The 5 – Overweight Heroes

From left – Matt “Cat” Albers, his SMOKING HOT WIFE. Gives all fat/rich guys hope.

If you haven’t watched the wonderful 13th inning of the Sox/Mets game from last Wednesday, where 108’s fave Matt “El Nino” Albers starred, please do yourself a fuggin’ service and go back and watch it!  In light of this virtuoso performance from El Nino, it has inspired me to write about 5 of my favorite overweight heroes

Don’t ever change.

5. Bartolo Colon – It’s cliche, but watching Colon do just about anything is like poetry in motion, he’s everything you want in a #fatthlete he looks weird and awkward doing athletic things, but he also has a sort of grace in doing them……..he makes you think that you could get off your couch and hit your first home run at Petco Park at age 43.  


4. Aretha Franklin – An all-time great voice in music history, but she didn’t get the nickname “the Queen of SoulFood” for no reason.  She made it okay for Ann Wilson to become as robust as she did and she laid the ground work for the future Kelly Clarkson’s  and Adele’s of the world.  


3. Buddha aka “Siddhartha Gautama” – If half of the world is following your teachings, your way of life, you are a major hero……………Buddha was a big boy, especially in his day…, he’d probably be your average Milwaukee Walmart shopper, but still brilliant and insightful……..and some great big ears as well.  

In the end, maybe he needed it more than Walter.

2. William “the Refridgerator” Perry – Needs no introduction, he was the first high profile 300 pounder in the NFL………now, 20% of the league is pushing 300 pounds…….he had his own cheerleaders, he was in every commercial, he scored a touchdown in the SuperBowl………..facts are though, he was a fantastic athlete, I once saw him do a 2 hand dunk at a charity basketball game……Fridge was a freak, but belongs well up on this list.  

Our very own MSS (looking well fed) with the Hedgehog.

1. Ron Jeremy – I am not sure how many of you have actually viewed an adult film, but those of you who have, Ron Jeremy is the first seriously fat male superstar in the trade.  He’s also shown up in dozens of regular films, including prominently being featured in the Chase with Charlie Sheen (hard to believe they are friends)……  

– BeefLoaf

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