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Today, I’d like to go a little further in depth on a White Sox possible trade candidate.  You may look at his numbers and think there is no way the Sox could possibly move him.  But you have to look a little closer and remember that we dropped a Jersey Demolition Shirt on him and things turned around.

Before Jersey Demo Shirt: In 181 plate appearances his slash was .180/.309/.367
After Jersey Demo Shirt: In 146 plate appearances his slash is .250/.377/.533

So let’s focus on where the new Jersey Demo clad Frazier is valuable

The Buyers

Let’s go through the possible buyers around the MLB

AL East

Boston: Their third base play has been atrocious.  When you’re hoping that either Big Panda will get healthy AND good, Jhonny Peralta will remember how to hit (he’s been cut since I wrote this, RIP in Peace career), or the 20 year old kid in AA will come up with no issues, you are in big trouble.  He definitely fits here, but Sale might frown upon the shirt.

Yankees: Here is another nice fit.  Chase Headley is not a good hitter, despite that one season in San Diego and Chris Carter has already been DFA’d from the other corner spot.  For him this is a dream scenario and for me, I’d love to see him face off with Sale on the last day of the season to decide the division.  Would be fun, though I’d put my money on Sale.

Rays: Beefloaf has already covered this one and it’s a fit.

AL Central

Indians, Twins, Royals: They don’t need him.  But thanks to the Royals for being buyers and thinning out 3B.

AL West

Astros: They have quite enough offense.

Angels: Their infield is bad.  I already covered this and it makes sense.  But they should probably go after Dee Gordon instead.

Mariners: Again, no need here.  But they love making trades, so who knows.  If it is the Mariners, assume a 34 player trade.

NL East

Nationals: Doesn’t make much sense unless they have more injuries

Everyone else in this division is AAA teams

NL Central

Brewers: Plenty of offense, they’re all set.

Cubs: No fucking way

Cardinals: Not sure they’re buyers.  They sure shouldn’t be, but who knows?

NL West

Dodgers: Doesn’t seem like a fit, but at a closer look, it might be.  Bellinger could move to the outfield and you can’t possibly trust AGon and Turner to both stay healthy at the same time for the rest of the year and playoffs.  This would be interesting, especially since salary would be no issue.

Diamondbacks: No.

Rockies: They have his twin Mark Reynolds.

So there you have it, about 5 teams that are buying could use the Toddfather.  That seems plenty to create a market for a rental player.  Let’s hope he keeps getting on base and hitting dingers and maybe we’ll get to see him face off with Q in the playoffs.

Enjoy your Friday and maybe a nice plate of pasta with a friend…


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