The One-Hitter…Eloy Jimenez will be EVEN BETTER than we think!

This is BeefLoaf and I bring you the One-Hitter, don’t forget to exhale.
I’ll admit, I’m probably low man on Eloy Jimenez. Yes, I have seen all of the outrageous videos of him crushing the ball…….yes, I do realize that his numbers are eye popping at all levels…….yes, I see his bubbly personality and can only dream of his commercial appeal to a fan base that is starved for a charismatic young star.  Regardless, it is usually so, so difficult to believe the hype on any young star.  We have seen this movie before and there are lots of examples of where it just doesn’t quite get there for you.  I was viewing Eloy as a Jermaine Dye type player, probably less athletic, but something in that vein.  He’s going to be better…here’s why…..
We have empirical evidence…….the top 100 lists.  You are probably saying, YO ‘LOAF, so what?  Wtf does that have to do with anything?  Well, if you watch enough of these prospect folks or listen to their podcasts or read their articles / blog posts / twitter posts, you’ll know one thing is always true…..their favorite obsessions are A) Toolsy, UP THE MIDDLE, talents that dazzle with their athleticism and  provide value defensively as much as offensively and B) Starting Pitchers with gigantic eye popping fastballs, paired up with an off speed offering that rivals Doc Gooden (before the excessive cocaine abuse).  Eloy is NEITHER, he’s SLOOOOOW, he’s an average at best defender (and I mostly read that as being a bad defender, but since the offensive side is good, they’ll credit him with a high baseball IQ, ie average defender), he’s supposed to have a decent arm, but fucking Micker Adolfo has a BETTER arm than him…..still he finds himself in the top 7 of every one of these lists…….WHAT.  THAT.  MEAN?………………he can flat out HIT!  He’s the next Sox slugger that we all adore.  The one that you bring your kids to the ballpark to see smash HR’s, like Harold Baines, Frank Thomas and Paul Konerko before him, he’s THAT GUY…..FOR THIS TEAM.
– BeefLoaf

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