Sluggerrr’s checkered past

If you’re not familiar with Sluggerrr, he’s the mascot for the Kansas City Royals. He’s a lion that has had some subdermal implants done to make his head look like a crown. All in all, a pretty good looking mascot. But he’s got a bit of a dark past. Last week when Jason Benetti said “Sluggerrr is having a dance party”, it reminded me of a story I had heard and I went to the interwebs to see if I remembered correctly. Yes, yes I did.

The Bachelor Party

In 2013, a picture surfaced on Twitter of Sluggerrr attending a bachelor party circa 2005. These mascots are available for parties, so this kind of thing was bound to happen. And I’m sure that someone wearing a mascot costume would feel pretty damn awkward in that position. Or……

Slugerrr with a stripper

The Hot Dog Incident

This was not the only time Sluggerrr would get in hot water. In 2009, he loaded up a t-shirt cannon with a hot dog in a wrapper, shot into the crowd and detached a dude’s retina. Now, to be clear, this went to court TWICE, and Sluggerrr was not found to be at fault. I do like to imagine that he had to testify in the mascot costume.

Mr and Mrs Met

In what can only be described as yet another hot dog related incident, in 2014 Sluggerrr went to Twitter to insinuate that he had balled Mrs. Met. Maybe it was a harmless joke or maybe he’ll need to watch his back if he ever travels to Queens.

Our guy Southpaw even jumped in on this action, using #stalker for ole Sluggerrr:

Look, I’m not one to judge someone on their momentary lapses in judgement. I’m just saying to keep one eye on Sluggerrr when you’re in his presence. Or he might knock that eye out with airborne encased meats.


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