Dr. Feelgood’s take on the G-Spot

Some of the Best things about going to a Sox game…..as a Cub fan.

I’m a lifelong Cubs fan who grew up on the south side and went to high school about the distance of Tyler Saladino‘s mustache length from the G spot. 

The problem is nearly all of my friends are Sox fans, I love baseball and going to Cubs games is a huge pain in the ass living in the burbs now. So from time to time I find myself back on the wonderful south side and it’s a pleasure. Here’s why:

The Parking

It’s so nice to park 100 feet from the park and not have to pay $100 dollars to park in some hipsters garage. Those kids have no work ethic, they don’t even have to flag fuckers down anymore with all the parking apps out now. 

The Travel Time

It takes no less than 2 hours to get to the north side from any suburb. Take the train they say…fuck that I’m lazy and the joy of a train ride lost it’s glory at age 5 for most of us. 

The Cost

I took my family of 5 to a Sox game last year for $100. Quadruple that on the north side. We ate, watched the game, and I even drank a few beers and didn’t have to dip into the college fund. If I was on my own I could have drank 5 times more and crashed at Beefloaf’s place. 

The Food and Beer

It’s just better than the north side establishment’s on both accounts. Anyone who believes Wrigley has good food and beer also believes Oswald acted alone and that we actually landed on the moon. 

Just what the hell is this atrocity?

The Sox care about their fans….reproductive health

I work in the medical field and saw this in the men’s room out by the 108 last year:


Peyronie’s disease, aka “the wayward schlong” or “the crooked pickle,” can be a painful, embarrassing penis condition. Thank you White Sox for raising awareness and being an advocate for men’s health. 

Lastly, My Friends in the 108

These guys and gals are the best. Friends for life and if you’re not an asshole they’ll treat you that way too, so stop by for a game, have a drink and enjoy some “baseball”.


-Dr. Feelgood

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