Is Sara Jay A White Sox Fan? MSS Investigates.

Decades ago, I remembering giving my friends wife a hard time cause instead of storing pictures on an external hard drive or burning them to a CD she just bought new SD cards. Now, I AM THAT GUY, with over 6k pictures and screenshots on my phone. That’s 100% insane and I am starting to clean it up here in 2022. One of the benefits of cleaning your phone is finding old images that you might have forgotten about. Like these gems….

OMG. That’s Sara Jay, yes, the one that is followed by Barack Obama. Yup, the former president of the USA, Barack Obama. Uh huh, well known White Sox fan Barack Obama. Would he follow her if she WASN’T a White Sox fan? Let’s find out….

Now, as some of you know, I am a graphic designer by trade. So I needed to make sure that was actually a real shirt and not something that my boy @Na_Na worked up just to troll me. Luckily she posted many pics in this shirt so I can confirm that she is in fact actually wearing a White Sox shirt. It got me thinking, is Sara Jay a White Sox fan?

Where does any aspiring investigator go to get the info that they am searching for?

Shockingly this yielded ZERO results. Fuck, this is gonna be harder than I first thought.

Second search was this….

Now THAT yielded some results. According to she celebrated the Knicks 6th win in a row on April 19th, 2021. So now we know Sara Jay likes basketball, especially the Knicks. If you Google Sara Jay / White Sox you get all sorts of responses, but none are sports related. You should try anyways as maybe I missed something…

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On something called Sara Jay discusses all sorts of stuff and she casually drops a nugget. She’s from Cincinnati and she says “Go Bearcats!” in the interview. Apparently she has a degree in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati, which makes sense why she couldn’t find a job in her field and went the adult way. Now, a team from Cincinnati is in the NFL playoffs, so let’s look at her IG. NO PICS IN BENGALS GEAR. NONE. Also no pics of her in Reds gear. Fuck, this is tough….back to the Google machine…

HOLY SHIT. Back in 2012 Sara Jay and Angelina Castro promised to give every fan of theirs a BJ in celebration of the Heat beating the Thunder. Well, the damn NBA tried to shut them down and stop the celebration, prudes. Just read this….(thanks to for the assist)

I mean seriously? Even in the eyes of a lawsuit from meanie David Stern (#RIPIP you fucking BJ hating goofball) Sara and Angelina powered thru and released this statement….

Back in 2012 Sara Jay and Angelina Castro only had 300k followers between them, now just Sara Jay has 1.3M followers, Angelina has 302k. Imagine making that claim today for the Bengals, that’d be interetsting. Of course there is no way there are 1.6M Bengal fans, no fucking way.

Anyways, they fully went thru with the bet but didn’t get anywhere close to 300k guys, just 6. Six total guys and there is video evidence. Google up Team BJ, Sara Jay and Angelina Castro and Miami Heat. You might find something. Or you CAN buy it on this thing called a DVD…

Guys, this investigation proved to me that Sara Jay likes the Bearcats and MAYBE likes NBA basketball. First the Heat and more recently the Knicks. Could she be a White Sox fan? IMO, yes, yes she could be. My man Barack wouldn’t follow a Reds fans or a Marlins fan for that matter! Hell no. I’ve never seen her in another MLB teams shirt so I will conclude that she LOVES the White Sox just like all of us. Anytime you wanna go to a game Sara, there’s a seat with your name on it. Right next to my guy Aloha Mr. Hand, who likes movies too.


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