Thank You White Sox!

Editor’s Note: We discussed this on the podcast last night and you can listen to it here.

On 3/16 (Steve Austin Day?), the Chicago White Sox put tickets for the first homestand on sale. They had sent out a 77 paragraph letter a week before that had me very fucking worried things weren’t gonna go all that smoothly. But our guy Nick, knew that at least myself (and possibly Wally$), needed the cheat sheet. So that’s what he sent.

Shout Out To Nick Kapetan, one of the best over there. Need tickets? Give him a call. 312-674-5314

Before these emails went down, getting tickets had been stressing me right good. I guess as a guy who has been hitting 70+ games a year for a few years, going cold turkey in 2020 was pretty brutal. So the thought of them playing games in front of fans, and me not getting tickets was hard to take. Why was I worried? Well, you have an owner that was quoted (and Mr. Hand won’t let me forget it) saying “9 figure losses…” and in my head it sounds like Mr. Rooney from Ferris Buller’s Day Off.

Could there have been a cash grab? Absolutely. Especially with a 20% capacity. I could see it and I would understand it. I wouldn’t like it, but it’s a business. This organization/team finally got it’s shit together and a global pandemic took over 2020. What a fucking bummer…for both them and us.

I had even expressed my concerns in a tweet / survey a few weeks before…

So when I got that email with the details and the subsequent cheat sheet, I was OVER THE FUCKING MOON THAT SEASON TICKET HOLDERS WERE GETTING THEIR RESPECT.

Yep, I’m gonna be that guy. I said it in our First Call show, I think us Season Ticket Holders have earned some fucking bonus points these last few seasons, and 2020 just capped it. I didn’t harass my ticket guy ONE FUCKING TIME in 2020. He didn’t have time for that. He didn’t cause the issues. What was the point? As far as money, we were crazy lucky that we didn’t need that money, I know many did, but for me it was money spent. So when I saw that tickets were being released in order of seniority, well, that’s all I needed to hear. I also LOVED that the first to buy where the fans willing to sign up for all 7 games. The commitment from the fans should reflect the commitment from the organization, which I think this was proof positive of.

Speaking of positivity, I didn’t see much friction on the Twitters, and only a few fun discussions going on over in FB land and Reddit. The lack of overwhelming bad responses make me think that the WHITE SOX GOT IT FUCKING RIGHT.

And that’s gotta be a great feeling over on 35th and Shields. So take that victory lap guys. We’ll be there soon and we’re thirsty. I’m glad that I get to spend another Opening Day with my dad, cousin and all the fellas in our 108 extended family. See ya soon!


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