So You Wanna Make The #108Tourney……..

Folks, we’re winding down a fantastic year here at 108 West HQ and it got my mind thinking……what’s next? We already shot out our agenda for the coming weeks, oh you missed it? Here ya go….

If ya missed Festivus 2021, first off “Fuck you!” and a hearty “no worries baby”! You can catch that show on our YouTube –

After we fuck shit up at Reggie’s on #108Day (which the #108Day donation prizes have been ordered) the next thing you need to focus on is making an impression on our guy ‘Loaf to hopefully get into the #108Tourney. ‘Member that last year? It was INSANITY. We crowned new champion S.O.G. and we just a had a fun ol’ time. People, I shit you not, as soon as the tourney is over ‘Loaf is already working on the next one. That’s why the tourney is as big and as popular as it is. All season people come up to Chorizy and I to say “What do I gotta do to get in the #108Tourney next year?” Well, as a late Christmas gift to to you, I, MSS, will give you a few hints and tricks to MAYBE get that exclusive invite.

It’s never over…..

Just 3 days ago moves were made by the big guy. Yep, someone was taken out of the #108Tourney, some were added. The #108Tourney is very fluid, just like girls in college, and it goes where the wind (or Goose Island beers) takes them. So you can’t start this “Welp, it’s too late to make the field in 2022.” kind of attitude. GFY. That’s for people who aren’t gonna make the tourney, you don’t wanna do talk like that. ‘Loaf loves confidence. Listen to my guy John Rambo…

Do something….

Every year there are wallflowers that think because they tweeted about the White Sox 7 times in January they might deserve that invite to the #108Tourney. Meanwhile, ‘Loaf tweets 7 times while he is sleeping. Folks, you gotta do better. MAKE SOME NOISE. Does this mean to rob a bank? Not so much. But what can you do legally to get some attention? Maybe call out Chorizy or myself on Twitter? Yeah, that’s mostly legal. If ‘Loaf loves anything it’s folks on Twitter talking mad shit about both of us. He loves it even more when others get involved…..CONTRIBUTE.


Every goddamn day our guy ‘Loaf gives us the breakdown on how he “kills the Twitter game”. You’d think it’d get old, but you’re assuming we actually listen. Speaking only for myself, I can tune that shit out like the 7th episode (in a row) of Peppa Pig. We’ll say “That’s awesome!” and stroke his gigantic ego (can’t have gigantic feet without a gigantic ego) and he’ll get all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Might be the compliments, might be the courvoisier. But anyways…

Tweet some rando shit. Tweet some fun shit. Tweet some number shit. Tweet some cat meme shit. The point? You might get on the big brain of the ‘Loaf. Maybe long enough for him to make a momentarily lapse in judgement and invite your boring ass into the tourney. Don’t think you’re boring? FUCKING PROVE IT. You’re one funny tweet away from being invited….funny girl or guy.

Don’t Get Banned….

Get In Our Ear…..

Remember back in the day when you liked someone in middle school? Did you go up to that person and ask them if they liked you? Hell no. Your friend went to talk to their friend and maybe put in a word for you. Or if they were really on their game they even found out if they liked you. Or possibly knew you. That created all kinds of hi-jinxx, but it was nothing a 3-way call couldn’t sort out. This clearly ended with a 3 week heavy romance that no doubt ended badly and scarred you for life. BUT it was still fucking better that watching Shane Riordan try to pick up chicks on Bumble. So maybe you reach out to you main man Chorizy and talk some music. Maybe you order something from our merch shop and leave a great comment for your boy MSS. Or if you REALLY have money to burn you can order up a Cameo for yourself. That’s right, I do the Cameo for the 108 guys. That puts you on my radar and I might even mention you to ‘Loaf in a good light. It’s also a GREAT way to promote yourself for the #108Tourney (IF you make it)….

Now you have the tools to succeed. It’ll no doubt one of the funnest #108Tourneys in recent history. We’re excited, we’re amped, we’re fully restocked with cocaine…..why not join us? It’s not impossible anymore, it’s…..


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