The One Hitter – #WhiteSox Twitter Memes

This is the one hitter, don’t forget to exhale

It was a night like any other night a couple tree days ago, I was out there in these twitter streets on the FromThe108 twitter account dropping 108 Minute Polls. 108 Minute Polls, for the uninitiated are short polls about various subjects that allow our frents on twitter to vote and then have some conversation about the topics. If we do it right (we don’t always) we might get a few conversation pieces out of the polling. It is tougher than it looks, you can’t always just throw anything out there and get the response. Like much of making content, it is non-linear.

Anywho, I dropped a post that I thought was particularly fun.

It didn’t get a ton of votes, but it did spur some conversation about the movie Wildcats, which I love. I then went to Al Gore’s internet to find a meme of Nispey Russell from the movie and found……..NOTHING. So I had to create this meme and if you have seen the movie, you’ll know what it is, otherwise, just skip it and keep reading.

That then got me thinking……I feel like I have had to make some handy memes before.

And last but not least….

Which is the probably the main reason James is a #108Tourney non-believer…..This leads me to my point, we are really fucking lacking in the meme category lately in #WhiteSox twitter. I know someone of you have taken to TikTok these days and think that memes are an old man’s game, but much like the printed book, memes ain’t going away so I emplore all yous out there on #WhiteSox twitter to just make a meme this week, for ME…think of the BeefLoaf, it will make me smile!


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