Current Events with Chorizy-E – Chief Wahoo

If you’re anything like me, you probably saw something pop into your Twitter feed that said that Cleveland was getting rid of Chief Wahoo.  And you probably also thought, man, it’s about time.  After that you probably didn’t give it a second thought.  But one thing caught my attention: this doesn’t take effect until after this season.  That seems strange, since they’re acknowledging that it is offensive, but keeping it for a while.  So then I started reading some more articles around this and noticed some other strange things about it.

Why keep it for a year?

This might be my favorite load of bull shit of all time:

The decision to wait until 2019 was meant to give fans and the team time to transition, according to a source familiar with the change.

I can’t imagine someone saying this with a straight face.  Why would this take a year to transition FOR THE FANS?!  Even the team has little ground to stand on here, since they already have a different logo that they’ve been using.  Back in the day when I worked road crew, I had this ridiculous shirt that read “Eat Shit You Fucking Redneck” on the back of it.  When I changed jobs and started working in an office, it didn’t take me a fucking year to realize I shouldn’t wear that to work!  I just knew, without anyone telling me, without me defending the rich history of the shirt as being both a quote from The Last Boy Scout and a sample from a Pigface song; no, i just knew I shouldn’t wear it because of common sense.  Next up?

Just on-field

This is not truly the end of Chief Wahoo, they are just not going to wear anything with it while they’re on the field.  MLB and the team will continue to sell apparel with the racist logo, because of course, the fans deserve to relish their storied history (or they want to keep making money off of it.  But they’ll stop that after 2019.  Oh wait, they’ll still sell it in select shops after that, just so they don’t lose the trademark to that offensive racist logo, because you want to have as many offensive racist logos trademarked as possible.  All of this makes me nuts.  It’s like your wife catching you banging the babysitter in your bed and your response is to continue to bang the babysitter, just at a new location that isn’t your house.  You’re still doing the shit you’re not supposed to, you goddamn idiots!

People’s responses

Some people don’t think it’s racist.  This is mind boggling. me and Beefloaf have been talking about how fucked up that logo is for years.  Somehow, people don’t see it.  So here’s a visual helper for you:

And then, the very unfortunate happened.  Someone from within the White Sox system, Casey Schroeder, went and tweeted out some ignorant garbage:

The worst part of this is that I decided to look at his Twitter feed.  It’s absolutely amazing that someone who has the dream of playing on a team with Jose Abreu, would be high fiving James Woods on his stance on immigration.  How are these dots not connecting?

But hey, maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe Chief Wahoo isn’t offensive.  Maybe the 642 times in this post that I swore is more offensive.  Let me know.


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