Just a friendly reminder from My Sox Summer…..

The White Sox are still playing baseball! I know, crazy right?  I have been noticing many people have seemed to forget that our beloved team is still actually playing baseball on the south side.  Hell, they are still having promos and everything!  Gave away a Mark Buehrle bobblehead last Saturday, even had them till the 3rd inning! In the 108 we are a late arriving group of gents, but we even got an Irish flat cap on Friday!  Insane. And last night they gave away a Tim Raines Starting Lineup figure to about everyone that came in. Buddy of ours showed up in the 4th and he even got one!  Crazy that Starting Lineups are still a thing, and that they were available that late.


It isn’t just nice giveaways at the game, you are actually getting to see professional baseball players play for a really low price!  The folks who aren’t showing up now will be the same ones complaining that they have been “priced out” in 2020 when we are competing for a playoff spot. And believe you me, I will be calling out all you d-bags for your lack of support from 2017.


The Sox keep bringing up fresh new talent too!  Giolito has pitched some gems, even got tossed Friday night when he was taken out of the game. Even BeefLoaf’s man crush Rymer Liriano has been even spotted in right field.  I know some of yous might find this hard to believe, but watching this team compete is FUN. Hell, Abreu hit for the cycle last night. Maybe it’s fun cause we in the 108 have crushed several Baderbrau beers before we walked to the park, or maybe it’s cause Ricky’s Boys Don’t Quit! Ever!


So shake your ass out to the park during these final games and have a good time!  We’ll be down in the 108 and we always have special guests coming by to drink and bullshit.  Sox will also have out the beloved Twitter vending machine which I am sure will be filled with all the promos from this year.  It’s baseball, it’s fun and not really all that expensive.  Plus it’s cheaper than it will be in a few years, so soak it up fellas and ladies.


In conclusion, yep, the White Sox are still playing baseball.  Yes, it is still exciting.  There are still all the die-hard fans there in the stands cheering for our boys.  Pretty soon we will only have a shitty Bears / Bulls seasons to watch and Cubs in the playoffs (maybe).  The saving grace might be the Blackhawks, we’ll see!  Baseball will be done, and the 108 will only be drunk once or twice a weekend. Come by, say hi!


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