The Good, The Bad & The Ugly #MB56

Friends, it’s your buddy BeefLoaf……I’m here to round up the weekend with a new column called, “the Good, the Bad, the Ugly”……..a little snippet of what the 108ers see when attending games for a Sox homestand…………..

The Good

White Sox Operations – By some fucking miracle of God the White Sox Operations got their shit together and did a fabulous job getting people into the ballpark quickly on both Saturday and Sunday.  You didn’t see mile long lines close to the start of the event like you seem to see every year on Opening Day, nope, the crew had their shit together and got people into the ballpark on Saturday timely for the Mark Buehrle event and as well on Sunday for SouthPaw’s bday.  Gotta give credit where credit is due.


Mark Buehrle – It was great to see an all-time White Sox get to have his day in the sun.  Wonderful job by the White Sox staff and it was very cool to see some of the old players there to support Mark on his big day.  Truthfully though, his family stole the show, his son with an excellent rendition of the National Anthem, his daughter throwing out the first pitch and of course, the lovely Mrs. Buehrle who is aging like a fine wine.


Ricky Renteria – This is a bad team and not likely to get better anytime soon, but at least we have a decent manager this year.  Ricky “gets it” including supporting his players, getting thrown out on Friday night and Saturday in support of Tim Anderson and Todd Frazier.  I could go long form on how important that sort of thing is for any sort of organization, but for now, let’s just say that I think this ball club is in good hands for the future.

The Bad

White Sox Offense – I could pick on lots of guys here, but the bottom line is that the offense stunk this weekend.  5 runs in 3 games ain’t gonna get it done.  It was a team effort in being a big steaming pile, so I won’t jump on anyone in particular.  Bad, Bad, bad….


People Dressed in Cubs gear at Sox Games – This shit HAS to stop.    I understand if you don’t have a lot of dough and your Cubs stuff is your only stuff for going to the ballgame, but most of the Cubs vs. Sox shit talk is about how us Sox fans are all poors and how our stadium is in the ghetto and what not.  People doing this, please stop, you look like morans.


Pabst Blue Ribbon – This was an epic fail, I saw almost nobody drinking this beer.  A couple of the 108ers bought one, but weren’t really feeling it.  I get the PBR thing, I’m not personally a fan, but when PBR started coming back into vogue it was the cheapest beer at your local saloon and you were getting a deal to drink some nostalgia.  This beer is not meant to retail for $8.75.  LOL!


The Ugly

Jerry Reinsdorf – Such a great day on Saturday and Jerry has to take two side swipes at the fans during his talk.  I guess even when you are in your 80’s you still don’t get over yourself.  It was bad form any way you slice it.  The 108ers are in no way shape or form Jerry haters, he just acted like an ass to the fans and it shouldn’t be ignored.


The Umpiring – I’m not really one to give much of a shit about the Umps, sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad, oh well.  But if players and coaches are getting thrown out every game and we are watching countless close (read blown) calls on replay that they don’t get right, we gotta call it out.  Get your shit together Umps!


Big Game James – Picking up where he left off last year, James was VERY HITTABLE in his debut back from the DL on Saturday.  The bullpen is shot, they are soooo tired already and we aren’t even to the all star break, so our starters really need to start shouldering some of the load.  Saturday Shields gets crushed, pitching to only 2 batters in the 4th inning and logging 85 pitches.  We’ll give him a mulligan here since he was just coming off of the DL, but this was ugly.


– BeefLoaf

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