Three Things is……DEAD!!!

Last night, me, Chorizy-E and MySoxSummer convened in my basement for our FromThe108 Annual Meeting. In general, we like to get together 1 day per year (last year it was on Zoom because this pandemic be a motherfucker), drink A TON of Goose Island beer, and discuss all things 108.

A very #108ed crew getting close to the end of the 108 Annual Meeting

It’s a session that allows us to put all our cards on the table about our thoughts on various content and non-content issues that are a part of our 108 empire. The ideas can get quite wild and some things get shot down moments after I mention them (yes, I usually have the worst ideas). Some things even come together for content without much thought.

This is not only a brainstorming session for NEW things we want to take on or refinements to ideas that we think work well already. Inevitably this town hall style convergence of thoughts also takes some of our content pieces and drags them out back like Old Yeller for their final demise.

This year, Three Things was on the chopping block. It is officially DEAD. That’s right, our answer to the time in the world when we couldn’t get together because of the uncertainties of COVID-19 lead us to create a short online show via Zoom and YouTube where we interviewed the fine folks of White Sox twitter using just THREE THINGS. Those things were….

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher TJ McFarland joining us for Three Things

A Super Special Introduction

I wanted to show some love to the people that took the time to join us and introduce you the watcher of such video to their content, their accomplishments and why we think they are special.

A Question from the Guest

We prepped our guests with the idea that it should be a question we can go around the horn and each answer. This made sure the question was open ended and available to interpretation by the 108 crew, as well as everyone watching. The questions ranged from benign, but easily wrestled over to down right existential (thanks Herb Lawrence!).

A Question from the Host

As hosts of this show (we rotated who was hosting and who was going to pick the guest, it’s always best to get a 1/3 each blend of our #108ing style), we attempted to line up a question that would work best for the guest and get some great conversations going.

Anyways, Three Things is gone, never to come back, but before it completely goes, I want to share with you my Three Favorite, Three Things Guests…..

Leila Rahimi

You know how you hear, “so and so is WONDERFUL, I have nothing but good things to say about them”. Let me tell you, that’s how I would describe Leila. She showed up early to the Zoom call and we talked so much about random things that at some point one of us was like, “hey, we should start recording this!”. She’s smart, hard-working and funny, a great mixture when making content is the end goal. I can’t believe we talked 2011 Texas Rangers…fucking Neftali Feliz!

Scott Garcia

Scott is a long-time 108 supporter and part of this series was to get people a chance to learn a bit more than you can on twitter about people in our community. He was outstanding, from his stories of getting completely #108ed with Frank Thomas at Big Hurt Beer event, to bringing up what a 108 House at Spring Training would look like, our long-time west coast representation delivered in a big way.

Chuck Garfien

Chuck gets a lot of crap in the White Sox Twitter community for being a part of “state media” as some would term it. However, from what I can tell, Chuck is a die hard White Sox fan, and we should be so lucky as to have someone with real skin in the game doing our pre and post game shows. This discussion was a ton of fun, I had never seen Chuck kick back with a brewski, nor did I think he would show us his fake ID from college. Incredible. Chuck loves to bust our chops, he gets it!

Well, that’s it. One content idea that the three of us loved at some point is gone off into that good night. You can still go to our YouTube channel and watch all 40 plus interviews we did. #RIPIP Three Things. You’ll be missed.


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