The One Hitter…….Tim Anderson

This is the One Hitter, just a quick thought or two about a topic from your friends at the 108…..remember, don’t forget to exhale.


Tim Anderson‘s glove work has been subpar this season, I don’t think anyone in the White Sox fan community can debate that.  The people with pocket protectors and spreadsheets would tell you the same.  He also hasn’t improved his walk rate and until a few weeks ago, he wasn’t driving the ball either.  I for one am not worried in the least bit.

Sometimes as fans we expect the players on the teams we root for to be robots who perform at their absolute best at all times.  Of course, the players on our favorite teams are also people just like us (well, not JUST LIKE US, they are mostly better looking, in better shape and have a lot more money, but you get the idea) in that they have personal lives and those personal lives spill into their work performance.  Think about times when you went to work hungover, your performance probably sucked.  That’s just a small example.  This season already Tim has had two major life events that have to have an effect on him.  First, he signed a life changing contract extension that changes him from, making good money for now, to having plenty of money for the rest of his life.  Second, he had a very close personal friend die unexpectedly.  I am not capable of figuring out the effect on performance that these types of personal events have, but I’d be willing to bet that we’ll begin seeing Tim Anderson’s progression as a player ramp up again either in the 2nd half of 2017 or in 2018.

– BeefLoaf

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