither of those. Not sure they could use this, but “talk shit with the King” would be a great tagline for the show.

3. Gas Money Bob

This makes so much sense, I could probably stop right here. If there ever was a voice of the fan, it’s Gas Money Bob. Imagine being able to call into that voice and interact. Perfection.

2. Leila Rahimi

We got to spend some time talking with Leila and Three Things and she can definitely mix it up with the drunks. And I feel like that is tremendously important to this job. I think the biggest question is if she’d want to subject herself to this.

1. Josh Nelson

Josh was able to withstand 4.5 hours of our drunken shenanigans on Festivus and he has spent countless hours dealing with the 108 whether it be in the stadium, drinking brandy old fashioneds at the bar, or talking Star Wars with me. That’s the kind of long term conditioning that you need to stomach drunk calls after a game. It’s basically training in the mountains of Kenya for marathons. He’s our guy, let’s do this!


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