The One Hitter – $1 Hot Dog Day / Story Time With MSS

Last night, after drinking several brewskis, I decided that we’d (all of us, even you!) would try to eat 108 total hot dogs tonight during the Sox game. It’s the last $1 Hot Dog night of the season, so we need to do something special. While a 108 beers would be easy for just our crew, 108 hot dogs between 5 guys would be rather rough.  That is why we opened it to our friends, fans, family, all y’all.  So if you are at the game tonight or at home and you down a hot dog or several tweet us at @fromthe108 with your total and use the hashtag #108dogsin108.  Should be a fun night! Come by and say hi!  Short on cash?  We’ll even buy you a hot dog if you need it that badly.

A few hints for tonight –

1 – Stop eating food at 12:30 pm.  Yep, start fasting to have that extra space to fill with low priced encased meat.

2- Drink a green smoothie to clean out your innards so you won’t get full after 5 or 6 hot dogs.

3 – Don’t be a pussy.  At some point you will think you can’t eat anymore, but truth is you CAN.  You gotta get past that mental block and eat a hot dog.  Simple as that.


Now for story time! 

When I was a youngster, my mom made very heathy food in healthy portions for our family of four.  Which worked great to keep me under 200lbs during my high school years. But as a starving teenager, I would sneak out and eat a dinner before dinner, just so I would be full after dinner.  Which I am sure has caused me to gain weight later in life.


Upon graduation from high school, I went to the great school of Northern Illinois University.  Lived in the fine establishment of Stevenson Towers North, 10th Floor, D Tower.  This was in 1995 before STN became the lovely dorm it is today, we didn’t even have food service on the weekends.  But there was a Friday night that sticks out and we happened to be served foot long hot dogs.

Now, given no limit to how much I could eat (we had a flat rate that we paid for meals back then) I used to eat a bunch.  I was there 3 times a day just to get my money’s worth.  My freshman year I am sure I gained 20 to 30 lbs and people told me that I looked good! I remember cresting the 200lb mark and feeling awesome about myself.  Years later when I crested the 300lb mark I was not as happy and no one was telling me how good I looked.  But I digress.

So this Friday night, the dorm was a buzz.  We all went down to eat dinner and get ready for what would happen. I know for a fact that I ate 2 feet of hot dog that night.  Getting back to our floor, I am not sure how this happened, but the party started about 8pm.  I was hanging with some buds maybe smoking something that could have been illegal, when my roommate came down to tell me that a guy on our floor had some hard booze that tasted just like mouthwash.  That turned out to be Rumplemintz. He was also flush with a bottle of Goldschlager which we always debated that the gold was real or not.  I am guessing it was not.  So we did some shots.


Are blacklight’s still a thing?  Cause they were back then!  This low key floor party turned into a full on rager including highlighter tattoos and laundry detergent in the hair.  It was fantastic.  Drinks were flowing, our beer of choice back then was Old Milwaukee, and we were full on getting drunk, enjoying one another’s company. Pretty sure we did several “flaming” shots of Goldschlager and listened to a ton of Beastie Boys.  Then it started….


I think it started with a girl on our floor that was running down the hall and puked in her hands and then threw it on the wall while running back to her room.  Then a guy was full on puking in the sink in the men’s bathroom.  Back then no one had the tolerance that you earn by these types of nights.  Both Rumplemintz and Goldschlager go down really smooth but will mess you up.  So after multiple shots of either, in a short period of time, you gonna get wrecked.  And wrecked we got.


I don’t really remember the next part of the story but I have been told several times this is how it went down.  When the shots hit me, I ran to the bathroom to vacate the contents in my stomach. I hit a stall, missed the toilet and puked on the floor and directly on my future roommate’s hand which he responded with an “Ahhhh!” cause he was also puking.  And the last thing you need a a guy throwing up hot dogs on you when you are throwing up hot dogs yourself.


After I threw up everything that was inside me,  my lovely roommate and friends carried me into my room and threw me on the bed.  That was it.  I was done, passed out cold, about 10pm, which seemed to be the trend for all of us.  I remember waking up, smelling Rumplemintz on my pillow and knowing that brushing my teeth from there on out was gonna be task.  I was told later what I was mess I was and how much I owe these guys for taking care of me and for cleaning up my puke.  Which was mostly just hot dog chunks.

So if you take only two things from this story be it this –

1 – Don’t mix 100+ proof booze with hot dogs in a short time.

(and my favorite)

2- Be thankful (cause I am) no one had smart phones back then.

Help us out tonight and tweet at us when you eat a hot dog! Every dog counts!



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