The One Hitter – Why No XXL?

Last weekend I brought out all my extra White Sox giveaways to sell at our annual block sale.  Sometimes I get extras on purpose, sometimes the fellas just give me what they get.  In any case, as a big guy, I can’t fit into the shirts or the hats all that well.  So those are usually given away to family or I sell them to get ticket money.  But there was a tired refrain this past weekend, “Hey, you got any 2XL?”


I get it, most people fit into the M or XL, seems like the logical choice to giveaway to the fanbase.  But the XL is a big Large most of the time, so even the guys who can squeeze into an XL (looking at you BeefLoaf) get screwed most of the time.  In previous years they had offered a 2XL in the K Zone and in the speciality shirts, but this year they nixed that too.  So what gives White Sox?  Hate the fat guys?  The BBW ladies?  For shame.


It doesn’t stop at shirts either, it even happens with the hats.  I have a huge head, I know, but these hats are made for small kids!  Screw that.  I’d love a free hat now and then, I can’t even fit my massive dome in the winter hat! What the hell!  Hate the fat guys and the big heads, that’s messed up White Sox.


Even sat behind home or in almost every section other that the outfield?  Ever notice that the seats are MUCH SMALLER in the good areas?  Yep, trying to keep the fat guys off camera.  I get it White Sox, you have no problem taking advantage of the fat folk (see 3lbs Ice Cream Helmets, 16″ Mac and Cheese Brisket sandwiches, Helmet Nachos, and the $1 dogs for fatties on a budget (like myself)) but they can’t give us a shirt? Or an extra 3″ in our seat? What gives?


Now they will sell you a big hat or a big shirt, and with the shirt at a markup from the “regular” sizes, but be ready to pay up.  And that’s another thing, wanna know what the price difference between a size 7 and a size 8 fitted hat?  $0.  And that is good materials, not some cotton bullshit.  So why you gotta make a 2XL $5 to $10 more?  Just hate the fat guys, I get it.


Side Note – The 108 sells all our shirts at the same price.  We don’t discriminate against our fellow 2XL lovers. Same with the all inclusive trucker cap that easily fits HUGE DOMES.  Wanna support the cause? Head over to our website and buy what we have left!  We have a great shirt that should be out before C-mas or will be a SoxFest exclusive, have’t decided.  We gave away tons of shirts last year, look for something even better this year! 

I propose that they give away the different sizes at different gates.  Gate 2 should be for 2XL’s, mostly cause it is further away and the fatties could use a walk.  Just sayin’. I can give a fuck about the L and S wearing crowd as the XL and M seem to have it covered, but I get asked about 2XL more than any other size.


So White Sox, how about you stop hating on the big folk that love your baseball team and hook us up with something besides insanely high calorie snacks?  Ya know what I am saying? Right now the seat thing isn’t that big of deal as no one shows up, but when we get good in the next few years, us big guys are fucked.  If we stop going, watch the food and drink sales numbers take a huge dive.  And no one wants that right Jerry? Right.


You have a couple hours still left  to enter our #108freesaturday contest!  Get on the Twitter machine and tweet at us with that hashtag.  We got two free tickets for two fans to eat free food and drink free drinks (pregame Patio Party) for the game on Saturday. Even have free parking for you!  Only rule is that you have to be able to make it on Saturday, this Saturday. It’s all free and will be a great night!  The giveaway is a White Sox soccer jersey! 


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