Are you worried about Yoan Moncada?

Good day friends, it’s your old pal BeefLoaf, just writing some chit on ANOTHER DAY of PPD White Sox baseball. I gotta tell ya, I have proverbial blue balls with all of these PPD so far in this early season, especially considering we might get 0 innings of White Sox baseball this weekend, such hooey, but I digress.  I wanted to stop by to ask a quick question.
Of course you are, otherwise I wouldn’t be asking this question.  The real question, is, why are some people NOT worried about Yoan Moncada.  You know who I am talking about, those heady, steadfast folks that host blogs or podcasts or that are otherwise rational baseball fans on twitter that you interact with on a regular basis.  Those folks keep telling you that they aren’t worried about Yoan Moncada, mostly they use terms like “small sample size” and “pedigree” and “barrels” and “exit velocity“……those things reassure them and make them sound smart.  Folks, I’m here to tell you the truth.  Everyone of them mufuckas is worried to some degree, but lets me ‘splain why they aren’t worried to the same degree that you are…….
Forget that the White Sox traded Chris Sale for Yoan Moncada
Most of the people that say they aren’t worried about Yoan Moncada, have already separated the fact that the White Sox traded one of the best pitchers in their history for Moncada.  These folks (likely sociopaths) have been able to compartmentalize the fact that the Sale White Sox teams weren’t going to win shit and that trading him was a necessary conclusion unless we went back to 2012 and Richard Branson bought the White Sox.  If you can do this (no small feat) then you don’t automatically think that if Moncada isn’t as crazy good as Sale was, then he’s a failure.  This leads me to my next point……
Successful Yoan Moncada might not look like you think
I’ve heard the “#1 prospect in baseball” title bandied about with old Yoan as if it means SUPERSTAR
Truth is, the #1 prospect in baseball at any one time, sometimes just becomes Andy Benes, a solid big league player or worse……….
The people that aren’t worried about Yoan assume he ain’t going to become Ken Griffey Jr.or Mike Trout or Alex Rodriguez…………..”real good” Yoan Moncada, in my mind and likely the mind of others that “aren’t worried”,  is a prime Ron Gant and prime Eric Davis love child.
Lots of power and lots of speed, solid defense and a bunch of swing and miss and meh average.  I’ve heard people say that average Yoan Moncada is basically Ian Kinsler, I think it is probably closer to Dan Uggla with speed, but either way, we aren’t talking about a generational player.  We are talking about a very good player and one that is a top 3 hitter on a championship team, but one that still has some warts…..while we are on top players on a championship team
Yoan Moncada’s timeline is not the full competitive window AND he doesn’t have to be the best player on the next White Sox world series team
I just got over thinking that Yoan Moncada’s last season with the White Sox is the END!!!  It isn’t, truth be told, the competitive window is likely more calibrated around Eloy Jimenez than any other player in the org.  Also, Yoan Moncada can be the 3rd or 4th best player on the next title contender….think 1 SP, Jimenez, BIG $$ Free Agent, Yoan…..if Yoan ends up better than all those folks, the White Sox are in even better shape.  Think about any good team of the last 10 years, teams that made it to the World Series….can you envision Yoan Moncada becoming as good as their 4th best player?  No? Okay, then you’ll really love my next point……
People are full of shit!
Yep, I said it, some of the people being even handed, and claiming they aren’t worried about Yoan Moncada are full of shit!!  It is the same as when someone asked you “Are you worried?” when your high school girlfriend went to go “study” with her “friend”.  Her “friend” who happens to be male and also happens to be the handsome captain of the football team.  You tried to play it cool, but you were fucking terrified underneath all of your fake coolness.  Yoan Moncada’s 36% strike out rate in the major leagues is the handsome captain of the football team.  Fuck yea you are worried!!  And you have every reason to be.  Pretty much anyone who thought Yoan Moncada might not be that good thought he’d be swallowed up by a gigantic strikeout rate.  That HAS happened so far.  Will he improve?  Probably, but in order to be “good” Yoan Moncada, he’s gotta park that thing in the 27% range.  He has to cut it by 25%, can that be done? Sure…will it be done, who the fuck knows?
Eat some Twinkies
Look, some of your favorite bloggers on the internet would rather just drink beer and eat twinkies and forget about it.  Is there a better way to “help out” than crushing a bunch of twinkies with fans? Are the 108ers worried?  A little….but we have some control, as our superstitious side knows we’ll just knock back these delights from Hostess and our man from Fidel Castro land gonna be ALLLLLL RIGHT!!!
– BeefLoaf
PS….we have a Baderbrau MeetUp that has just hit the calendar, it is going to be 30 minutes after the June 16th 1:10pm game vs the Detroit Tigers…..we’ll be joined by the fine folks from SoxMachine and we’ll be drinking tons of Baderbrau at their brew pub. We’ll be in the gallery, so come see us, $0 to get in and it is also the eve of yours truly’s 40th bday so stop on by to talk WhiteSox with us and to share some delicious Baderbrau beer.
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