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Editor’s Note: We asked our guy Luke to write up some beer reviews after he recited a soliloquy for his 2021 Wild Prediction on the #108Fest – The Hangover Show. We knew he had the chops to write for us. Thanks Luke!

Hello Friends and Fellow Beer Drinkers! Brew Hand Luke (@ltayor_22) here doing beer things for my buds in the 108.  This is the first of many beer related blogs that I intend to write.  There will be beer reviews, brewery and liquor store reviews, real-time power rankings of the Chicago and Chicagoland area breweries & some other things. My reviews will have that 108 twist, I’ll be using a 108 point rating scale.  Think of the baseball 20-80 scale but since this is THEE 108, I will present it as a 10-80 scale instead.  So let’s get to it!

Montucky Cold Snacks Lager (Lager / 4.1%)

Montucky Cold Snacks Lager is brand new to the Chicago area starting this month.  This is a beer that has been on my radar for years, but it is only available (for the most part) in the Northwest region of the country including Colorado and most recently Wisconsin.  Dubbed “The Unofficial Beer of Montana”  this beer has the potential (and the upside) to become “The Unofficial Beer of The 108” as well. Montucky Cold Snacks has been supporting local and nonprofit charities since 2012, giving 8 percent back to local causes.  What does the 108 thoroughly enjoy doing? That’s right, they enjoy giving back to local charities as well.  How about that for a match made in Heaven?

The Deets / 108 Beer Rating

Can/Label- 70/80: If I had access to this beer before our beer can art draft this would’ve easily been one of my picks. (If you haven’t watched the draft yet, then read this blog and then go watch it here.)  With a sky blue color, you see what appears to be the sun setting over the mountains with a horse galloping peacefully in front of the mountains.

This scene makes me want to immediately book a flight to Bozeman, Montana and take pictures of this exact scenario in real life whilst having a “snack”.  Absolutely beautiful and simple.  Also on the can is the 3 arrow recycling symbol and next to that is the phrase “Don’t Be A Jerk.”  So please recycle, and take it easy on some of your #WhiteSox Twitter enemies as well.

Appearance- 65/80:  As expected for a lager, this poured out very light with almost a perfect foam finish at the top.  Being that this is a beer from the Northwest I opted to drink out of my Oregon glass to get an even more realistic experience.  SCODUCKS!!!

Taste- 65/80:  There is a reason why this beer is called a snack.  You can drink it at any time of the day and it is perfectly acceptable.  Weighing in at 4.1% ABV  you get a very crisp, refreshing taste all the way through the beer.  The only drawback is that in the middle of a shit storm of winter weather in the month of February it’s not the most ideal.  This is the absolute perfect beer to drink on a hot summer morning, day, or night. 

Overall Score: 68/80: Before people get all up in arms like White Sox Pecota projections, yes I know there is no 68 score on the 20-80 scale, but this is the MY rating scale……so….GFY.  Between the can art, the appearance and the taste, I strongly recommend this to everyone.  From now on, this will be my new “classy” low ABV beer to drink.  I found it at one of my local liquor stores not named Binny’s for $6.99 for a 6 pack of tall boys or you can grab a 12 pack of your standard 12 ounce cans for 11.99.  As previously stated, I can see this beer gaining a lot of steam in the Chicagoland area, especially in the #108ING world.  I really hope the White Sox begin stocking because it will be a fantastic choice to responsibly crush a few of these during a 95 degree day game in Sec. 108. 

So there you have it, head on out to your local liquor store (or grocery store) and pick yourself up some snacks.  Stay tuned for more nonsense that I type up about beer and drinking beer.  Until next time, Cheers!  

-Brew Hand Luke

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