Happy 60th Birthday Ron Kittle!

Happy 60th Birthday Ron Kittle!!! Born January 5, 1958, for those scoring at home, Ron was the 1983 AL ROY and the only representative for the Pale Hose in the mid-summer classic that season.  He also wore this bitchin’ set of frames!!!
Kittle’s additional claims to fame are that he is from the “REGION” (NWI checking on in) and he also has the record for the most “roof shots” (no this is not some sort of euphemism, I don’t think, it means he actually hit home runs on the roof) at the old ballpark, 7.
Kittle is a fixture in the White Sox family both at the ballpark and at events.  Also, Kittle has an excellent twitter account @nakedbiker that everyone should follow.  He spent some time in the past taking pictures of his bobblehead all around Europe.  He’s even made an appearance in the 108 to chat up the fans and spin a yarn or two (Psss, Ron, can you make good on your promise to make Adam Engel a major league hitter??  kthxbai!).
But none of this moves the needle in the 108 as much as his 1982 season at Edmonton…….where his slash line was .345/.442/.752, this included 121 runs scored, a whopping 50 HR and 144 RBI.  It is one of the all-time great minor league seasons on record and is always mentioned in the 108 when some “top prospect” is killing it (it was particularly helpful when Cubs fans tried to bring up Kris Bryant‘s great minor league season of 2014, which isn’t even in the fucking team picture with Kittle’s 1982 Edmonton season).
Can you imagine the balls it took  for Roland Hemond to keep trotting Steve Kemp out to LF at Comiskey Park instead of promoting Mr. Kittle.  It is one of the modern mysteries of major league baseball.

So, to Mr. @nakedbiker, we hope you enjoy your day, sit back, relax and strap it down (and based on his twitter, he is likely to enjoy a cigar and a drink).

– BeefLoaf

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