Betting with Biguns ’18

Hello friends, it’s your old pal BeefLoaf.  As I did last year, I figured I would alert everyone to the bets that myself and Biguns will be partaking in this fine season.  We do have actual scratch on these bets, so they are NOT for entertainment purposes only, there will be money exchanged at the end of the season this year.  Last year, Biguns crushed me in these bets, see here
In fact, ever since I hit Biguns good on a Bears to win > 9.5 games at 5 to 1 in the 2010 NFL season, he’s been getting the best of me with these season long bets. Anywho, below is the whole list….hit me up on twitter if you want to get down James Brown on something, I am sure we can line up a beer or 108 sundry item bet on some shit @mrdelicious13
BeefLoaf Bet Biguns
UNDER Slumpbuster Saturday appearances 7.5 OVER
OVER Texas Rangers wins 77.5 UNDER
UNDER James Shields 5.15 ERA OVER
UNDER Matt Davidson 165 K’s OVER
UNDER Nicky Delmonico 15.5 HR OVER
OVER Tim Anderson Walks 15.5 UNDER
UNDER Yu Darvish 200 K’s OVER
UNDER LA Angels wins 84.5 OVER
OVER Oakland Athletics wins 74.5 UNDER
OVER Tampa Bay Rays wins 77.5 UNDER
Sox Cubs vs Sox wins 23.5 spread Cubs


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