The REAL Most Annoying Fan Base

I read what Chorizy-E and Beefloaf had to say about annoying fan bases.

Chicago Cubs – Yep, I am going against the grain especially in the year after the Cubs finally did something to make their fans talk shit. In the 11 years since the magical season of 2005 the Cubs have shit the bed many times. It took a solid 10 years for the ’05 11-1 run buzz to wear off (for me) and with the careers ending for Mark, Pauly and A.J. the suck on the southside has returned. But why does this matter? Cause now the Cubs have a championship and the Sox, until this year, have been treading water. I am sick of seeing Cubs gear on the southside for one simple reason, YOUR TEAM PLAYS LIKE 5 MILES AWAY, GO UP THERE. As we detailed in a Twitter post, we had a jagaloon opening weekend at Chi Sox Bar and Grill that was sleeping at the bar in full Cubs gear. He woke up when the place erupted after the Brew Crew defeated the mighty Cub and chastised us not from waking him from his slumber, but rather that we were cheering for a one time division rival. Wut? He talked mad shit till we informed him where he was and where he should go. His buddies loved it. This whole rebuilding process that the Cubs struck World Series gold with has made everyone with WGN an expert in baseball. If I had a dollar for every time I have gotten unsolicited advice from a Cubs fan we could buy some hits. I write a blog, I don’t have ins with the team. Yet. And what is frustrating is that 90% of the fan base wanted the Sox to sell and rebuild since 2013.

Sox / Cubs games are amateur hour full of jagoffs, both sides. Excessive drinking, fights, dumb chants, wave, shit talking, ugh, take me away! What makes it even worse is the damn Cubs have a seemingly good group of guys. Which EVERY FUCKING CUBS FAN will tell you. Rizzo is the second coming of Christ! Bryant is Moses. Dick bumps. #ThatsCub. #FlyTheW. All that shit can go to hell. So stay the fuck up north with your GHB -frat-boy-neon-hat-wearing-old-ass-lady-tit-flashing asses and don’t you dare come down here unless you are wearing a Sosa jersey. Maybe a Leon Durham jersey, but chances are you have no idea who Leon is, which is sad Cubs nation.

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