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It’s Sunday morning, you are searching the interwebs to try and find those games that have hidden value, those games that you can drop a few shekels on to “enhance” your enjoyment of the event.  The 108 is built on many things, a love of White Sox baseball, story telling, beer (and booze at large) and obviously betting.  The two biggest bettors in the group are Biguns and yours truly BeefLoaf.  We are willing to make a price for just about anything so both sides feel they have a fair shot and can get a wager down.  Annually, we draw up a fist full of bets to have on the White Sox for the regular season.  These ARE NOT for entertainment purposes only, Biguns and I actually put some scratch down on these…… fact, Biguns even tried to angle shoot me on a bet we didn’t end up with action on that entailed DRob + Nate Jones saves.  This is serious business.  Anywho, here are the bets.

Biguns White Sox Runs Scored – 699.5 BeefLoaf
Biguns White Sox Wins – 70.5 BeefLoaf
BeefLoaf Jose Abreu HR – 31.5 Biguns
BeefLoaf Tim Anderson HR + Stolen Bases – 39.5 Biguns
Biguns (Avi) Avisail Garcia Higher WAR than Rymer Liriano BeefLoaf (Rymer)
Biguns Derek Holland wins 6.5 BeefLoaf
BeefLoaf Tyler Saladino HR 7.5 Biguns
Biguns James Shields ERA 4.95 BeefLoaf

Want to disagree with my sides on any of these, hit me up on Twitter, or even propose some of your own, we can bet a beer on it (don’t worry, I’ll find you to collect when I win!).

– BeefLoaf

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