2 years ago…..F THE WAVE.

It’s been 2 whole years since this gem of a video made it’s way through FB then the internets.  And guess what?  It still makes people lose their shit.  Have no idea what I am talking about?  For shame.

Watch it now and send it to your friends.  Have them watch it several times. Cause every view helps stop people from doing the wave.  It’s the only way we can save ourselves from this awful thing folks.

This video went viral pretty quickly and if you wanna relive that, read my blog from 2 years ago about the experience.

My video made Deadspin (and a bunch of other websites). Damn.

But this blog isn’t about that.  Something happened that day that hasn’t happened since 2015, we saw the flip phone / burrito crusher guy.  He’s been MIA. We discussed this last weekend as the season is winding down.  I am pretty sure he has been just as excited as us at the progress this team has made.  Or maybe he is crazy pissed that they traded Sale.  Who knows?  We might never know.  And that my friends is sad.

I have so many things to tell this guy, but mostly just ‘Thank You”.  This video really got the blog started in my view.  BeefLoaf went all Mr. Crab when he saw the power of this video.  He’s not a greedy guy, mind you, but rather he’d like us all to just sit in hot tubs, drink Baderbrau beers and get paid like a MF’er. Who wouldn’t?


I had great plans to take a video with the guy while he watched it for the first time, then show him how many people have seen it.  But he still hasn’t shown in the 108 in 2 years.  I would have eaten burritos with him, but he never came back.  You hear all these crazy stories about cats and dogs that get lost and take years to show up, so we can only hope that maybe this rebuild will lure him back to the 108.  I thought the 16″ Brisket Mac & Cheese sandwich would get him out, but nope.  Makes me sad that we haven’t had this $23 monster yet. Maybe we will next week. Only time will tell.


At most games I look like Joe Dirt at the Grand Canyon, my head on swivel looking at every rotund gentleman near our section carrying a bag of food.  I have been hopeful many times, but alas, it hasn’t been our guy.  Maybe I should put up posters, but we know how well that worked out for our buddy Joe Dirt.


So again, I implore you to please watch this video and see if you know this guy.  It would be great to meet him at a game and shoot the breeze and crush massive amounts of food. Something tells me he’d have alot to say and I’d like to hear it and document it here.

So if you know this guy, let me know.  Have him email me at mysoxsummer@gmail.com I would love to hear from him.  We used what little budget we have here in the 108 to get a artist rendering of what he might look like these days.  Take a look –



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