The 5 – BeefLoaf’s NEEDS for the White Sox 2nd half

Fine, FUCK YOU!  It isn’t perfectly, the 2nd half as our White Sox have played 95 games already, but you get what I mean, here’s the things I need to see in the 2nd half…..
– Improved ballpark conditions when handling a crowd – There are some special days and promotional giveaways coming up in the near term and it would be nice to see the White Sox handle these crowds a little better than they have recently.  Get people in the ballpark faster / easier, keep the bathroom lines from getting out of hand, etc.
– Thyago Viera in high leverage situations – After having tied so much of my emotional capital into the voluptous Bruce Rondon, I need a rebound reliever.  You know how it is, when you get into it with the super curvy one with heat, you end up with some exciting memories and your heart broken.  I don’t care if he goes all Ebby Calvin Nuke LaLoosh on us to start, I think it is time we see Viera in the majors, I mean, our bullpen can’t possibly get any worse.  I know I can’t be more damaged.
– At least 8 Michael Kopech starts – enough fucking around, if we are going to let Lucas Giolito lumber out there every 5 days with a ~7 ERA, I think we can start seeing what this kid has in the majors.  I know I predicted this delayed promotion, but there isn’t anything that he can work on more effectively in AAA than he can against major league hitters, so lets get this shit movin’.  Plus, I’m pretty stoked to see if he changes course again in his romantic status once he’s exposed to the gorgeous ladies of our fine city.  As MySoxSummer and I have noted, he loves the booty, and Chicago women most definitely got the booty.
– Tim Anderson finish off the first 25 HR / 40 SB season in White Sox history – As someone that doesn’t get perturbed often, I have been getting quite perturbed at White Sox twitter tryna move Tim Anderson off of shortstop.  He’s the only true shortstop in the org with a legit MLB bat.  Don’t @ me with Madrigal, he wasn’t even the best shortstop on his college team and he’s going to unseat a league average defensive shortstop in MLB…..Puh-LEESE.  I want Timmay to keep on crushing through this season and end it with a truly historic performance in 2018.  Let’s leave no doubt Tim.
– Maximum plate appearances for Daniel Palka – I know Avi Garcia is coming back from the DL, I know Nicky Delmonico is coming back from the DL, but IDGAF, I need to see the maximum amount of plate appearances for Daniel Palka down the stretch.  He’s the only one of the non-Avi Garcia OF’s on the roster with legit big league power and we need to see as much of him at the plate as possible in order to allow for an accurate evaluation of his talents before we start running into Eloy Jimenez needing time and then soon after some of the younger kids.  The guy has NEVER MISSED leg day and we should want to see what he’s got.  His allegiance to the #108ing way of life has nothing to do with this take…NOTHING.
What do you NEED to see in this final 67 games of 2018, holler at me on the twitter machine…..
– BeefLoaf 

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