The White Sox Twitter Power Rankings #1

When I was asked to do this for the 108 boys (and girls) I said yes faster than Charlie Tilson swipes second. Why? You may be asking yourself, well for one, it is a genuine honor to be writing for the fine lads of section 108 and two, I think that I will be receiving some MAJOR bribes once this takes off. So before you all turn against me, here we have it the first ever White Sox twitter power rankings presented by section 108 brought to you by Benny Baseball:

#10 Ali (@Aliwhitesox)

Ali is a dark horse that could shoot up the power rankings ladder in the coming months. Being one of the few if not the only distinguished member on the list to have a tweet go viral. A White Sox tweet no less! Ali tweets out many refreshing stats and updates reminding us of every win and never letting us forget every painful loss.

#9 Write Sox (@WriteSox)

 Write Sox
Write Sox is also someone that could very easily find a spot in the top three as we progress and build the rankings from the young core we have. Tweeting satirically about the White Sox and other facets of life, while keeping it balanced with tweets about relatable life topics.

#8 Herb Lawrence (@Ecnerwal23)

When Herb is not producing at 670 the score or tweeting about the Fighting Illini, Herb has one of the best White Sox twitter profiles out there. Herb has a great deal of knowledge not only about the Sox but around the MLB and all levels of the minor leagues.

#7 Sox Nerd (@SoxNerd)

Sox Nerd has one of the more optimistic twitters of Sox twitter and it is refreshing to read through his tweets. Definitely could see Sox Nerd becoming a prominent member of Sox twitter. Give him follow, there are absolutely zero downsides. 

#6 Scott Merkin, Contributor (@scottmerkin)

Scott likes to keep us updated on clubhouse interviews, prospect movement and development, and current player morale and stats. His twitter is kept very professional and helps the average Sox fan understand the rebuild. Definitely worth a follow as he travels with the team often.

#5 Gabe, founder of the “White Hole”, located in Sec 100 of the G-Spot (@Bearstownsox35)

Gabe or Gabriel has one of the most opinionated twitter accounts in all of Chicago sports twitter. The die hard Bears and White Sox fan never fails to let the world know how he feels about any move the Sox make, Player, Front office personnel or the ladies. Gabe also got to throw out the first pitch when the Sox played the Twins! Gabe’s book is available on amazon:

#4 Patrick Nolan, editor for Sox Machine (@SoxMach_pnoles)

The Sox Machine is on the come up in White Sox twitter faster than Luis Robert jumps out of the box. Editor, Patrick Nolan does some great work with the machine. Make sure to stay on the look out for Sox Machine tailgates, tweets, blog posts and their podcast.

#3 Jonnie Nonnie, Contributor at Sox on 35th (@NonnieJonnie)

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jonnie at the Sox on 35th/Sox Mafia tailgate (In lot B). He’s a standup dude.  Check out his twitter, the Sox on 35th twitter, and the Sox on 35th podcast. All great Sox content that we need and crave.

#2 Chuck Garfien, White Sox pre & post game show host, occasional visitor of the 108 (@ChuckGarfien)

Chuck has been an absolute pleasure to watch on the broadcast this year. Between Steve, Jason, and Hawk, Chuck is the comic relief we all need in this rebuilding year. When he’s not roaming the crowd or reporting live from the dugout, Chuck hosts the White Sox talk podcast. If you haven’t yet, I would recommend taking a listen, it is well worth your time.

#1 Barstool White Sox Dave, host of the number one Chicago baseball podcast, Red Line Radio, Mayor of Scoop City, my boss (@barstoolWSD)

Being my boss and not doing so could put my job in jeopardy definitely has nothing to do with me putting Dave this high in the rankings. Hosting guests on Red Line Radio like most recently Hawk Harrelson earned Dave the top spot on the rankings along with having one of the funniest twitter profiles.

 – Benny Baseball (@sonofaMitch123)

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