White Sox Walk Up Songs Analysis: Relievers Edition

One of my favorite parts about the ballpark experience is listening to the variety of songs that hitters walk up to bat to and pitchers choose to walk (or run) out of the bullpen to.  Throughout this season I have been diving deep into each player’s song and have an extended list of thoughts.  I will specifically be critiquing some of the White Sox relief pitchers for this blog.  

Liam Hendriks – “We Will Rock You” (Remix) – DJs from Mars

Let’s start with the obvious and go right to the closer.  Liam is not only one of the most wonderful human beings in all of baseball, he also has a walkout song that gets the crowd amped up and loud.  My initial thoughts of the song before Liam made his official debut were very underwhelming.  This is not a song I would personally have on any of my playlists.  However, the lights go out, that music hits and it’s an electric factory in the ballpark every time, regardless of the number of fans in attendance.  The song had even more emotions and electricity this season when Liam returned from his battle with lymphoma.  

Official Rating-  Slaps 

Jimmy Lambert – “Knuck If You Buck” – Crime Mob

I discovered Jimmy Lambert walking out to this song late last season and I absolutely loved it.  Some people (cough, Father Zo, cough) think this song does not fit Jimmy Lambert’s personality.  I for one think if the song gets you amped up, ready to go and bring the heat, then I’m all for it.  I know it gets me fired up and ready to run through a brick wall. 

This is where the situation gets a little dicey!  The song and the phrase “Knuck if you buck” literally means to go out and fight if your tough enough.  The song encourages you to be a fighter and get rowdy and do whatever it takes to win the fight.  The issue here is that a group of White Sox fans in late April literally did exactly that at a game!  Ironically, it was right next to the White Sox bullpen.  Ever since this issue, Lambert has walked out to a different song and retired this one.  I will not acknowledge his new song until I get a full evaluation of it.  

Official Rating- RIP

Reynaldo Lopez – “Halloween Theme” – John Carpenter

ReyLo recently changed his walk out song to the Halloween Theme.  While this is definitely an upgrade over whatever the heck his previous walk out song was, I am still confused.  Does this song get him pumped up to enter the game?  Is he attempting to get in the batter’s head by playing this song?  It sure as heck doesn’t get the crowd amped up when he enters a game.  Maybe it’s one of his favorite movies?  Also, if bad ReyLo shows up on the mound, the song can be eerie of another White Sox blow up.  

Official Rating: What The F??

Joe Kelly – “My Chick Bad” – Ludacris

This one was recently brought to my attention at a game.  I’m not sure how long Joe Kelly has been walking out to this song, but he definitely had a different song earlier in the season.  This is another one that makes my mind wander.  Does Joe Kelly simply really like the song and it gets him pumped up to pitch?  Is Joe Kelly’s wife in fact bad and he’s paying tribute to her?  Whatever the reasoning, the song is a banger and I for one love hearing it blasted over the PA system when he enters a game.  Luda spits some serious bars.  It feels very much like a Joe Kelly song.  

Official Rating: Badass

Stay Tuned for future episodes of this blog where I analyze the White Sox offense as well as the starting pitchers songs.  

-Brew Hand Luke

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