Party with the 108

If you’ve been reading along, you probably know that we like to have a drink or two or twelve.  You might also know that Baderbräu is our favorite spot to do just that.  So, in honor of the start of Soxfest, we’re gonna have a nice little get together over there.  Since we don’t like to drink alone, we want you to join us.  And we’ll also be joined by the guys from as well as some other folks from White Sox blogs around the city.  No press passes required, so they’ll all be allowed in!

So here are the details:

When is this happening?

Friday January 26th at 8pm we shall all drink beers at Baderbräu.

Where is Baderbrau? 

Well, let me google that for ya:  Baderbräu Tap & Kitchen 2515 S Wabash

Here’s a map from Soxfest to Baderbräu:

Do I get some type of deal just for showing up?

Of course you do, just print this out and bring it in for 15% off your entire bill!  This coupon is good all Soxfest weekend, so feel free to print ’em out for Saturday and Sunday too.  The 15 is in honor of forgetting that Wilson Betemit ever wore that number.  But seriously, check out the people that wore that number.  Some great Sox and some very forgettable ones: White Sox Numbers

I’m gonna have 100 beers, should I drive?

Absolutely not, but don’t fret we got you covered there too.  If you haven’t used Lyft before, sign up now and use promo code: FROMTHE108 and you’ll get $5 off your first ride.  Then, before you leave Baderbräu, get a Five Star Beer and use the code on the can to get up to 60% off your Lyft ride home.  So now feel free to drink like Mo Vaughn and still get home safe.

What should I wear?

Obviously, rock your finest 108 gear.  If you don’t have that, maybe just your favorite Sox gear.  Yeah, that’s acceptable.

See you on the 26th!


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