Favorite Album: @SoxBearPayton

In the wake of some mixed Bears news, I figured we’d have one of our favorite Bears fans tell us about her favorite album:

Name/Twitter Handle

Payton – @SoxBearPayton

Favorite Album

Fearless by Taylor Swift

First time you heard it

I was only 8 years old, I just got a CD player and the fearless album for Christmas, I already liked one song from the album, You Belong With Me cause I heard it on the radio so “Santa” brought me the CD player & CD, I made my dad get it set up immediately and made the whole house listen to Taylor Swift Christmas morning 2008 then brought the CD player to the family Christmas party that day and made the whole family listen!

How often do you listen to it?

I listen to Taylor Swift a lot so I end up listening to at least 1-2 songs off the album almost everyday

Why is this your favorite album?

It is what got me into music, I loved the song from the radio & Taylor Swift so much my parents got me a CD player which got me super into music as they kept buying me more albums. Also made me a huge Taylor Swift fan, she has been my favorite artist ever since so 13 years now, I grew up with her and the album!

Which track would be your walk up music?


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